King of the County BBQ Challenge

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The 8th Annual King of the County BBQ Challenge, Music Festival and Arts & Crafts Fair

Date: June 14th & 15th, 2014

Location: Martinez Waterfront Park Marina

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This is a 2 day competition. Participation both days is not mandatory. The competition categories will consist of Chicken, Ribs & Chef's Choice (Anything Butt). Prizes will be awarded both days for all 3 categories.

BBQ Cook Off Rules

Entry Fee & Prize Payout

EARLYBIRD BY JUNE 2nd is a $50 entry fee - includes 10’ x 10’ space and one (1) BBQ meat entry

Additional BBQ entries are $50 each (Chicken, Ribs, Chef's Choice)

Additional 10’ x 10’ spaces are $50 each

All applications received after June 2nd are $100 initial meat entry and $50 for each add'l meat.

Entry Forms

Team Application or

For more entry details and application go to

For additional event information contact Laura Philpot at or

Contact the Martinez Chamber office for more information and entry details for the BBQ Competition - (925) 228-2345

Contact Tracy Allen for judging information at

Teams Confirmed

In no particular order -

Built to Burn - David Mazaika

Candy on a Bone - "Big"Tom Pierce

Bar-B-Cuban Marcelo - Batista

Lock Stock and Smoking Barrell - Tami Slover

Black Dog BBQ - Greg Rodriquez

Bucket Boy BBQ - Jeff Luckeroth

Backyard BBQ - James Hise

Smoke Love - Jarek Gadek

Ribs For Her Pleasure - Markus

The BarrelQers - Christopher Hardwick

Bear-B-Q - Steve Likos

Smoke in the Bone - Robert Ramey

Lulu's BBQ - Nicole Lusetti

V Power BBQ - Kurt Lusetti

No Name BBQ - Daniel Riccabona

Beer Belly BBQ - Kyle Fowler

Half Fast Smokin - Jeff McCaleb

Disco Dan - Dan Chavez

Our Kids Favorite BBQ - Andy Krakoff

Dr. Harper's Grillfellas - Dan Banchero

3 G.D.B. - Howard White



  1. Rob Schroeder
  2. Tim Grayson
  3. Micheael Harris
  4. Kristina Lawson
  5. Federal Glover
  6. Steve Blair
  7. Jim Blair
  8. Mike Blair
  9. Mark Blair
  10. Carol Hatch
  11. Sarah Hatch
  12. Suzanne Hatch
  13. Jono Bacon
  14. Adam Hoffert
  15. Brent Trublood
  16. John Mosch
  17. Christie McKinnon
  18. Marcia Moi
  19. Milo Dodds
  20. Aaron Staines
  21. Lori Leineke

Dwayne Glemser (Stand by)

Marty Ochoa (Table Captain)


  1. Rob Schroeder
  2. Tim Grayson
  3. Micheael Harris
  4. Wade Harper
  5. Dwayne Glemser
  6. Steve Blair
  7. Jim Blair
  8. Mike Blair
  9. Mark Blair
  10. Mike Morley
  11. Craig Paulsen
  12. Jono Bacon
  13. Adam Hoffert
  14. Brent Trublood
  15. Christie McKinnon
  16. Paul Brown
  17. Peggy Brown

Wilma (Table Captain)

Marty Ochoa (Table Captain)



Pork Ribs

Chef's Choice

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