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Date: June 12, 2010

Location: Orange County Fairgrounds


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The Newport Mesa Best Western is offering a group rate of $76/night (includes hot breakfast and WIFI).

They are the closest hotel to the venue located right off the 55 & Newport Blvd. Just around the corner from the Fair grounds.

You can call them at Phone: Eight Hundred ([[Image:|user posted image]]0) 554-2378 · (949) 650-3020 and mention OC BBQ Festival for the discount.


$7,000 in Cash Prizes

Grand Champion

$600 Cash, Trophy

Reserve Champion

$400 Cash, Trophy

“Peoples’ Choice” Champion, Free Entry into 2011 Event, Trophy

"Most Creative PC Food"

Best Booth Trophy

Best Booth - Runner Up Trophy

Cash Prizes – 4 Categories

1st place $500, Trophy

2nd place $400, Trophy

3rd place $300, Trophy

4th place $200, Trophy

5th place $100, Trophy

6th place Trophy

7th place Trophy

8th place Trophy

9th place Trophy

10th place Trophy

Important Times

Meat Inspections

Friday, 1:00pm to 6:00pm and again from 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Cooks Meeting

Friday, 6:30PM

Turn-In Times

11:00am - Chicken

11:30am - Ribs

12:00pm - Pork

12:30pm - Brisket

Event Access

  • What time can we arrive on Friday?

The facility will be open at 12 noon on Friday June 11th.

  • From where do we enter the facility?

Use Gate 4 off Arlington Dr. and proceed to enter to the campgrounds via the Green Gate entrance.

  • Loading/Unloading

There is plenty of room within the BBQ area to bring truck/vehicles right up to your site to unload. Although, the later you arrive, the more teams you will have to maneuver around. Unless your vehicle is absolutely necessary to your booth, we are asking that once you unload, you move to park in the vendor parking lot.

  • When can we leave?

We are asking that every vendor/team remain at their booths until 6 pm on Saturday, even if you are not participating in PC.

  • Parking passes & In/Out privileges

Each team will get one parking pass. Additional parking passes are available at a cost of $3. We have been given only a few passes to go in/out. I will set aside at least two to be shared within the BBQ area. The pass is only necessary for Friday &Saturday. Sunday is open to us to come and go. Additional Guests and Cooks Each team will be given 5 event wristbands on Friday when they arrive. These wrist bands will be required for in/out privileges at the event. All KCBS Judges and those working with teams for their master judge will be allotted an event wristband as well. Any additional persons must enter the venue through the main gates via purchasing an event entry.

Entry Forms


Team Entry Form (PDF)

PC Declaration (PDF)

Health Dept. Requirements (PDF)

Equipment Rental Form (PDF)


Judging Sign Up Form (PDF


Teams Confirmed

In no particular order -

  1. All Hogs Go To Heaven
  2. All Sauced Up
  3. Baby Roos BBQ
  4. Backyard Brew N’ Que
  5. Big Bad BBQ
  6. Big Daddy’s Q’N Crew
  7. Big Pig BBQ
  8. Big Poppa Smokers
  9. Big Mista’s Barbecue
  10. Big Rick & the BBQ Chicks
  11. Bird’s Pit Crew
  12. Blowin’ Smoke BBQ
  13. BLQue Cuttin’ Edge QN
  14. BoneYard BBQ
  15. Brazen BBQ
  16. Cooks N’ Ladders BBQ
  17. Daddy O’s BBQ
  18. El Fuego Fiasco
  19. Four Q
  20. GB’s BBQ
  21. Get Your Rub on
  22. Goin’ Que Que
  23. Handsome Bob’s
  24. HerMan’s BBQ
  25. Joey’s Smokin’ BBQ
  26. King Pinz BBQ
  27. Left Coast Q
  28. Master of Disaster
  29. Meat, Inc.
  30. Omaha Jacks Que’n & Brewin’ Team
  31. Porketeers
  32. R&R BBQ
  33. Rancho Rocke BBQ
  34. Revolution Barbecue
  35. Rhythm n’ Que
  36. Rib Tickler BBQ
  37. Rusty Barrell BBQ
  38. Schlemdawg’s BBQ
  39. 7 Kinds of Smoke
  40. Sizzlin’ Smoke Masters
  41. Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ
  42. Smitty’s Smoke Patrol
  43. Smoke Em’ if you Got Em’
  44. Smoke it all night
  45. Smokey Bones BBQ
  46. Smokin’ Hogs
  47. Smokin’ Yankees BBQ
  48. Soaked in Smoke
  49. T & J’s Backyard BBQ
  50. The BBQ Shack
  51. The Q
  52. The Rib Doctor
  53. The Rub Co.
  54. The 3 Little Pigs
  55. Three Men & a Smoker
  56. Tropical Heat BBQ
  57. Wally’s Smokin’ Pit
  58. When Pigs Fly

Teams Expected

  1. Backwoods BBQ
  2. Pork Butt Pirates


Judges Confirmed

In no particular order -

  1. Bentley Meredith
  2. John Jimenez
  3. Gary McDow
  4. Lesa McDow
  5. Sean Johnson
  6. Julia Candler
  7. Joseph Miles
  8. Linda Burke
  9. Carl Schroeder
  10. Marcel Fortin
  11. Robert Winthrop
  12. William Bailey
  13. Billy Nicola
  14. Kevin Davis
  15. Christine Davis
  16. Paul Sandstrom
  17. Earlynn Wade
  18. John Ware
  19. Jeff Hutcherson
  20. David Hiatt
  21. Sonia Hiatt
  22. Vern Vallis
  23. Josh Dawson
  24. Richard Birdsal
  25. Joe Golden
  26. Gina Golden
  27. Rex Sell
  28. Cynthia Sell
  29. Brett McKinney
  30. Cindy Wilcken
  31. R. Craig Wilcken
  32. Ralph Wilcken
  33. Daryl Lewis
  34. Gregory McMillan
  35. Damion Morbley
  36. Bob Thomas
  37. Michael Henson
  38. Ed Benitez
  39. Don Gallo
  40. Rosie Karr
  41. Ben Karr
  42. Jamie Crow
  43. Corey Crow
  44. Jim Goetsch
  45. David Pereira
  46. Scott Kuklin
  47. Twila Knaack
  48. Kevin K. Hull
  49. Brian S. Carroll
  50. Patricia D. Carroll
  51. Dan Fox
  52. Louis DeRudder
  53. Mimi Hernandez
  54. Ben Lobenstein
  55. Michael Santiago
  56. Darril Gilbert
  57. Mel Abordo
  58. Greg Hogan
  59. Henry Silvestre


Friday Evening @ 7:15pm in the Judge's Tent

This is where to sign up for the Friday evening potluck. We will be needing main dishes, sides, desserts, etc.

  1. Billy Nicola- Butt Bustin' Beans
  2. Sizzlin' Smoke Masters - Joe's Spaghetti Salad
  3. Cooks 'Ladders BBQ - BBQ Meatballs with bacon and onions
  4. John Hilgeman - Potatoes, Carrots and Onions in Butter
  5. Slap Yo Daddy BBQ - Seared Ahi Tuna w Maui Onion Dressing
  6. Slap Yo Daddy BBQ - Bacon-weave Turtle and Dinosaur Family Fatties


Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion



Pork Ribs



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