Wild Wild West's 4th Annual BBQ Championship I

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Genearal Info

Dates: December 28th, 2013 Comp #1..... December 29th, 2013 Comp#2

Our 4th annual end of the year Wild Wild West BBQ Championship.

These are the last 2 contest for the CBBQA TOY year 2013 and the 1st 2 contest for 2014's KCBS TOY race.

This will be a one weekend 2 contest event.

You may cook only one day if you want, or both days.

This year it will take place on December 28th and December 29th, 2013 which are a Saturday and Sunday.

The event will once again be at the Lake Elsinore Boat Launch, except this year we will actually be having the event inside the RV Campground with full water and electrical hook ups for all.

We also have 3 (maybe 5 by then) Full Hook up sites, 1st sign ups have right of 1st refusal here.

Prize money

Two Day Prize Pool $12,500.. split each day equally as follows:

GC- $1,250-

RGC- $600-

  1. st each Category- $400
  2. nd each Category- $300
  3. rd each Category- $200
  4. rth each Category-$125
  5. th each Category- $75

Teams Confirmed

  1. D'S Smokehouse- Dustin Graffious- CA
  2. Burnin and Lootin- Jerry Aguilar- CA
  3. Hog Heaven Sauces- Ira Pupko- CA
  4. Montana Bar-BQ- Mike Jeffrey- AZ
  5. Porketeers- Dennis McGrath- CA
  6. Big Poppa Smokers- Sterling Ball- CA
  7. Simply Marvelous- Stephen Franklin- CA
  8. Cool Grilling- Mike Pagel- CA
  9. Big Aces- Chris Endicott-CA
  10. Wild Willy's Smokin Hot BBQ- William Wilson- CA
  11. The Pit Crew BBQ- Stve Wilson- CA
  12. Miss Piggy's- Scott Lane- UK, ENGLAND
  13. Ridge Route Boys BBQ- Curtis Trigueiro-CA
  14. Dee'z Boy's BBQ- Dennis Ross- CA * Sat only
  15. Lady of Q- Sylvia Curry-CA
  16. All Sauced Up- Dave Malone- CA
  17. Smoke This BBQ- Wes Neill-CA * Sat only
  18. Son of Smoke- Zack Galiste- CA
  19. When Pigs Fly BBQ- Dale Ginos- CA * Sat only
  20. Royal Smokin' Hot BBQ- Kevin O'Grady- CA
  21. Fire and Desire- Raul Morales- AZ
  22. Smokin' Mo's- Mike Lindley- CA
  23. Rooftop BBQ- Andy Allen- CA
  24. Pete's Firehouse BBQ- Peter Lent- CA * Sat only
  25. Knock Ur Sox Off BBQ- Ryan Moore- CA
  26. I.B.Q. - Ian Smith- CA
  27. Big Dee's TX BBQ & Seafood- Big Dee/ Darren King- CA
  28. The Tattooed Pig- Matt Claborn- CA *Sat only
  29. T & J Backyard BBQ- Tom Moore- CA *** SUNDAY ONLY ***
  30. Bowling over Pigs- Chuck Collondrez- CA
  31. Big B's Down N Dirty BBQ- Bill Souza- CA
  32. RPM BBQ- Ryan McDermott- CA Sat only

CBJ's Confirmed

  1. Robert Stouffer
  2. Karen Stouffer
  3. Adam Scheeler
  4. Maxine Scheeler
  5. Micheal Santiago
  6. Jeff Johnson
  7. Robert Hall
  8. Vern Vallis
  9. Joseph Miles
  10. Steve Alvarez
  11. Merrialyce Alvarez
  12. Jim Cuzzolina
  13. Joe Tucker
  14. Shelley Tucker- Sat only
  15. Joe Tucker- Sat only
  16. Joan Swenson
  17. Bob White
  18. Mary White
  19. Berry Chang
  20. Jeff Crusinberry
  21. Colleen Crusinberry
  22. Tan Pham
  23. Jeff Montgomery
  24. Marcia Montgomery
  25. Abel Tirre
  26. Anna Tirre
  27. John Lloyd
  28. Kristan Lloyd
  29. Robert Schnerch
  30. Gerald Cruce
  31. Vincent Varquez TC
  32. Frank Smith TC
  33. Craig Wilcken
  34. Cindy Wilcken
  35. Ralph Wilcken
  36. Krissy Wilcken

Other Info

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