The Guinea Pig

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"The Guinea Pig"

This contest is a new format, with hints of the KOS event added in.

Promoted by Arlie Bragg along with Big Poppa Smokers

A private back to the basics BBQ contest

Feb 22, 2014 Indio California

Remember when BBQ contests were about friends getting together to see who could cook the cheapest cuts of meat the best? Remember when a WSM was a big cooker? Tired of $8 00 contests? Tired of finishing 3rd and not getting any money? Big Poppa Smokers is here to try a new format. This, “back to the basics,” contest is essentially a cost-controlled contest with a redistribution of the prize pool, and a weekend in the Palm Springs area during peak season.


Here is the deal. A stripped down contest with a single entry fee of $400 that includes all your meat. That’s right, everybody cooks the same meat. Meat is assigned randomly by a ping pong ball draw. One choice brisket, a 2-pack of butts, a 3-pack of ribs and 9 chicken thighs.

Your $400 entry also allows you to stay on-site and enjoy the amenities of our host site, The Shadow Hills RV Resort ( for two nights, a Saturday night mega potluck, heated pool, exercise and game room... and it's even kid and pet friendly!

We are shooting for 50 teams with a $10,000 prize purse. But in the, “Back to the Basics,” series we pay the top ten overall and top ten in each category.

We are also hosting a Kid's Que and Dessert Competition. Kid's Que will have no entry fee, and any Kid's Teams that enter will be provided with a Mini Weber that they get to keep after the contest!

On Saturday, we are going to have a post-awards dessert potluck, all teams are welcome to contribute their best dessert dish! Pizza will also be available for teams during the pot luck.

The Guinea Pig is a KCBS competitor series event with KCBS scoring, rules, judging, and reps. It is everything you would find at a KCBS contest, except there are no team of the year or category points. Kelly and Kathleen McIntosh are the KCBS Contest Representatives for this event.

However, it is a CBBQA TOY Sanctioned event. You must be a member of CBBQA to participate.

Unlike other contests that are public and are sponsored by a city, charity, or service organization; the Guinea Pig is a private contest. Just the teams, their families, and guests of the host site. Awards will be in the early afternoon. No PC, and nobody interfering with your cook.

To get this prize money we have gone lean and mean with the expenses. Water, Ice, and trash and nice bathrooms are included. Power is not. If you bring a generator, it has to be a quiet one and must be turned off from 10PM to 6am. This is old school. If you need power, inverters work great!

GC and RGC receive trophies, the rest of the places receive ribbons.


GC - $1,200

RGC - $1,000

3rd - $750

4th - $500

5th - $400

6th - $350

7th - $300

8th - $250

9th - $150

10th - $100


1st - $215

2nd - $195

3rd - $175

4th - $155

5th - $135

6th - $115

7th - $95

8th - $75

9th - $55

10th - $35

Dessert Category Payout

1st - $175

2nd - $125

3rd - $90

4th - $65

5th - $45

Kid's Que Payout: $50 savings bond

Teams Scheduled to attend:

My Smokin Grillfriend

What Would Jesus Que?

When Pigs Fly BBQ

Simply Marvelous BBQ

Rub Your Meat BBQ


Hot and Smoking Catering

Smoqued California BBq

Master of Disaster

Toot & Stinky

D's Smokehouse

Wild Willys Smokin Hot BBQ

Say Hello to My Smoker

Pete's Firehouse BBQ

H and D BBQ

Lady of Q


Left Coast Q

Knock Your Sox Off

Rooftop BBQ

Patio Pitmasters

The Pit Crew BBQ of SoCal

OMBBQ Company

Got Smoke Bar-B-Que

Smokin Mo's


Thank The Lard BBQ

Ridge Route Boys BBQ

Grills Gone Wild Iowa

All Hogs Sauced Up

Big Pig BBQ

Dry 2 The Da Bone

T & J Backyard BBQ

Anything'll Que

Gava D's BBQ

Royal Smoking Hot


Double D Meats BBQ

Bad Boyz BBQ

Twisted Brisket

Qued Up

Big D's BBQ

Bowling Over Pigs

Sweet Swine 'O Mine Distributing

Smokin Harts

Son of Smoke

Temecula Rub Company

Q Damm Good

Toys 4 BBQ"N

Burnin and Lootin

Jet Coatings Smokin & Fishin Crew

-- Jessie Fleischman Big Poppa Smokers 877-828-0727

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