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California Barbeque Association 

3710 Lone Tree Way, PMB 304  Antioch, California  94509


Application for Funds from California Barbeque Association (CBBQA) Charitable Contributions 2014

Application Due Date April 30th 2014

Our mission is to teach, enjoy, preserve, and promote barbecue as a true American food and to help various children’s charities by conducting barbecue events throughout the state of California. Nature of Charity seeking funds– The charity should be directly or indirectly involved with

- the physical or mental health of children 0-18 years of age, or

-supporting the growth of children’s associations serving children 0-18 years of age, i.e. community programs Organization Contact Information

Name of Organization: ________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

______________ ______________________________________________________

Website Address: ____________________________________________________________

General Description of organization:

Location of the Charity where children will receive benefits from funds: _________________________________________

Number of children to be served: ______________

Of total persons receiving benefits from this charity what percentage are children? _______%

Summary of what funds will be used for:

What is the manner and extent to which children benefit from these funds? Charity must specify how funds will be spent. Request should be for a specific need that will be addressed by: (examples include equipment, meals, shelter, special projects, etc). ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

Contact Information:

Person: ____________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________


Phone Number: _____________________________________

Email Address: ______________________________________

Additional Information:

Total Donations received in 2013:

Budget of organization 2013

Is organization a 501c3? yes_________ no___________ Certificate number: ___________________

Does the organization support any government or other charitable organizations? yes _______ no ______

If yes, please list organization and amount of funding given.



The CBBQA Children’s Fund will typically focus on charities with the following characteristics:

• Small budget – operating budget of less than $ 0-1 million • Minimal internal or external fund-raising capabilities • Lack of support from government or other charitable organizations (i.e. United Way) • Small administrative departments- what percent of operating budget is for administrative costs? __________%

Please, also submit supporting documents such as:

proof of 501c3 status- enclosed/attached yes ______ no_______ budget- enclosed/attached yes ______ no_______ audited financials- enclosed/attached yes ______ no_______

marketing literature that tells us about your organization - enclosed/attached yes ______ no_______

File types such as Word.doc, PDF, Excel spreadsheets, JPEG are acceptable

Follow-up – As a condition of funding, each selected charity will be required to report on the results of the underwritten program and to document how money donated by CBBQA was spent. This documentation must be received by January 31st of the year following funding.

Please submit all forms and documentation to:

California Barbeque Association Charitable Contribution Committee 3710 Lone Tree Way, PMB 304 Antioch, California 94509

Contact number- Donna Fong 510 390 7447

Funds approval December 18th, 2014. Contribution distribution February 2015.

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