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Our new Lang 60


Don and Davis in AZ with the new Fat 50

Our 2010...

3rd in CBBQA Rookies, 16th Overall in the CBBQA, 395th out of 7042 in the KCBS

Hangtown Winterfest - 6th Overall (6th chicken, 12th ribs, 27th pork, 1st brisket - 38 teams competed)

1st Annual Morgan Hill No Bull BBQ Cookoff - 8th Overall (23rd chicken, 21st ribs, 2nd pork, 16th brisket - 52 teams competed)

2nd Annual Bakersfield Biggest Baddest BBQ - 13th Overall (21st chicken, 28th ribs, 3rd pork, 11th brisket - 55 teams competed)

2nd Annual Smokin in the Oaks BBQ - 13th Overall (11th chicken, 16th ribs, 26th pork, 10th brisket - 32 teams competed)

2nd Annual Way Out West BBQ Championship - 15th Overall (9th chicken, 7th ribs, 38 pork, 15th brisket - 40 teams competed)

2nd Annual Smokin' on the Water - 23rd Overall (12th chicken, 30th ribs, 28th pork, 16th brisket - 36 teams competed)

1st Annual Ribstock 2010-Peace, Love & BBQ - 8th Overall (2nd chicken, 18th ribs, 14th pork, 4th brisket - 22 teams competed)

1st Annual Smokin' for Gold - 24th Overall (14th chicken, 31st ribs, 26th pork, 12 brisket - 31 teams competed)

Our 2009...

2nd place beef ribs at the Colusa Western Days

5th place pork ribs at the Colusa Western Days

4th place ribs at the 3rd Annual GL1 Rib Cook-Off

1st place ribs at the Live Oak Rib Cook-Off (Broadway Lounge)

1st place ribs at the Yuba City Blues Music & BBQ Rib Cook-Off (Relay For Life BBQ)

1st place ribs at the Colusa Casino Rib Cook-Off (47 teams!)

7th place tri tip at the Colusa Casino Tri Tip Cook-Off

2nd place ribs at the Live Oak Festival BBQ

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