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The CBBQA Hall of Fame was established in 2007 to recognize CBBQA members who personify the very best of what the CBBQA stands for - service, competition, and education.

The qualities that are honored here are:

  • A minimum of five years membership (current) in and service to the CBBQA
  • A history of community service through CBBQA projects
  • A history of competition (as a cook, judge, or rep)
  • A history of educational service (training new teams or judges, community education, etc.)

Each year, one or two CBBQA members are nominated by current Hall of Famers for confirmation by the CBBQA Board of Directors.


Current Hall of Fame Members

  • Dan Cannon - Inducted February 10, 2007
  • Gene Goycochea - Inducted February 10, 2007
  • Brent Walton - Inducted February 9, 2008
  • Kim Walton - Inducted February 9, 2008
  • Frank Boyer - Inducted February 14th, 2009
  • Ric Gilbert - Inducted February 14th, 2009


Above, picture taken at Q-Fest 02-14-2009, San Dimas. All California BBQ Association "Hall of Fame" Inductees present.

From the left - Gene Goycochea, Brent & Kim Walton, Frank Boyer, Ric Gilbert, & Dan Cannon

2007 Inaugural Inductee Class

As printed in Smokin' Times, March 2007 editon of National Barbecue News:

Two individuals consistently stand out for their community service, willingness to share and educate, and their longstanding dedication to CBBQA.

Dan Cannon and Gene Goycochea, the first inductees to the CBBQA Hall of Fame, have made their mark successfully competing in BBQ and serve as an example to others of spirit and comradeship.

Dan is a founding member of the Southern California BBQ Association(SCBBQA), the predecessor to CBBQA, where he served twice as president. This organizer of Q-Fest has been both a grand champion and a reserve grand champion of past KCBS competitions. Dan has volunteered countless times to help serve and assist at charity events.

Gene Goycochea is another founding member of SCBBQA and has taken on the presidency 2-1/2 times. He is both a rep and an instructor. A skilled cooker, he has placed 1st in brisket at the American Royal. He is best known, however, for his dedication to children’s charities having organized many events including the Imperial Beach Surf & Turf the proceeds of which are donated to young children in need.

Both men started competing in BBQ at the same time so it is appropriate that they were both inducted together to the CBBQA Hall of Fame.


10-Feb-2007, Gene Goycochea (Left) and Dan Cannon (Middle) are inducted into California BBQ Hall of Fame by Thom Emery, CBBQA 2007 President

2008 Inductee Class

Brent Walton and Kim Walton are inducted into California BBQ Association Hall of Fame by current members Gene Goycochea and Dan Cannon. Both Brent and Kim were equally acknowledged for their skills and individual accomplishments in the BBQ community over the last six years. Brent and Kim, as BBQ team QN4U, have set an unprecedented award winning pace in the west coast world of BBQ. They have served on the CBBQA board, created state championship BBQ contests in Modesto and Clovis California, put together and attended Military charitable events, won more State championships than any other team in California, and provided BBQ Competition classes to teach all involved in BBQ how to accomplish what they have learned to do so well. AND, that does not begin to touch on the positive attitude and results they have brought to the California BBQ community overall (not to mention the country) through all of their extensive BBQ educational, competition, charitable, and community service activities. In general they have made a name and reputation for BBQ excellence throughout the United States. Together they have created a new level of BBQ achievement and excellence that we all can aspire to and work towards.

Congratulations to both Brent and Kim for their tremendous dedication and commitment to BBQ and this well deserved salutation.


9-Feb-2008, Brent Walton (red shirt) & Kim Walton (red shirt), are inducted into the California BBQ Hall of Fame by current members Gene Goycochea (Black shirt) & Dan Cannon (White shirt)

2009 Inductee Class

Frank Boyer and Ric Gilbert are inducted into California BBQ Association Hall of Fame by current members Gene Goycochea, Dan Cannon, Brent Walton (Kim Walton was detained on business in Clovis California).


14-Feb-2009, Frank Boyer being inducted into the Califoria BBQ Hall of Fame

Above Frank is fully acknowledged for his skills and individual accomplishments in the BBQ community well over the last two decades. Per Frank's acceptance his history goes back to the early 1990's. Frank is a true pioneer in the creation, development, and implementation, of BBQ growth and activities in California. Working and partnering with folks to create BBQ events, BBQ classes, and BBQ activities in California when nobody else even knew what real BBQ was. Frank served early on as one of the founding Presidents of the CBBQA, created & organized some of the first state championship BBQ contests in California, put together BBQ Cooking classes with legends like Paul Kirk and other great BBQ pioneers to provide BBQ Competition classes. Frank also organizes a yearly Northern California CBBQA Picnic to teach all involved (beginners & experts) in BBQ how to cook great backyard BBQ or win a BBQ contest. Here is a long overdue congratulations and well deserved Hall of Fame induction presented to Frank for his commitment, dedication, tenacity, and commitment, to BBQ and the BBQ family and community.


14-Feb-2009, Ric Gilbert being inducted into the Califoria BBQ Hall of Fame

Also, above Ric is being acknowledged for his selfless dedication towards charitable events, BBQ organizational skills, educational efforts, and individual accomplishments in the BBQ community over the last decade that benefits everybody he makes contact with. Ric stated in his acceptance that he started in the BBQ community at the Pasa Tiempo California State BBQ Championship organized by Frank Boyer in late 1990's. Ric is truly dedicated to the continuance of charitable activities, organized educational contests and events, and in keeping a tradition and history of planned events and activities occurring yearly in Northern California. This of course only facilitates the growth of BBQ and related charitable activities in California. Congratulations to Ric Gilbert for his commitment, selflessness, dedication, and commitment to BBQ for this well deserved Hall of Fame induction.

Congratulations to all new inductees and continued success in your BBQ accomplishments !!!

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