California BBQ University 2009

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California BBQ University

“An Introduction to Authentic Barbecue"

Hollister, CA

March 2009

It was a chilly March morning as 40 students transcended upon Casa De Fruta in Hollister, CA. The students were beginning a journey into the art of low and slow BBQ at the first California BBQ University class titled "Introduction to Authentic BBQ". The professors, Stars of the CBBQA Competition Champions, were; Larry Hill, Frank Boyer, Harry Stewart, Ric Gilbert, and Leonard Sanders.

The class began with an introduction of the students and the day’s events.With intros out of the way, class jumped into high gear as Larry Hill went into the basics of brisket. As the class watched, Larry reviewed trimming, rubbing, and cooking the toughest part of the steer. Students were rewarded for their time and attention with brisket samples and bottles of Cookshack Brisket Rub, complements of Cookshack products. Professor Harry Stewart taught two classes - pork shoulder and ribs. Starting with shoulder, Harry spoke about selection of pork shoulder, the preparation and the cooking. During his ribs presentation, Professor Harry glided through prep, seasoning, and cooking of ribs. He showed both a slow and low method and a fast “for dinner” method. The class enjoyed sampling the finished products of each presentation.

Next was Frank Boyer showing off his award-winning style in the preparation of tri-tip. The class watched intensely as the Hall of Fame member demonstrated the trimming, rubbing and slicing of this California classic. The class sampled the pieces and many went through the line more than once.

Ric Gilbert was up next discussing chicken. The students watched as Rick prepared, injected, and smoked chicken on different cookers.

To end the day,Leonard and Nancy Sanders took a turn by showing the selection, seasoning, cooking methods, and recipes of the classic Dutch oven. The class was treated to biscuits, potatoes, rice pudding, and peach cobbler. It was a long day, but the students listened and watched as Professor Leonard showed his skills at this Cowboy art.

The California BBQ Association Board of Directors congratulates and awards the following students with a Certificate of Completion of the requirements from California BBQ Association BBQ University. Nick & Mary Pack, Armando & Gloria Valdez, Brian Ross, Mark Barros, Perry Gentry, Robert Krucker, Yori Herrera, Bruce & Sue McCallister, Jamie Purviance, Morris Scheider, Paul Romesburg, Curtis Michelini, Chris & Mary Ann Cave, Greg Wright, Ezra Wright, Tom and Linn Sharp, Nate Thompson, Clifton Scott, Marcus Pena, James Allen, Bill & Yvonne Souza,Raymond Hester, David Towne,Wayne Gilkey, Greg Johnson, Randy Moen, Neil Mussallem, and Robert Bowles.

A big CBBQA thank you to all the professors, Darry Smith for his organizational skills in getting this off the ground, Ben Lobenstein, Scott Hares, Jason Fisher, Derrick Fisher, and Emily Hill for their hard work and dedication to the CBBQA.

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