The Ultimate BBQ Showdown East vs. West II

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Date: March 18-19th,2011

Location: Wildomar, Ca.

Details: Prize $$ Breakdown for The Ultimate BBQ Challenge 3/18-3/19/11

4 meats all the same

1st- $1,000 2nd $500 3rd $250 4th $200 5th $150 6th $100 7th $50 8th-12th Trophies only

GC $2,000 RGC $1,000

Total Prize $$ $12,000

Entry Fee Early Bird = $295 deadline January 31st,2011 After $345 up until 3/11/11 Deadline one week prior to event..

Electricity will be provided.. spaces are 20 x 40 max.. call if you need extra -- event cant hold more than 50 teams, this is bound to be the 1st event of the CBBQA year.. and based on last year, very popular.. This will be a TOY event and KCBS.

Kids Que is $25 Entry fee.. Kids all get a participation award, winning team gets Trophy and $100 prize money. Item to be cooked Hot Dogs- Parents may assist with actual fire/cooking but kids are the only ones allowed to prep their hot dogs prior to putting them on the grill, and are the only ones allowed to prep them after wards, they may or may not use buns, and must provide 3 hot dogs for judging.

Entry Forms

Entry forms can be found at

Entry forms are also available on this forumn under KCBS- Ultimate BBQ Showdown East Vs West II 2nd page POST #38.


Teams Confirmed

In no particular order -

  1. Porketeers- Dennis McGrath- CA
  2. Big Rick & The BBQ Chicks- Rick Irwin-CA
  3. California BBQ Smokers- Bruce Patterson-CA
  4. When Pigs Fly- Dale Ginos-CA
  5. Golden Ticket- Jeremy Herrick-CA
  6. AZBBQ- Micheal R.-AZ
  7. Left Coast Q- Matt Dalton-CA
  8. Roadkill Kookers- City of Wildomar-CA
  9. Slap yo Daddy BBQ- Harry Soo-CA
  10. Tropical Heat BBQ- Bill Keyes-CA
  11. I.A.B.30 BBQ- Tom Glenn-AZ
  12. Rusty Barrel BBQ- Tim McDonald-CA
  13. Four Q BBQ- Sylvia Curry- CA
  14. Simply Rocke'N BBQ- Stephan Franklin- CA
  15. Soaked in Smoke- Rich Walters- CA
  16. Wally's Smokin Pit- John Wallace- CA
  17. Butcher's Daughter BBQ- Donna Fong- CA
  18. The Rub Company- Ryan Chester- CA
  19. Brazen BBQ- John Bracamonte- CA
  20. West's Best BBQ Team- Gary Tackett- CA
  21. All Hogs go to Heaven- Steve Madaule-CA
  22. All Sauced Up- Dave Malone-CA
  23. Meat Inc.- Aaron Black- CA
  24. Rhythm 'n Que- Vincent Carrocci+ Alexa Fairbairn- AZ
  25. Bills Best BBQ- Bill Brown- CA
  26. Smokey Bones BBQ- James Stevens- CA
  27. Who's Smokin' Now- Raymond Porter- CA
  28. Pete's Firehouse BBQ- Pete Lent-CA
  29. Knock UR Sox Off BBQ- Ryan Moore-CA
  30. The Replacements- City of Wildomar- CA
  31. 5 J's BBQ- Steve Rodriguez- CA
  32. Mad Dawgz BBQ- Larry Adkins- CA
  33. Old Man + The Pig- Craig Pippin-CA
  34. Rooftop Babeque- Andy Allen- CA
  35. Satisfied Hogs- JAson Moyer- NV
  36. Daddy O's BBQ- Ron Otto- CA
  37. Big Poppa Smokers- Mike Clarke- CA
  38. Rib Tickler- Larry S- CA
  39. Big "Matchu" BBQ- CA
  40. Master of Disaster- Andrew Soto- CA
  41. Big Daddy's Q'N Crew- Tony Presgraves-CA
  42. The Rib Doctor- Hayward Harris Jr- CA
  43. Big J's BBQ- Jim Young- CA
  44. Smoke, Rubs and Rock N' Roll- Dave Westlake- CA
  45. Big Mista's BBQ- Neil- CA.
  46. Carnivorous Habits- John Rausch- CA
  47. Freddy Ray's BBQ- Freddy Ray Bryant- CA
  48. Southfork BBQ- Ron Guglielmana-CA
  49. Smokin Mo's BBQ Inc.- Mike Lindley-CA
  50. BBQ Junkie- Dan Fox- NV
  51. Lloyds BBQ- John Lloyd-CA
  52. Ike's Sauce and Marinade-Ina- CA
  53. Swine Assassins- Scott Nelson- IA
  54. Oink + Squel- Bob Harrison- CA
  55. Screaming Pete's BBQ- Pete Peterson- CA
  56. Montana Bar-BQ Co.- Steve Saunders- CA.


  1. The Sparkles Team- Hannah $ Hailey Irwin- 13 yrs old
  2. Little Danger BBQ- Ryan Malone- 9yrs old
  3. Jonah The Smokin Hot Princess- Jonah Michal Marie Hall- 4 yrs old


Friday Evening


Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion



Pork Ribs



Beef Ribs

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