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Is a brand new Southern California Competition BBQ Team... Now that we have actually competed, it's official! Our first competition was the 3rd Annual Dana Point BBQ Championship in Dana Point, CA, October 4-5, 2013. We were very pleased to have not come in dead last, coming in 95/99 in Chicken with a score of 142.8116; 71/99 in Ribs with a score of 156.5488; 98/99 (DQ) in Pork with a score of 126.64; and 64/99 in Brisket with a score of 157.12. We took 93rd overall with a score of 583.1204.

The Smokin' Rejects! team includes amateur smoker's and grillers, professional chef's, and cookbook authors. We are mostly a bunch of people that enjoy great BBQ, beer (and other adult beverages), and good friends. The Charter Members of the team have never participated in a BBQ competition before joining the team.

Meet the Smokin' Rejects! PitMasters


Phil (aka The Big Reject!) - Smokin' Rejects! Founder, PitMaster

Specialties - Brisket, Beef and Pork Ribs, Chicken, and Turkey

e-mail: PitMaster-Phil@smokinrejects.com

I started grilling as a teenager under the direction of my Mom and Dad. Mom's style of cooking fast and hot got me started. In 2009 I bought my first smoker, a Brinkman Smoke N' Grill for $40, and I was hooked. I started Smokin' Rejects! in 2013 to provide an opportunity to improve my smoking skills through competition, and to bring a large number of friends together for fun, food, and bragging rights!

So have fun exploring our site and look for Smokin' Rejects at a Southern California BBQ competition in the very near future!

      • PICTURE TO COME ***

John (aka The Family Reject!) - Smokin' Rejects! Co-Founder, PitMaster

Specialties - Brisket, Beef and Pork Ribs, Chicken, and Turkey

e-mail: familyreject-john@smokinrejects.com

I've been enjoying the art of cooking since my Mama taught me to cook at an early age. Most of the early style of cooking in our home was "Country Cookin', stick to your ribs comfort food!" When I ventured out on my own, I enjoyed preparing and serving different tastes from around the world to family and friends. Now I find myself coming home in a way, as I am enraptured with BBQ. Helpful hints from friends like PitMaster Phil and Pit Master Ed (www.thankthelardbbq.com) on the proper way to smoke meat and veggies has been a huge help. My wife Anita, my Mom, and my 5 kids are my tasters. They all survive my smoked creations and keep pushing me to smoke more!

I look forward to the competitive days ahead, but I know I'll enjoy the bull sessions even more. Keep your coals hot and your spices ready!


Jason (aka The Mini Reject!)- Smokin' Rejects! Charter Member, PitMaster

Specialties - Brisket, Tri-tip, Pork Shoulder, Fish

e-mail: legendofthepit-jason@smokinrejects.com

My love of BBQ started when i was in Scouting. Any opportunity to cook out doors. In my 20's I met my Wife and friends and realized not only can I cook, but I am good at it. In 2009 I got my first smoker, and it became the story of a man and his smoker, and I have never looked back since.

Looking forward to the competition, the fun, and the food.... My moto on BBQ is simple, " BBQ is like sex, it's only dirty if your doing it right...."

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