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Thank you for visiting the TOPS BBQ wiki page. To check out our most awesome website, please click on the link: TOPS BBQ

TOPS BBQ currently consists of the following teammates: Robert (Team Captain), Doreen (Team Captain's wife & Kid watcher), Emiko (Sous Chef & Future Team Captain), Israel (Team Manager, Box Designer & Driver), Dewey (Cook), Eric (Chef & Runner) & Barbie (Runner & CBJ).

We have competed at the following contests: Clovis - Red, Hot & Real BBQ Championship, Modesto - Blues, Brews & Barbeque, Fairfield - West Coast BBQ Championship, Vista - Smokin' Q Classic, Baskersfield - Biggest, Baddest Barbecue, Viajas Smokin' In The Park and Arizona - Dual In The Desert. Possible locations to add on for 2010 - Penn Valley, Costa Mesa.

Current Awards:

1 - 2nd place trophy in Pulled Pork

1 - 4th place trophy in Pulled Pork

3 - 2nd place trophies for Chicken

1 - 3rd place trophy for Chicken

1 - 4th place trophy for Chicken

1 - 7th place trophy for Chicken

1 - 9th place trophy for Chicken

1 - 10th place trophy for Ribs

2 - 5th place trophies for Brisket

1 - 7th place trophy for Brisket

1 - 3rd place trophy for People's Choice

I started competing, because like all other teams, I felt that my BBQ was just that much better than the next. Although, I may not win a trophy at every contest I can assure myself that my BBQ IS STILL better than those that don't compete. This is my hobby and it's an expensive one. Even then, I wish I could compete in all the competitions. I get to meet so many people that have the same passion as I do and in the end congratulate each other for doing such a great job. You can always learn something new and you have the opportunity to help those new teams coming in. Great satisfaction overall!

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