Ric's Backyard Warm-up 2014 Edition

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After 2 years on hiatus (1 year due to rain, the other due to family emergency), we're going to plan once again for Ric's Backyard Warm-up 2014 Edition

Entries usually begin at the 1st of the year.

Page currently under construction



This is a spring opportunity for new and old teams alike to come out to Ric Gilbert's "Casa" and get a jump on the upcoming Competition BBQ season.

View and receive"Real-time" judging in an open format with verbal feedback from CBJ's and experienced judges. Exchange ideas,compare cooking techniques and learn from your fellow cooks.

Turn in will include; Chicken, Tri Tip, Ribs & a "Mystery" meat (Mystery meat provided by the host).

Live music and children friendly, this event creates a relaxed atmosphere and is fun for all.

A pot luck dinner follows the awards.

Overnight camping is available.

Confirmed Teams

Limited to 12 TEAMS

$30 donation suggested to cover beverages (beer, water, soda) and mystery meat.

CT = Competition Team with experience

RT = Rookie Team

Reserve Teams


Ric Gilbert, Ric's Righteous Ribs

Confirmed Judges

Ben Lobenstein HEAD JUDGE. Master CBJ,CBBQA Hall-of-Fame, event promoter "The best judging coordinator in the State"-rg

Ric Gilbert CBJ, HOF

People's Choice Judges

Ari Litman (official photographer)

Camp Boss

Kyle "Choo Choo" Baker, ain't no one better! rg


San Jose, CA

PM, will be sent to all participants with address & phone #.


May 31, 2014

Gate opens at 6:30am Saturday. Friday, with prior notice, you are welcome to leave your equipment, tent camp on site, or find a local motel. Tent camping for Sat. night is also available.

Cook's meeting, 9:00am

Judges meeting, 11:00am



"People's Choice" Use your competition meats or cook some tantalizing tid bits for our roving PC judges. Four PC judges will ask you for your "Best Bite" of the day. It is your job to convince them why your's is the best!


To be served around 4:30ish. Cookers are encouraged to cook a little extra for guests. Guests are encouraged to bring a side dish to feed 6-8 people. Awards will be presented shortly before or during dinner.


Whatever you bring in, please take it out with you. Bring trash bags!!!

There will be a keg of beer on-site but please bring your own libation if you wish.

Recycling containers will be set up.

Bottled water will be available.

Bring your own ice.

It is nice to have munchies throughout the day. Some cookers like to pass around a few non-comp. items like, ABT's, Fatties, sausages, pig candy, etc. Our guests love this, please consider contributing.

This is a kid friendly and family event.

The decisions of the judges are final, unless you have a really good bribe, then see Ric.

If you have a few extra logs to contribute to the fire pit, please feel free to do so.

Bring your own chairs.

Could someone please bring an extra table or two and EZ-UP?

Live music throughout the day. These are top notch musicians who are sharing their talents for our pleasure. They love this event and we love having them. Let's share our appreciation and food and make sure they know how much we love them being here.

A Safeway store is located 5-6 minutes from my house.


Turn-in times are listed above. Your firt turn-in (chicken) will be scored by one set of judges, while your second turn-in ( Tri-Tip) will be judged by the second set of judges. You will rotate from table to table being judged twice by each judging team.

"Mystery meat" and "People's Choice" will be scored seperately.

Judging will take into consideration presentation, taste and texture.

Garnish is optional. If used, garnish is limited to chopped, sliced, shredded or whole leaves of fresh green lettuce (no kale, endive, red tipped lettuce and no core) and/or common curly parsley, flat leaf parsley or cilantro.

Tri Tip & mystery meat can be garnished anyway you wish. Be creative. Bring your own serving/presentation plate or you may use a styro clamshell. Presentation goes a long way here!

You may trim & marinate your meats the night before. Think of this like a real comp. Do what you would normally do to prepare your meat on a Friday night.


Grand Champion


Reserve Grand Champion

Sis of Diff Miss(ters)


  1. Porktera
  2. Sis of Diff Mr.
  3. Swine O's
  4. Smoke N Berns
  5. Canyon Riders
  6. Smokin Red Devils
  7. Bad Boyz
  8. Pipn Hot Smokers
  9. Pig Pimpn'


  1. Porktera
  2. Pig Pimpn'
  3. Sis of Diff Mr.
  4. Canyon Riders
  5. Swine O's
  6. Pipn Hot Smokers
  7. Smoke N Berns
  8. Smokin Red Devils
  9. Bad Boyz

Pork Ribs

  1. Sis of Diff Mr.
  2. Porktera
  3. Smokin Red Devils
  4. Smoke N Berns
  5. Pig Pimpn'
  6. Bad Boyz
  7. Swine O's
  8. Canyon Riders
  9. Pipn Hot Smokers

Tri Tip

  1. Swine O's
  2. Sis of Diff Mr.
  3. Porktera
  4. Pig Pimpn'
  5. Bad Boyz
  6. Smokin Red Devils
  7. Canyon Riders
  8. Pipn Hot Smokers
  9. Smoke N Berns

Mystery Meat

(Pork Loin)

  1. Porktera
  2. Smoke N Berns
  3. Canyon Riders
  4. Sis of Diff Mr.
  5. Bad Boyz
  6. Swine O's
  7. Smokin Red Devils
  8. Pipn Hot Smokers
  9. Pig Pimpn'
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