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Grand Champion, Sylvie Curry

Lady of Q

Vista BBQ Classic, July 26, 2014

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6th Annual Vista Smokin’ Q Classic, July 26, 2014

By Steve Wilson

By the Google definition, “Vista” is a pleasing view of an area of land or water; or a large number of things that may be possible in the future. Both of these definitions were useful this past weekend in the North San Diego County town of Vista, CA. The 6th Annual Vista Smokin’ Q Classic was once again held in the Historic Old Town section of town. The City rolls out the red carpets for the BBQ teams and literally close down the four main streets of downtown. Teams are evenly spaced in large sites on both sides of these streets, just leaving a 15’ wide pedestrian/fire lane down the middle.

Because the area is an active commercial area, streets are not closed down until 1:00pm on Friday, allowing the businesses to operate for half the day. Teams began arriving around lunchtime forming a line on Eucalyptus Street just behind the venue. Our hosts & event promoters, Dale and Tammy Ginos, began placing teams just before the scheduled time. According to Dale, there were a few cars still parked in the venue that slowed progress of the move-in. I arrived about a half hour before the scheduled move in and it took about an hour to get to our spot.

Soon, 60 of the 63 teams were in their assigned spots, in fact, many of the teams were returning to the same spots they had occupied in the 5 previous years. The weather this year was far from normal, it was uncharacteristically humid. Normally, we are blessed with a nice ocean breeze and temps in the mid 70’s. I never checked the temp, but it was muggy.

Friday evening had the usual cook’s meeting in the judge’s tent. Dale handled the introductions and explanations of the event rules. Kelly & Kathleen McIntosh, with Julie Poe and Ian Schmidt were our KCBS Reps and as usual did a great job. Each year, the contest holds a dessert side contest with a secret added ingredient that must be incorporated into each of the desserts. This years secret ingredient was Fiddle Faddle, a Cracker Jack’s like product. Only 11 of the 60 teams chose to compete in the dessert category. At the awards ceremony on Saturday, first place went to Smoke Hound BBQ who made a Caramel apple cheesecake. Second Place went to When Pigs Fly and third place went to Smokin’ Hart’s.

Downtown Vista is party central for the small town. There are several bars and some great restaurants. The bars crank up late Friday night and end about 4am Saturday morning. I was cooking on borrowed gear, so I set my alarm for 4am to check my temps. I was checking my meats when the band blew by me, carrying their instruments on their skateboards, just cruising home.

One of the highlights of this contest is the great community support that comes out to visit the contest. I would guestimate the crowd at 10, 204. There was a steady flow circulating all day.

Soon it was time to see who impressed the judge’s the most with their Q.

Chicken results were:

1 Rooftop BBQ

2 Qued Up

3 Vicious Smoke

4 Burnin’ and Lootin’

5 Porterhouse BBQ

6 Funtime BBQ

7 Simply Marvelous BBQ

8 Woodhouse Barbecue

9 All Hogs Sauced Up

10 Mo’s BBQ

Pork Rib Results were:

1 Smokin’ Harts

2 All Hogs Sauced Up

3 The Pit Crew BBQ of SoCal

4 Burnin’ and Lootin’

5 Knock UR Sox Off BBQ

6 Big Aces BBQ

7 Dia De Los Puercos

8 Lady of Q

9 Porketeers

10 Rooftop BBQ

Pork results were:

1 Lady of Q

2 JW Hayes

3 Hog Heaven Sauces

4 My Smokin’ Grillfriend

5 Porketeers

6 Woodhouse Barbecue

7 Wild Willy’s Smokin’ Hot BBQ

8 Burnin’ and Lootin’

9 Smoke Hound BBQ

10 Mad Dawgz BBQ

Brisket results were:

1 Lady of Q

2 Woodhouse Barbecue

3 Knock UR Sox Off BBQ

4 Jet Coatings- Monkey Style

5 Mad Dawgz BBQ

6 Smokin’ Harts

7 The Ridge Route Boys

8 Twisted Brisket

9 All Hogs Sauced Up

10 Loot N’ Booty BBQ

After the categories were called, the Vista was quite clear. John & Tracy Anderson from Woodhouse Barbecue, Jerry & Lupe Aguilar from Burnin’ and Lootin’ BBQ, Steve Madaule, Dave Malone and Ted and Ardith Richardson from All Hogs Sauced Up and Sylvie Curry from Lady of Q all had three category walks. However, Sylvie had two first place finishes in the big meats.

The Overall results were:

1 Lady of Q- Grand champion

2 Woodhouse Barbecue- Reserve Grand Champion

3 All Hogs Sauced Up

4 Burnin’ and Lootin’

5 Knock Ur Sox Off BBQ

6 Porketeers

7 Wild Willy’s Smokin’ Hot BBQ

8 Vicious Smoke

9 Smokin’ Mo’s

10 My Smokin’ Grillfriend

Congratulations to all the winners and special congrats to Sylvie for her second Grand Championship and to John and Tracy for their Reserve Grand Championship.

A big shout out to Dale and Tammy Ginos and their crew for putting on another great contest. Thank you to the town of Vista for allowing us to come to your beautiful community. Thanks to K&K and J&I for your flawless KCBS duties. Thank you to the judge’s and thank you to all the teams for making this event a great experience.

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CBBQA Team of the Year


Eggs by the Bay

Big Poppa Smokers

Woodhouse Chocolate

Simply Marvelous

updated 7-28-14

1- Simply Marvelous 431

Stephan Franklin ~ Ventura, CA

1- Burnin and Lootin 431

Jerry Aguilar ~ Corona, CA

3- All Hogs Sauced Up 426

Steve Madaule ~ Lancaster, CA

4- Woodhouse BBQ 380

John Anderson ~ St. Helena, CA

5- Porketeers 375

Dennis McGrath ~ El Cajon, CA

6- ZZYZX BBQ 360

Jason Miranda ~ Rancho Cucamonga, CA

7- Ridge Route Boys 358

Curtis Trigueiro ~ Bakersfield, CA

8 Big B's Down & Dirty BBQ 354

Bill Souza ~ Pacifica, CA

9- Porterhouse BBQ 352

Raymond Porter ~ Banning, CA

10- Vicious Smoke 345

Steve Aguilar ~ San Diego, CA

11- Big Poppa Smokers 344

Sterling Ball ~ Coachella, CA

12- Lady of Q 331

Sylvie Curry ~ Ramona, CA

13- Left Coast Q 328

Matt Dalton ~ Banning, CA

14- Smoqued California BBQ ~ 314

Ryan Chester ~ Buena Park, CA

15- Jet Coatings "Monkey Style" 313

Mike Wheeler ~ Huntington Beach, CA

16- Knock UR Sox Off BBQ 301

Ryan Moore ~ Fontana, CA

17- Wild Willys Smokin Hot BBQ 294

William Wilson ~ Riverside, CA

18- The Pit Crew ~ 289

Steve Wilson ~ Anaheim Hills, CA

19- Hog Heaven Sauces 285

Ira Pupko ~ Temecula, CA

20- Bowling Over Pigs 273

Chuck Collondrez ~ Brentwood, CA

21- Rooftop Barbeque 263

Andy Allen ~ Menifee, CA

22- Smoke Hound BBQ ® 260

Mike Brady ~ Ontario, CA

23- Grill of His Dreams 256

John Ketron ~ Carlsbad, CA

23 Smokin Mo's 256

Mike Lindley ~ Yucca Valley, CA

25- When Pigs Fly 234

Dale Ginos ~ Oceanside, CA

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® = 2014 Rookie Team

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