Mission Beach Centennial Party & BBQ

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Date: September 26-27, 2014

Location: Bellmont Amusement Park - underneath Historical roller coaster "The Big Dipper"

Spots are limited to 15' x 20'

Attendance is expected to be around the 10,000 mark and we need to have enough tastings to last until at least 3pm, in other words if you can PC this one please do, and/or if your not, may I ask you to cook some extra meat

Entry Forms

contact Henry Silvestre at hsilvestre@aol.com

Teams Confirmed (only 25 spots available)

1. Knock UR Sox Off

2. Burnin and Lootin

3. Porketeers

4. Master of Disaster

5. Cool Grilling

6. Simply Marvelous

7. Meat Inc

8. B'Mackin BBQ


JudgeBBQ.com registration

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