Shake Rattle and Smoke - 2007

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Website -

Date: July 1, 2007 - 1pm Turn ins

Location: Discovery Meadow Park, San Jose, CA


Total - 23

100% CBBQA Teams!

In no particular order -

  • Smoke & Spice
  • BL QUE
  • The Smokin' Q
  • Addicted to Rub
  • Sluggish Lugs
  • Smoke Sense
  • Gordon's Backyard BBQ
  • 155 South Bar-B-Q
  • Smitty' Smoke Patrol
  • Pig Feathers
  • Ric's Righteous Ribs
  • All Hogs go to Heaven
  • Love Shack BBQ
  • Uncle Leo's Mac Shack
  • Bullet Boyz Que Crew
  • We B Qn
  • The Smokepranos
  • Wahoo & KJ's BBQ
  • Smoke Ring Circus
  • Rock's Bar-B-Que
  • Oaks Hardware Competition Q
  • Ridgeback BBQ
  • Sweet Time BBQ


Grand Champion
Gordon's Backyard BBQ
Reserve Grand Champion
155 South

1st Smitty's Smoke Patrol

2nd Rock's Barbeque

3rd 155 South

4th Sluggish Lugs

5th Gordon's Backyard BBQ

Pork Ribs

1st Rock's Barbeque

2nd Sweet Time BBQ

3rd Love Shack BBQ

4th Uncle Leo's Mac Shack

5th We B Q'n

Pork Shoulder

1st All Hogs go to Heaven

2nd 155 South

3rd Gordon's Backyard BBQ

4th The Smokepranos

5th Uncle Leo's Mac Shack


1st BL QUE

2nd Gordon's Backyard BBQ

3rd 155 South

4th We B Q'n

5th Sluggish Lugs

Tri - Tip

1st The Smokepranos

2nd Sweet Time BBQ

3rd Gordon's Backyard BBQ

4th Wahoo & KJ's

5th We B Q'n


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