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| Height="19.5"  valign="bottom" | [[CBBQA Member Team - Royal Smokin' Hot BBQ|Royal Smokin' Hot BBQ]]
| Height="19.5"  valign="bottom" | [[CBBQA Member Team - Royal Smokin' Hot BBQ|Royal Smokin' Hot BBQ]]
|  valign="bottom" | Morgan Hill
|  valign="bottom" | Morgan Hill
|  valign="bottom" | Marty King
|  valign="bottom" | Kevin OGrady
| Height="19.5"  valign="bottom" | [[CBBQA Member Team - Rusty Barrell BBQ Team|Rusty Barrell BBQ Team]]
| Height="19.5"  valign="bottom" | [[CBBQA Member Team - Rusty Barrell BBQ Team|Rusty Barrell BBQ Team]]

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All teams listed below represent California unless otherwise specified.

Click on team name to view team page.

-If you would like to create a page for your BBQ Team, please submit a team photo and or

logo along with the Pitmaster's name and city in which you are based.

Send to (Team pages are for CBBQA members only)

Team Name Home Town Head Cook
155 South Bar-B-Q gallery_246_24_191.gif San Jose Bram Britcher
2 Irish Fools BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Apple Valley Ryan Tighe
7 Kinds Of Smoke BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Los Angeles Phil Carter
All Hogs Go to Heaven gallery_246_24_191.gif Lancaster Steve Madaule
All Sauced Up BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Valencia Dave Malone
Backstreet Barbecue gallery_246_24_191.gif Union City Harry Stewart
Barbecue Patriots gallery_246_24_191.gif Chico Matt Damon
Bart's Blazin' Q gallery_246_24_191.gif Livermore Dave Bart
BBQ by Dan gallery_246_24_191.gif Agua Dulce Dan Cannon
BBQ for Boobies gallery_246_24_191.gif Zamora Ralph Brown
Big B's Down & Dirty BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Pacifica Bill Souza
Big Daddy's Q'n Crew El Segundo Tony Presgraves
Big Dog BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Escondido Tim Craig
Big Jim's BBQ San Rafael, CA Jim Modesitt
Big Nugg BBQ Co. gallery_246_24_191.gif Vacaville Eric Dorman -aka Big Nugg
Big Pig BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Oakley Tom Sharp
Big Popas Smokin Q Crew gallery_246_24_191.gif Penn Valley Scott Gomes
Blast Off BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Canyon Country Brian Kreisler
BLQUE Cuttin Edge QN gallery_246_24_191.gif Hanford Laurence Hill
Brazen BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif San Diego John Bracamonte
Bucket O' Bones BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Bakersfield Rob Collins
Bullet Boyz gallery_246_24_191.gif Rocklin Scott Thorson
Burbank's Bad Boys BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Burbank Randy Gille
Burnin' and Lootin' BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Corona Jerry Aguilar
Canyon Cookers Martinez Robert Edwards
California BBQ Smokers gallery_246_24_191.gif Temecula Bruce Patterson
Cecil's Smok'n BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif San Jose Richard Holquin
Checkered Past gallery_246_24_191.gif Reedly Darrell Warkentin
CrazyQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Chico Vance Salvador
Creole Clyde's Smokin' BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Fairfield Clyde Smith
Cucamonga Cattle Company gallery_246_24_191.gif Rancho Cucamonga James Hare
Dead Pig Walking gallery_246_24_191.gif Fountain Valley Tim Wong
Fish Heads BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Yuba City Steve Paustian
Four Q BBQ Team gallery_246_24_191.gif Long Beach Sylvie Curry
Goin Que Que gallery_246_24_191.gif Garden Grove John Hilgeman
Gordon's Backyard BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Fernley, NV Gordon Hoddap
Green Leaf BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Livermore Tim Bryan
Grilled Expectations gallery_246_24_191.gif Orcutt Rick Renaud
Hambones by the Fire BBQ Team gallery_246_24_191.gif Yorktown, VA Rick Hamilton
Here's the Rub gallery_246_24_191.gif Ramona Edward Brisendine
Hog Me Tender gallery_246_24_191.gif Benicia Ramone Noska
Humboldt Smoke BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Trinidad Devin Theobald
Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Gilroy Adam Hollman
Joe's Bone Shack BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Riverside Joe Golden
JD's BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Sacramento JD Diefenbacher
Knock UR Sox Off BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Hacienda Heights Ryan Moore
Left Coast Q gallery_246_24_191.gif Banning Matt Dalton
Love Shack BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Isleton Fred Stanek
Mar's Mobile Grill gallery_246_24_191.gif Marysville Tim Mar
Mark's Kitchen & Smokin BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Santa Rosa Mark Evenson
Meat, Inc. gallery_246_24_191.gif Murrieta Aaron Black
Metro Fire BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Shingle Springs Jeff Routsong
Muscle Head BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Stockton Anthony Haskin Sr.
No Smoke, No Glory gallery_246_24_191.gif Los Altos Mike Sutton
O.T.W. Barbeque/Team Simple Green gallery_246_24_191.gif Apple Valley Todd Eves
Oaks Hardware gallery_246_24_191.gif Fair Oaks David Hill
Otis and the Bird gallery_246_24_191.gif Mesa, AZ Jay Benedict
Out of This World BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Imperial Beach Gene Goychocea
Professional Cookers, Inc. gallery_246_24_191.gif San Dimas Hershel Brannen
Porketeers gallery_246_24_191.gif El Cajon Dennis McGrath
Qcrue2U gallery_246_24_191.gif San Luis Obispo Chris Dollahite
QN4U gallery_246_24_191.gif Clovis Brent Walton
Que Que Ka-Choo gallery_246_24_191.gif Folsom David Schmidt
Rib Tickler BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Oceanside Larry Schroeder
Ribphoria gallery_246_24_191.gif Fairfield John Ruloph
Rhythm 'n QUE gallery_246_24_191.gif Phoenix, AZ Vincent Carrocci
Ric's Righteous Ribs gallery_246_24_191.gif San Jose Ric Gilbert
Ridgeback BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif San Jose Ann James
Rock's Bar-B-Que gallery_246_24_191.gif Newark John Jackson
Rollin' Smoke BBQ-West gallery_246_24_191.gif Watsonville Steve Morlock
Royal Smokin' Hot BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Morgan Hill Kevin OGrady
Rusty Barrell BBQ Team gallery_246_24_191.gif Apple Valley Tim McDoanld
Santa Ynez BBQ Santa Ynez Robert Santoro
Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Diamond Bar Harry Soo
Sluggish Lugs gallery_246_24_191.gif San Jose Dave Rusko
Smell My Butts Barbeque gallery_246_24_191.gif Orange County Glen Stanley
Smith Family Robinson BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Tucson, AZ Mark Smith
Smitty's Smoke Patrol gallery_246_24_191.gif Santa Clara Darry Smith
Smoke Slayers gallery_246_24_191.gif San Jose Chad Quarrey
Smokey J's BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Antioch Jon Davis
Smokehouse 10 gallery_246_24_191.gif Martinez David Tendick
Smok'd Chi's gallery_246_24_191.gif Stockton Howard Chi
Smokey Luv BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Novato Kevin Barteax
Smoke-A-Licious gallery_246_24_191.gif San Diego David Vindiola
Smokin' BBQ Addicts gallery_246_24_191.gif Milpitas Ca Smokin BBQ Addicts
Smokin' Steves BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Simi Valley Steve Bayles
Smokin' Yankees BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Stockton Chris Juencke
Smokin' Hog BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif San Diego Chuck Ament
Soaked In Smoke BBQ Team gallery_246_24_191.gif Vista Rich Walters
Souza's Slammin Slaughter BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Pacifica Mike Souza
Starvin Marvin's BBQ Team gallery_246_24_191.gif San Francisco Scott Johnston
Still Smok'n BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Rocklin Ramon "Monie" Chacon
Sug's Shack gallery_246_24_191.gif Fontana Charles Myles
Sweet Time BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Los Gatos Frank Boyer
The Pit Crew BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Anaheim Hills Steve Wilson
The Pit Stop BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Chatsworth Pam Gram
The Rib Doctor gallery_246_24_191.gif Riverside Hayward Harris
The Rub Co. gallery_246_24_191.gif Buena Park Ryan Chester
The Smokepranos gallery_246_24_191.gif Modesto Jason Fisher
The Vineyard Roasters gallery_246_24_191.gif Napa Pat Burke
Thom and Kyle's BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Indio Thom & Kyle Emery
Too Ashamed To Name gallery_246_24_191.gif San Jose Scott Hares
Tops BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Fresno Robert Diaz
Tropical Heat BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Ventura County Dan Daniel/Bill Keyes
Uncle Leo's Mac Shack gallery_246_24_191.gif San Jose Leo Muri
Uncle Sam's Misguided Children gallery_246_24_191.gif Long Beach Del King
Vic's Chics BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Novato Kelly Thompson
Wahoo & KJ's BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif San Ramon Marcus Williams
We B Qn gallery_246_24_191.gif Watsonville Richard Gonzales
When Pigs Fly gallery_246_24_191.gif Oceanside Dale Ginos
Whyte House BBQ gallery_246_24_191.gif Tracy Forrest Whyte
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