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About Us


Welcome to our Team page. Tropical Heat BBQ consists of Dan Daniel and Bill Keyes. We are two backyard Qer's that work together at a Water District in Ventura County, and would occasionally cook together for company functions. One day, Dan returned from visiting a local BBQ competition, and talked Bill into forming a team to start competing. So in 2004, we went to the inaugural Modesto competition. And so the addiction begins. We competed in three competitions that first year under the name …Got Q?. It was quite a learning process, we did not fare as well as we had hoped.

In 2005, we changed our Team name to Tropical Heat BBQ, a name that matched the obnoxious Hawaiian shirts that we were known for. That year’s first competition, Modesto, we got our first call, 3rd in Pork. Sweeeet! gallery_26_42_16270.jpg

Since then, we have won numerous individual category awards. But an Overall award had eluded us until September 2007, when we won Grand Champion at the inaugural Moorpark Fall Festival and BBQ competition. gallery_26_42_26057.jpg

In the 3 plus years that we have been competing, we have met a lot of great people and made many friends. We enjoy meeting and talking to the vistors at comps, giving advice, sharing information, and encouraging those interested in competing to join in the fun.

Dan lives in Camarillo with his Wife, Susie. Bill lives in Fillmore with his wife, Sherry. And his best friend, Murray. We would like to thank our wives, without their help and support we would not be able to do this hobby.


Some Results and Awards


Modesto (23 Teams)

• 3rd in Pork

• 7th in Ribs

• 8th Overall

Fairfield (36 Teams)

• 3rd in Chicken gallery_26_42_17781.jpg

• 11th Overall

Clovis (34 Teams)

• 19th Overall


Rose Bowl (22 Teams)

• 4th in Chicken

• 8th in Ribs

• 9th in Pork

• 11th in Brisket

• 7th Overall

Autry (28 Teams)

1st in Ribs gallery_26_42_16922.jpg

• 4th in Chicken

• 9th in Brisket

• 5th Overall

Modesto (41 Teams)

• 8th in Pork

• 20th Overall

Silent Valley (6 Teams)

• 3rd in Chicken

• 3rd in Ribs

Clovis (45 Teams)

• 8th in Chicken

• 18th Overall

Viejas (35 Teams)

• 4th in Ribs gallery_26_42_23497.jpg

• 9th Overall

Imperial Beach (10 Teams)

1st in Ribs gallery_26_42_18509.jpg

• 4th in Chicken

• 4th in Pork

• 4th Overall


Autry (32 Teams)

• 2nd in Brisket gallery_26_42_24623.jpg

• 5th Overall

Modesto (38 Teams)

• 6th in Brisket

• 8th Overall

Go for the Gold (21 Teams)

• 3rd in Ribs gallery_26_42_15548.jpg

• 7th in Pork

• 12 Overall

Moorpark (6 Teams)

1st in Chicken

• 2nd in Ribs

• 2nd in Brisket

• 4th in Pork

Grand Championgallery_26_42_7673.jpg

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