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[[Gilroy Rock-N-Ribs 2007]]
[[Gilroy Rock-N-Ribs 2007]]
[[KCBS Judges Class SoCal 2007]]
[[Beachfront BBQ 2007]]
[[Beachfront BBQ 2007]]

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Welcome to the California Barbecue Association

Visitors are most welcome to browse the website of the California Barbecue Association to learn about America's only authentic cuisine, barbecue.The California Barbecue Association is a non-profit, California corporation. Its mission is to help needy children by promoting an understanding and appreciation of authentic barbecue.

Recent Events

Salute 07 (page coming soon)

3rd Annual Best Dam BBQ (page coming soon)

Go For the Gold 2007

Shake Rattle and Smoke - 2007

Upcoming Events

CBBQA Institute Presents Chris Lilly - Summer 2007

Kick the Tires and Light the Fires

4th Annual West Coast BBQ Championships

Gilroy Rock-N-Ribs 2007

KCBS Judges Class SoCal 2007

Beachfront BBQ 2007

Wishland Butterfly Celebration & Family Festival 2007

CBBQA Q-Fest North '07

2007 Team of the Year Race

Check out the leader board in our CBBQA Team of the Year 2007 Race

We are still moving in, so expect more info on who we are and what we are about soon!

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