Solano Family & Children's Services Barbecue School Smokes It! 2013

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Solano Family & Children's Services Barbecue School Smokes It!

by Dana Myers

November 16, 2013

The phone rang one warm morning in July, my old friend Ron called to invite us to a vineyard party he was throwing GV Cellars, a winery not far from my house. Fast-forward to the day of the event, I arrived at the winery and the managers started asking me how to cook good barbecue - after a few minutes I stopped and said "I'll tell you everything! But there's a catch - would you be willing to host a backyard BBQ school fundraiser for a local charity?"

That's all it took to start the ball rolling and a few days later Solano Family & Children's Services (SFCS) was working with the winery to set a date after the annual grape crush was over in November. SFCS had never done a BBQ school before, so we set a goal of 20 students to see how it went.

For my part, I organized the "faculty" of BBQ Professors, fortunate to have Scott and Pam Hares of Too Ashamed To Name, Kevin Grundell of Rock's Barbque, Cyndi Seybold and Jon Lago of Plastered Pig BBQ and Tracy Allen presenting ribs, chicken, beef, grilled fish and veggies.

SFCS did the "heavy lifting" of organizing, marketing and setting-up the event, making it easy for the BBQ faculty to focus on what we enjoy the most, sharing our knowledge, experience and cooking with the 20 enthusiastic students that came well-prepared, asking many questions and taking extensive notes.

For the wine enthusiasts, GV Cellars generously offered wine-tasting and it was easy to find great wine to go with the terrific BBQ cooked by the Professors.

At the end of the day, our students were stuffed with great food and left with "BBQ diplomas" and SFCS raised over an estimated $1600 to support their child-care and children's nutrition programs. Since then, SFCS and GV Cellars have already started planning the next Backyard BBQ School in 2014 - the best indication of success.

I sincerely thank our Professors (Scott, Kevin, Cyndi, Jon, Tracy) and GV Cellars for generously supporting this event and SFCS.

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