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Smoke Hound BBQ

Smoke Hound BBQ is a family competition team from Ontario. The team is made up of Pit Master Mike Brady, assistants Gayle and Amanda Brady, and mascot Mrs. Columbo, the smoke hound.

Years of being the family barbecue go-to guy transitioned into an exploration into smoking over the years. An interest into competition barbecue was championed by the family as recipes were trailed and perfected on our WSMs. 2013 took the love and enjoyment of smoking to a new level with the team’s first entries into two backyard barbecue competitions. The first experience was at the 3rd Annual Ontario Best Backyard BBQ Contest where the team took home 4 of 5 top ten calls and 1st place overall. The second experience was at the 1st Annual Harry Soo’s Groovin’ Backyard BBQ Cook-Off where the team received 2 of 3 top five calls and 4th place overall. The backyard competitions have lit the fire and our team is looking forward to stepping up to compete at the next level in the 2014 season. Thanks, Mike Brady


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