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A Special CBBQA Thank You to - Kathleen and Kelly McINTOSH

A few years ago a friend of Kathleen and Kelly McIntosh mentioned that they should become Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) BBQ judges. After serious consideration, they embarked on a series of events that would lead to their becoming KCBS Master Judges. Following are the steps that they completed and are required for anyone to become a KCBS Master Judge.

The first step is to take a KCBS BBQ Judging Certification Class. This class covered all aspects of being a BBQ judge. Applicants are walked through the format of BBQ competitions, they learn what characteristics to look for in each entry, how to score an entry, and studied the rules and regulations that apply to BBQ competitions. Applicants are then taken through a mock BBQ competition that includes chicken, ribs, pork shoulder, and brisket entries. This is the initial steps in the lengthy time consuming certification process.

To qualify as a Master Judge, applicants must complete 30 judging experiences and cook with a team at an event, before requesting certification. Kathleen and Kelly satisfied this requirement and cooked with the QN4U BBQ team at the Clovisfest BBQ competition. This completed all the qualifications necessary to be certified as a Master Judge. Little did they know that taking the KCBS BBQ class would take them on a long journey to contests throughout the United States.

Kelly and Kathleen not only participate as judges at KCBS contests, but they are the unsung heroes for the California BBQ Association (CBBQA). At each contest they attend, Kelly takes pictures and Kathleen prepares the articles for the National Barbecue News, Smokin’ Times.

Kelly and Kathleen also took the next step and became contest representatives. This involves a weekend of fun and adventure working with as many as 50 BBQ teams at a single competition. They check in all of the BBQ teams and provide the turn-in boxes. They host the cooks meeting the night before the contest, where they explain the rules and turn-in times for that contest. The day of the event is filled with various coordinated tasks and furnishing the event judges with necessary tools to perform their very important duties. It’s a day long process that requires their knowledge of the KCBS and/or IBCA rules. Following receipt of the judges scoring sheets, they tally the scores for the awards presentation. After the contest they also provide a copy of the official results to each team and they spend several more hours organizing and reporting the results to the KCBS.

Their continued support of CBBQA events has made a major contribution to the success of the organization. Kelly and Kathleen were honored at the Annual CBBQA QFEST held in February 2008 at Puddingstone Lake in San Dimas, California. The CBBQA thanked both of them for their dedication and the professionalism they bring to the organization.

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