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Howdy Folks...Soon as I get this WIKI thing figured out I'll add some cool stuff. For now I'll just let you know I'm pretty much a one man team from Folsom California. You may have heard of our prison from Johhny Cash.

I started cooking in competitively in 2007 in Fairfield, almost by accident. Met a lot of nice people and had a lot of fun, so thought it might be a good place to spend a little time (and a lot of money).

People say to me all the time “Pat, (although my name is David) what’s with the goofy team name.” Well, I’ve always been a fan of the Beatles, and music in general. And, I cook on Big Gree Eggs…so I combined the two into a clever little pun that’s lost on about everyone…I am the Egg man, I am the Walrus…Que Que Ka Choo (although I think the real lyrics are “goo goo ga joob” which makes about the same about of sense as my co-opted name.

We’re returning to Fairfield this year for our second KCBS competition. If you’re there and have a chance stop by and say hello.


David Schmidt

Que Que Ka-Choo

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