Smoke on the Water 2009

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KCBS 4 Meat Contest


Fireworks display scheduled for Sunday evening.

People's Choice

People's Choice with 50/50 split for teams.

PC starts at 1:30pm after last turn in and runs til 4:30pm.

Attendees buy PC tickets for $2 for a 2oz sample, 50% back to team*.

Teams may cook anything to serve in addtion to serving their extra competition BBQ.

Meat must be served out of a covered server (cookers work here) and kept at 140 degrees.

Serving cups, napkins and forks will be provided.

Teams are encouraged to provide a simple menu of what they have available placed on their serving tables.

(*PC Tickets turned in between 5-6pm Sunday (at Awards Ceremony room) for cash vouchers that can be immediately cashed redeemed for cash at Casino Cashier's window.)

Hotel Rooms -Discounted Rates for Teams and Judges

All registered Teams and Judges can reserve a room at the Casino Hotel (on the Lake) at a 20% off rate (while supplies last).

Call Konocti once you register to attend the contest.


Sunday's Festivities

user posted image

Casino Website

.Konocti Vista Casino Website


Click Here to watch (Flash Video)

Turn in Schedule

Standard KCBS Turn In Schdule

12:00 Chicken

12:30 Ribs

1:00 Pork

1:30 Brisket


Sept 5-6, 2009


Konocti Vista Casino

Lakeport, CA (on Clearlake)


Overall Grand Champion - $3000

Overall Reserve Champion -$1000

4 Catagories (Chicken, Ribs, Pork, and Brisket)

1st- $500





6th thru 10th -Plaques

user posted image

Team Application

Click Here (PDF)

Make checks payable to Konocti Casino.

Judge Application

Click here

Registered Teams

  1. Mar’s Mobile Grill
  2. Smokey J’s Barbeque
  3. Dragon’s Breath BBQ
  4. Smokin Yankess
  5. Smitty's Smoke Patrol
  6. BLQUE Cuttin Edge BBQ
  7. 155 South BBQ
  8. S’wine Country BBQ
  9. Rolling Bones BBQ
  10. Oaks Hardware BBQ
  11. Drunk Uncles BBQ Team
  12. Smokey Luv BBQ
  13. Let’s Q This BBQ
  14. Swami Tommy’s BBQ Experience
  15. Bowling over Pigs
  16. All Hogs go to Heaven
  17. Ribs A Rockin
  18. Ribphoria

Registered Judges

  1. Captain Phil Harris (from Dicovery Channel's Deadliest Catch)
  2. Josh Harris (from Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch)
  3. Tim James
  4. Amberleigh Stipicevich
  5. Paul Brown
  6. Peggy Brown
  7. Anna Stockel
  8. Jim Davis
  9. Luke Martin
  10. Rick Scherle
  11. Scott Kuklin
  12. Twila Knaack
  13. Jon Green
  14. Aidan Robson
  15. Trish Iriye
  16. Melanie Wong
  17. Glenn Jarecki
  18. Bob Thomas
  19. Greg Roberson


Grand Champion

Smokin Yankees BBQ

Reserve Grand Champion

Let's Q This


1 Smokin Yankees

2 Let's Q This


4 Smokey Luv BBQ

5 All Hogs Go to Heaven

6 155 South Bar-B-Q

7 Smitty's Smoke Patrol

8 Ribs A Rockin

9 Oaks Hardware

10 Bowling Over Pigs

11 Rolling Bones

12 Ribphoria

13 S'wine Country BBQ

14 Smokey J's Bar-B-Que-CA

15 The Drunk Uncles

16 Dragon's Breath BBQ

17 Mar's Mobil Grill

18 Swami Tommy's BBQ


1 Smokey Luv BBQ

2 155 South Bar-B-Q

3 Oaks Hardware

4 Smitty's Smoke Patrol

5 Let's Q This

6 S'wine Country BBQ

7 Rolling Bones

8 The Drunk Uncles

9 Ribs A Rockin

10 Smokey J's Bar-B-Que-CA


12 Bowling Over Pigs

13 Smokin Yankees

14 All Hogs Go to Heaven

15 Ribphoria

16 Mar's Mobil Grill

17 Dragon's Breath BBQ

18 Swami Tommy's BBQ

Pork Ribs

1 Smitty's Smoke Patrol

2 Smokin Yankees

3 Dragon's Breath BBQ

4 Smokey Luv BBQ

5 155 South Bar-B-Q


7 Oaks Hardware

8 Rolling Bones

9 Let's Q This

10 All Hogs Go to Heaven

11 Ribphoria

12 S'wine Country BBQ

13 The Drunk Uncles

14 Ribs A Rockin

15 Smokey J's Bar-B-Que-CA

16 Mar's Mobil Grill

17 Bowling Over Pigs

18 Swami Tommy's BBQ


1 All Hogs Go to Heaven

2 Let's Q This

3 Smokin Yankees

4 Ribs A Rockin

5 155 South Bar-B-Q

6 Rolling Bones


8 Smokey Luv BBQ

9 Mar's Mobil Grill

10 Bowling Over Pigs

11 Ribphoria

12 Smitty's Smoke Patrol

13 Dragon's Breath BBQ

14 Oaks Hardware

15 Swami Tommy's BBQ

16 The Drunk Uncles

17 S'wine Country BBQ

18 Smokey J's Bar-B-Que-CA



2 Smokin Yankees

3 All Hogs Go to Heaven

4 Let's Q This

5 Bowling Over Pigs

6 Ribs A Rockin

7 Smokey J's Bar-B-Que-CA

8 Smokey Luv BBQ

9 155 South Bar-B-Q

10 Ribphoria

11 Oaks Hardware

12 Smitty's Smoke Patrol

13 S'wine Country BBQ

14 Mar's Mobil Grill

15 Dragon's Breath BBQ

16 The Drunk Uncles

17 Swami Tommy's BBQ

18 Rolling Bones

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