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CBBQA Advanced BBQ Judging Class Riverside, CA


photo courtesy of Harry Soo

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CBBQA Advanced BBQ Judging Class – Riverside, CA

January 24, 2015

By Donna Fong

The Santa Ana winds were blowing fiercely in SoCal during the 2nd offering of our Advanced BBQ Judging class. NorCal instructors like me traveled south to Riverside to teach 67 students what we know and love about BBQ judging. The winds were so strong that my plane aborted its landing only a few feet off the ground. Our second attempt was successful and celebrated with a sweaty round of applause from the passengers. I’m not certain if wind was a factor, but a student didn’t make it to class when he got into a car accident on his way to UCR.

Amber Stipicevich, who taught the Appearance section in Alameda, fell ill and was replaced by our KCBS Representative, Kathleen McIntosh. Ben Lobenstein, who talked about contest organization, was replaced by former CBBQA president, Thom Emery. I spent my freshmen and part of my sophomore years at UCR and returning here warmed my heart. As a college student, UC Riverside validated that my early love of biology was not misplaced and so it seemed appropriate that I came back as a BBQ science instructor.

CBBQA member, Paul Richardson, works at UCR and provided three rooms for instruction, lunch, and breaks. This was held in the new part of the university. So the mahogany walls of the historic Alameda Elks club in the first class were replaced with the clean lines of a modern building and full audio/visual wireless capability. Paul could even setup a guest wireless account if you wanted one.

The Riverside class benefitted from a round of practice and comments. I think most of us were more relaxed and had a better feeling on handle on timing. Students were presented the same topics but in a different order from the Alameda class.

The sections presented were Working with Contest Organizers by Thom Emery, History of BBQ by Aaron Staines, Regional Taste Profiles & Types of BBQ by Abel Tirre, BBQ Anatomy by Donna Fong, Tenderness and Texture by Robert Bass, Ranch to Table by Donna Fong, Taste by Harry Soo, Appearance by Kathleen McIntosh, Roles and Responsibilities by Kelly McIntosh, Advancements in BBQ Judging by Scott Simpson and a panel discussion on Judging Myths which was moderated by Kelly McIntosh.

Collectively, the students in the room had judged over a thousand sanctioned contests. About a quarter of the students were primarily cooks and another third of the class were new to BBQ judging. Given the demand for the class, I was relieved that no one was turned away by the time the class was held.

CBBQA Vice-president and CBBQI Chair, Tim Wong and CBBQA Treasurer, Robert Bass and site coordinator, Paul Richardson worked countless hours registering, receiving payments, refunding cancellations, paying bills, and buying food and supplies. In the background was Judging Committee member, Kay Spencer who printed out the class materials and Able Tirre who drew up the class survey. If you add all of that to the hundreds of hours that the instructors spent designing and developing their coursework, you are talking about a lot of love and energy being transferred to the students.

Kathleen kept the schedule pretty tight and by the time lunch break had arrived, we were all hungry. We walked across the grassy courtyard to take a group photo before having lunch. I didn’t shy away and took my two full halves of sandwich from The SubStation plus some potato salad that was very good. The morning session spurred the lunch conversations around the table.

After a few more sections were done, we all took a much needed afternoon break. Everyone was looking forward to the much anticipated maple bacon cupcakes prepared by Paul Richardson’s wife, Tami. She had stayed up all night perfecting them and they were the single most photographed item of the day. They were lovely and perfectly delicious. Thank you Tami (and daughter Courtney)!


Volunteers, Lori Lieneke, Steve Alvarez, and Merrialyce Alvarez all did a wonderful job and made the class very smooth. Students enjoyed the class and gave it high marks with plenty of suggestions for future classes. Highlights of the class included Aaron’s note that McDonald’s originally served BBQ, Abel’s mention of Memphis dry rub ribs and Alabama white sauce, Donna’s lesson on where baby back ribs are on your body, Harry’s barbell lesson on weighting of scores, Kathleen’s counsel on not having pre-conceived ideas about BBQ, Kelly’s lesson on how we distribute responsibility in CA, Scott Simpson’s patience when addressing comments from the students, and Kelly’s careful guidance of what not to do in the judges tent.

It is our sincere hope that the class presented a solid foundation and advanced training for all of our judges throughout all of California. Many thanks go out to everyone who made this class possible but most of all to the students who thought our class was important enough to spend a valuable Saturday thinking about BBQ.


Photos (cupcakes and classroom) courtesy of Scott Simpson

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