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Photo courtesy of Pat Brandon


Who are The Smokepranos?
  • Jason Fisher - Pit Boss
  • Lacey Fisher - Accomplice
  • Derrick Fisher - Accomplice
  • Zach Hillman - Accomplice

Competition History 2007
  1. Modesto - 17th / 38 teams
  2. Murphys - 1st / 14 teams (unsanctioned event)
  3. San Jose - 9th / 23 teams
  4. Fairfield - 10th / 29 teams
  5. Fair Oaks - 3rd / 9 teams (unsanctioned event)
  6. Clovis - 24th / 39 teams
  7. Phoenix - 26th / 47 teams KCBS -- IBCA - 11 / 47 teams

15th overall in CBBQA Team of the Year standings

2007 CBBQA Co-Rookie Team of the Year

Competition History 2008
  1. Westley (backyarder) - 1st / 10 teams?
  2. Modesto - 15th / 48 teams
  3. Murphys - 1st or 2nd overall/ 17 teams (non sanctioned)!

Smokers and Equipment

In our first year as BBQ competition cooks our smokers have changed dramatically. We started off in Modesto with two CharGrillers and a Weber kettle. These worked out pretty well for us actually, but we felt the need for more! By the time we went to Murphys we had added a Weber Smoky Mountain cooker to our arsenal. The Bullet as they are known added some room for us and allowed us to manage our meats better. At the Murphys comp we won the Grand Championship and the main prize was a Weber Performer. This was the upscale version of the little old kettle we were using. We took one of the CharGrillers, the bullet and the new Weber Performer with us the San Jose comp. They worked out pretty good for us. Well, between San Jose and Clovis I (Jason) finally purchased a trailered pit that I had been searching for. In Clovis we took the trailered pit and the Weber Performer. The trailered pit was still pretty new to us, but we felt we had turned in the best food to date. During the Clovis comp Lacey and I entered Sunday's pizza contest. Included in the buy in was a large Big Green Egg. One more cooker added to the arsenal! I think we may be done acquiring new cookers for a while!


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