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|style="color:#000;"| {{:Featured Picture}}
|style="color:#000;"| {{:Featured Picture}}
! <h2 style="margin:0; background:#801818; font-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:1px solid #a3bfb1; text-align:left; color:#FFFFFF; padding:0.2em 0.4em;">CBBQA Fund Raising Efforts</h2>
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! <h2 style="margin:0; background:#801818; font-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:1px solid #a3bfb1; text-align:left; color:#FFFFFF; padding:0.2em 0.4em;">CBBQA Business Members</h2>
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<h2 style="margin:0; background:#801818; font-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:1px solid #a3bfb1; text-align:left; color:#FFFFFF; padding:0.2em 0.4em;">Ten Most Recent California BBQ Association Forum Posts</h2>
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Featured Picture


Volunteers, Instructors and Students of the BBQ 101 Class

Featured Article

CBBQA BBQ 101 Class at The Woodshed in Orange April 12, 2014

By Steve Wilson

The Woodshed in Orange, Ca. is just a few blocks from Disneyland, The Honda Center and Anaheim Stadium. From Batavia Street, it looks like any firewood lot you have seen before, but with closer inspection you notice there is something different about this wood lot. The Woodshed is a major player in Southern California for firewood specifically cut for use in the culinary arts; wood fired pizza places & BBQ joints as the core of their business. The owner, Patty Sharpe and her Manager, Renea Teasdale carry 14 different smoking woods. Please check them out and support the companies that support the CBBQA.

On Saturday, April 12th, The Woodshed was the site for a CBBQA BBQ 101 class. The hardest workingman in the CBBQA, Tim Wong, had organized yet another fantastic event to raise funds for the children’s charities. At 7:00am the volunteers began to arrive at The Woodshed. Amongst the many piles of seasoned wood, we set up an area for instruction. Two 10’ x 15’canopies were used to offer shade for the students and a 10’ x 10’ canopy was arranged as an instructional area. Behind the students was a rack of premium smoking woods and next to that, 2 canopies were used to set up an area that was used to sample the many BBQ delights that were prepared by the instructors.

Near the parking area, the new CBBQA canopy was set up for student check in and other business related activities. Across from the CBBQA canopy, three more canopies were used as a make shift kitchen where the pitmasters prepped the days breakfast and lunch. Twisted Briskets Rob Rice and Bryan Rea Rice brought their stick burner pit, I brought my pellet smoker and Andy Soto had his gravity fed pit ready to handle the bulk of the days cooking chores. In addition, Ed Williams brought some backyard gear for demonstration purposes setting up a couple of WSM’s and a kettle grill.

By 9:30am, students began to arrive. After checking in with Bob Bass in the CBBQA canopy, students were able to enjoy donuts and coffee supplied for them. By 10:00am, the class was ready to begin. I was asked to give a quick welcome speech and get the day’s events started. The class was sold out with another 35+ students on a waiting list. I asked the students how many were here at the class to improve their own BBQ skills; everyone raised their hands. My next question was how many were here to begin their quest to be competition BBQ cooks? About half of the students acknowledged they were here to begin preparing for competition. I quickly ran through the class agenda and we were ready to begin the teaching segments.

Ed Williams, Thank The Lard BBQ, began the instruction with a discussion on equipment and fire management. Ed demonstrated the backyard gear that many teams use on the BBQ circuit. Ed had kettle grills and WSM’s set up next to the instruction compound. He went into detail explaining the pros and cons of each device. Next, Ed gave a hands on presentation of lighting charcoal using a charcoal chimney. He also explained how a kettle could be used with direct and indirect heat.

Jerry Aguilar, from Burnin’ and Lootin’ BBQ was next to display his skills. Jerry’s segment was on appetizers using a smoker or grill. Jerry included moink balls, ABT’s, pig candy and smoked fatties in his presentation. I loved this part of the day. I always help Jerry make sure the appetizers are not poisoned, and then I take another sample to make sure there are no foreign objects in them, then one more just to make sure they are up to health code standards. You know… just trying to help.

All laughs aside, Jerry knocked it out of the park. His appetizers were delicious. Andy Soto from Master of Disaster was next demonstrating classic backyard BBQ side dishes and a BBQ’ed dessert. Andy first demonstrated how to make regular canned foods amazing by turning BBQ baked beans, canned corn into works of art. Andy also made some killer homemade coleslaw. My favorite was his mouth watering peach dump cake cobbler. It was very good.

Andy Allen, Rooftop BBQ, assisted by Chris Visconti from Bears-B-Q followed next cooking Brandt Beef Prime Tri-Tip and garlic bread off the grill. Andy showed us the wonderful marbling in the meats prior to his adding a homemade original recipe marinade. If you ever get the chance to taste Andy’s tri-tip, don’t miss the opportunity. It was delicious. The grilled garlic bread was also a big hit.

I was next up in charge of the chicken portion of the curriculum. I started by showing how to prepare Beer Can Chicken. We cooked two whole fryers that were beautiful and moist when done. Next I went through a step by step presentation on how I do my competition chicken. I gave 100% of what I do at a competition including several top secret tricks that I’m pretty sure no one else does. We will see how long these secrets remain top secret.

Ed Williams was up again demonstrating how to make a killer twice smoked ham for Easter. Ed was preparing this prior to the instructional segment and I watched him do it. He prepared a honey glaze that he coated the ham with and put it in the smoker. The end product was not only tasty but also beautiful to look.

Bryan & Rob Rice from Twisted Brisket were last on the agenda demonstrating sparerib preparation. These beauties were competition ready. They had a perfect mahogany color with great taste and tenderness.

To close out the day, the volunteer team served the students and the staff from The Woodshed a fabulous lunch featuring everything that had been presented. There wasn’t much talking but there were a lot of happy faces peaking through the BBQ sauce on their faces. I knew we needed more napkins. The students were also given complete access to two of the four competition meats in this BBQ 101 class, that’s quite a deal.

I would like to thank the main sponsors of the event: The Woodshed for the facility and all their help, Simply Marvelous for their amazing rubs and Stark Boards for their disposable cutting boards. Also a shout out to Green Mountain Grills for supplying their Pitmaster BBQ Sauce.

Thank you to the helpers: Bob Bass (Judge Extraordinaire), Chris Endicott (Big Aces BBQ), Chris Visconti (Bear's-B-Q), JP Facundo (photographer), Lun Lu (Dead Pig Walking), Todd Carptenter (All About the Q).

Thank you to all the Instructors and a special thank you to Tim Wong for setting up this very successful CBBQA BBQ 101 class raising funds for children's charities.

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CBBQA Team of the Year



Eggs by the Bay

Big Poppa Smokers

Woodhouse Chocolate

Simply Marvelous

updated 3-24-14

1- Burnin and Lootin 246

Jerry Aguilar ~ Corona, CA

2- Ridge Route Boys 229

Curtis Trigueiro ~ Bakersfield, CA

3- Left Coast Q 162

Matt Dalton ~ Banning, CA

4- Woodhouse BBQ 157

John Anderson ~ St. Helena, CA

5- Simply Marvelous 147

Stephan Franklin ~ Ventura, CA

6- All Hogs Sauced Up 144

Steve Madaule ~ Lancaster, CA

7- The Pit Crew ~ 140

Steve Wilson ~ Anaheim Hills, CA

8- Smokin Mo's 137

Mike Lindley ~ Yucca Valley, CA

9- When Pigs Fly 136

Dale Ginos ~ Oceanside, CA

10- Porketeers 130

Mike Brady ~ Ontario, CA

11- Smoqued California BBQ ~ 109

Ryan Chester ~ Buena Park, CA

12- Lady of Q 106

Sylvie Curry ~ Ramona, CA

13- Knock UR Sox Off BBQ 103

Ryan Moore ~ Fontana, CA

14- Bowling Over Pigs 100

Chuck Collondrez ~ Brentwood, CA

14- Wild Willys Smokin Hot BBQ 94

William Wilson ~ Riverside, CA

16- Smoke Hound BBQ ® 92

Dennis McGrath ~ El Cajon, CA

17- Got Smoke Bar-B-Que ~ 87

Will Wilson ~

18- H&D BBQ ~ 8O

James Parr ~ Salt Lake City, UT

19- Royal Smokin Hot BBQ 79

Kevin O'Grady ~ San Jose, CA

19- Rooftop Barbeque 79

Andy Allen ~ Menifee, CA

21- ZZYZX BBQ 75

Jason Miranda ~ Rancho Cucamonga, CA

22- Too Ashamed To Name BBQ 69

Scott Hares ~ San Jose, CA

23- Loot N' Booty 67

Sterling Smith ~ Scottsdale, AZ

24- Hog Heaven Sauces 62

Ira Pupko ~ Temecula, CA

25- Vicious Smoke 60

Steve Aguilar ~ San Diego, CA

How to get sanctioned:
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® = 2014 Rookie Team

-Visit the CBBQA Team of the Year 2014 Page at for Complete Official 2014 Standings for all categories.

-ToY Rules can be found at Team of the Year page

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