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About our team:

We are a small family team which consists of three members. I (Glen) am the Head Cook. My wife (Janice) and son (Kyle) are my support crew.

We cook on two WSM's, a Webber Kettle, and a Brinkman "Dual Zone Professional" grill.

About out team name:

I had been struggling with creating a unique team name for some time. I had several I was considering, but hadn't made a final decision.

One Saturday afternoon, I was doing a practice cook in my back yard. I had a pork butt in each WSM, and had a nice wisp of smoke (plum and apple) coming from both cookers. There was a slight breeze directing the smoke into my neighbor's back yard.

My neighbor (John) walked into his back yard, and said "Wow, that smells great. What is it?" I said "Oh, that's just my butts." He then said "Well, your butts sure smell great." And that's when it hit me....I thought, what a great name for a team.

I told this story to my sister-in-law (Shawna), who found the perfect graphic to go with such a name. A little editing of the original graphic, finding the right font, and there you have it, Smell My Butts Barbeque was born.


Mar. '07 --- Attended the Dr. BBQ class in San Jose


Mar. '07 --- Our first comp.: Rancho Rocke Inaugural Backyard Event


Apr. '07 --- Saddle Sore Ranch Backyard Event in AZ

Aug. '07 --- Kick the Tires & Light the Fires Backyard Event


Nov. '07 --- Hawthorne Holiday Parade BBQ & Chili Cookoff

File:Gallery 345 44 53118.jpg


Apr. '07 --- Autry

Aug. '07 --- Attended KCBS Judges class in Burbank

Sept. '07 --- Beachfront


Oct. '06 --- Worked the CBBQA booth at Viejas

Dec. '06 --- Winterfest @ 29 Palms

Apr. '07 --- Assisted Arlie Bragg at Autry

May '07 --- Salute to our Troops @ 29 Palms

June '07 --- Hope for Firefighters


Sept. '07 --- Wishland Butterfly Festival

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