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Featured Picture

7th Annual Bakersfield Biggest Baddest BBQ Classic


Top Three Winners

from left, Reserve Grand Champion Ray Porter, Porterhouse BBQ

Grand Champions Ryan and Kim Moore, Knock Ur Sox Off

3rd place Lamar Ware, Mar-B-Que's BBQ

Featured Article

7th Annual Biggest Baddest BBQ Championship, Bakersfield, CA

May 15-16, 2015

By Steve Wilson

You know how sometimes a shoe just fits right. I get that same feeling every year when I attend Bakersfield’s Biggest Baddest BBQ Championship (Bako). It just feels right from the start. On Thursday, May 14th teams began arriving at the Kern County Fairgrounds, the host site for this 7th annual event. Curtis and Angie Trigueiro and an all-star cast of volunteers welcomed teams. Each team was assigned to a predetermined spot and escorted to their site. The contest has moved a few hundred yards further into the center of the giant fairgrounds. With even more room than in previous years, teams were able to maximize their locations setting up massive compounds to greet the BBQ fans that would attend Saturday’s event.

Teams pulled in early Friday morning under threatening skies that appeared ready to pour rain down any minute. But some how, the rain stayed away all day. At the cooks meeting, Kelly and Kathleen, made the customary hellos and introduced every one to the first time teams. There was even one team that showed up that was not on the official roster and when asked their team name, they replied they didn’t have one. Fifty-three (53) teams were in attendance including another amazing showing from the Bakersfield community with 26 of the 53 teams calling Bakersfield their home. That is just an amazing statistic, way to go Bako!!

After the cooks meeting teams hustled about doing their last minute preparations and socializing with their neighbors. As an added treat this year, The Biggest Baddest added a concert for all to enjoy. The Band, “Tainted Love”, was an amazing 1980’s cover band. They were outstanding and even more amazing by how young the band appeared to be.

Saturday dawned another perfect day. Most of us changed from our jeans to shorts and took off our sweatshirts. At about 11:00am the fans of BBQ began to arrive and soon the event was jammed with eager fans ready to enjoy the day with great BBQ and some fun with family and friends. Turn-ins were in building # 4 at the northern end of the facility. We gave ourselves an extra minute just to battle the crowds.

Soon the competition was over and teams relaxed a bit before the awards ceremony. The CBBQA Canopy was raised and many of the teams donated their “Q” to raise money for the Kids we support. Thank you to all the teams that donated to the cause.

Around 4:00pm I was returning from the restrooms and I witnessed a “Grand Theft Cart Stealing” by Derrick Galiste and Bill Souza. They swiped Kevin O’Grady’s cart and were driving through the complex. Soon they came blasting around the corner and drove right through our camp right under our canopy. Was this the first fast food drive-thru in BBQ history?


Awards were at 5:00pm and teams gathered in the VIP Pavilion and the stands in front of the stage. The four meat categories were awarded through 10th place with medals for 6 thru 10 and trophies for 1 thru 5. It was a nice change of pace with the trophies this year. They were a clear acrylic make up and the design was the Bakersfield Arch with an oil rig under the arch. These trophies were very nice and the teams looked forward to having their names called to receive one for all their work and sacrifice.

Chicken, as usual, was the first to be awarded. The top 10 are listed below, but it should be noted that Lamar Ware from Mar-B-Que’s BBQ knocked it out of the ball park with a perfect score in chicken where all 6 judges gave him a 9 9 9 on their score cards. Way to go Lamar!



1. Mar-B-Que’s BBQ

2. Daddy O’s Smokin’ BBQ

3. All Fired Up

4. Porterhouse BBQ

5. Barrely Smokin’

6. Left Coast Q 7. Pirates of the Pig 8. Starvin Marvins Bay Area BBQ 9. Vicious Smoke 10. Oildale Smoke


1. Knock UR Sox Off BBQ

2. Run Little Piggy BBQ Team

3. Thank the Lard

4. DG Firehouse BBQ

5. Steel n Smoke

6. Mar-B-Que’s BBQ 7. Daddy O’s Smokin’ BBQ 8. Bowling Over Pigs 9. My Smokin’ Grillfriend 10. Vicious Smoke


1. The Pit Crew BBQ of SoCal

2. Knock UR Sox Off BBQ

3. Mar-B-Que’s BBQ

4. Simply Marvelous BBQ

5. All Fired Up

6. Porterhouse BBQ 7. Oildale Smoke 8. Bowling Over Pigs 9. Karnivorous 10. Blazed ‘N Glazed


1. Bar-B-Q’s2Go

2. Knock UR Sox Off BBQ

3. The Pit Crew BBQ of SoCal


5. Porterhouse BBQ

6. Left Coast Q 7. Thank the Lard BBQ 8. Tropical Heat BBQ 9. Son of Smoke 10. Pirates of the Pig

As you can see it appeared to be a tight race for the Grand Championship with Knock Ur Sox Off, Mar-B-Que’s and Porterhouse all getting 3 category calls and many teams scoring high with two calls. But in the end, it was Knock UR Sox Off BBQ winning by more than 7 points over the RGC team which went to Porterhouse. Mar-B-Que’s BBQ took 3rd, Daddy O’s took 4th and Big B’s Down-N-Dirty BBQ taking home 5th place honors even though they had no category walks.


Knock Ur Sox Off Awards

Rounding out the top 10 Overall were: 6th- The Pit Crew BBQ of SoCal, 7th- My Smokin Grillfriend, 8th- Karnivorous, 9th-Barrely Smokin’ 7 10th- Bowling over Pigs.

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone that participated in this great event. Thank you to the wonderful team of volunteers that put on a stellar contest. And thank you to the judge’s led by KCBS representatives Kelly & Kathleen McIntosh and Gene Goycochea for your dedication to the sport.

Before I close this article, I want to thank the Community of Bakersfield for your support of this event and to the Organizers for raising money for your great charity, JJ’s Legacy. Speaking for all the California BBQ Association, we are so happy to help you with your wonderful work that benefits so many. Thank you and we will see you again next year.

Edited by Sylvie Curry

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CBBQA Team of the Year



Eggs by the Bay

Big Poppa Smokers

Woodhouse Chocolate

Simply Marvelous

updated 5-19-15

1- Knock Ur Sox Off BBQ 414

Ryan & Kim Moore ~ Fontana, CA

2- Simply Marvelous BBQ 329

Stephan Franklin ~ Santa Barbara, CA

3- The Pit Crew BBQ of SoCal 318

Steve Wilson ~ Anaheim, CA

4- Porketeers 296

Dennis McGrath ~ El Cajon, CA

5- Vicious Smoke 290

Steve Aguilar ~ San Diego, CA

6- Mar-B-Que's BBQ 287

Lamar Ware ~ Banning, CA

7- Left Coast Q 282

Matt Dalton ~ Banning, CA

8- Burnin and Lootin 275

Jerry Aguilar ~ Corona, CA

9- Smokin Mo's 264

Mike Lindley ~ Yucca Valley, CA

10- My Smokin Grillfriend 235

Jeff Pollock ~ Bakersfield, CA

11- Lady of Q 224

Sylvie Curry ~ Ramona, CA

12- Jet Coatings "Monkey Style" 219

Michael "Monkey" Wheeler ~ Huntington Beach, CA

13- Thank the Lard BBQ 215

Ed Williams ~ Huntington Beach, CA

14- Woody-Q ® 207

Bryan Wood ~ Riverside, CA

15- Porterhouse BBQ 203

Ray Porter ~ Banning, CA

16- DG Firehouse BBQ ® 202

Dan Gibson ~ Brea, CA

17- Big Poppa Smokers 185

Sterling Ball ~ La Quinta, CA

18- Porkchop & Bubba's BBQ 183

Branden Slichter ~ Bakersfield, CA

19- Slap Yo Daddy BBQ 169

Harry Soo ~ Diamond Bar, CA

20- Bar-B-Q's-2Go ® 169

Paul Murray ~ Thousand Oaks, CA

21- Pirates of the Pig 157

Brian Gutierrez ~ Roseville, CA

22- Loot N' Booty BBQ 155

Sterling Smith ~ Scottsdale, AZ

23- Dead Pig Walking 155

Tim Wong ~ Fountain Valley, CA

24- Nothing Compares 2 Q 140

Kyle Casazza ~ Los Angeles, CA

25- Smokin' Hart's 139

Jon Hart ~ Fountain Valley, CA

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® = 2015 Rookie Team

-Visit the CBBQA Team of the Year 2015 Page at CBBQA Team of the Year 2015 for Complete Official 2015 Standings for all categories.

-ToY Rules can be found at Team of the Year page

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