Saint Lawrence - The Patron Saint of Barbecue

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Barbecue even has a patron saint - St. Lawrence of Rome. Here's his story:

In the year 257 new laws were enacted in Rome against the Church. The prefect of Rome learned that deacons were responsible for safeguarding and distributing Church assets, so he sent for Lawrence and demanded that he turn over the treasures of the Church. Lawrence asked for three days to gather the wealth. He went about the city gathering the poor and outcast, the widows and orphans, the sick and the homeless supported by the Christian community. He took them before the pagan prefect and declared: “These are the treasures of the Church.” Lawrence paid for this lesson with his life.

Tradition tells us that Lawrence was roasted to death on a gridiron, and to him are attributed the famous dying words, “Turn me over, I’m done on this side.”

(The Italians, with their characteristically ironic humor, celebrate the Feast of St. Lawrence with barbecues!)

Some might say St. Lawrence should be the Patron Saint of Grilling, but he's actually the patron saint of cooks in general, and by extension of barbecuers.


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