Brentwood Cook Off & Car Show

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Brentwood Cook Off & Car Show

California State Championship

Saturday, August 10, 2013

This is a KCBS certified FIRST year Master 4-meat event, only 15 pro teams needed to be a qualifier

Compete for $ 4000 In Prize Money

4 Meat KCBS sanctioned contest

3 Meat Backyard contest

Chili Cookoff - Winner take all - $500

===CHILI=== Everyone has an automatic entry into the Chili Competition with their team entry. Each team will be provided a 40 oz container with lid to turn in to the judges. Teams are encouraged to make extra chili and use it as a BBQ tasting with the 5 oz cups and spoons provided to teams for 2-3 oz public tastings. CBJ's will be doing the judging for the Chili competition. As with the other cash prizes this year, the winner will be required to complete a W-9 and will have their check mailed to them within 7 days.

Contact / Event Organizer

Steve Laroche 925-586-5074,

This is a Family Friendly event, with lots for the family to do. There will be no alcohol sold at event. If teams bring their own please keep it in their own sites.

Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new!

Y'all know I'm helping the organizer, so feel free to email/PM/FB me with any questions too! Tracy Allen -

Vending to the Public

If teams have BBQ related products that they wish to sell to the public they are welcome to do so!

Please note that it is suggested that all teams vend at least 100-150 BBQ samples of at least 2 oz size. Each individual sample should be ONE ticket (ie. one rib = 1 ticket) but you can provide a combo type of sample with three items for 3 tickets, etc. You may vend any food or drink EXCEPT Pizza and Water.

Organizers will be providing serving boats, styrofoam cups and spoons for chili and napkins. Any additional items needed bring yourself.

WHILE THE VENUE HAS A BLANKET TFF FOR THE EVENT, it is mandatory that all teams provide their own pop up tent if they are serving food. The venue has also asked teams to follow standard food safety guidlines, including having a certified Fire Extinguisher visible for inspection.


LOCATION: – 6651 Lone Tree Way, Brentwood, CA 94513 Google Map

Teams will be on a gravel lot. Please plan accordingly. BRING YOUR OWN SHADE!

POWER: There is no power available this year. Looking forward to having power available for next year.

SITE SIZE: 10 X 20, but plenty of room if you need more note on application or contact organizer Steve Laroche

ICE: Ice is available across the street for .99 cents for 10lbs!

PETS: Pets are welcome, keep leashed during event

Entry Forms


Team Entry Form

For KCBS rules and regulations go to

Certified BBQ Judges

BBQ Judging Application


PRO TEAMS load in begins FRIDAY August 9th AT 9AM

Meat Inspections and boxes will be available beginning with load in on Friday, when KCBS Representative Lori Lopp arrives (around 10AM Friday).

Backyard GRILL-OFF TEAMS load in begins on Saturday August 10th at 6AM


The event organizers are hosting a FREE dinner for the Pro teams at 6 pm on Friday night.

The Pro Teams Cooks meeting will be at 7 pm, after Dinner on Friday evening

PRO BBQ turn in times

Chicken - 11:30 noon

Ribs - 12 noon

Pork - 12:30 pm

Brisket - 1:00 pm

Chili Turn In

Chili - 1:30 pm


The Backyard 3-meat cooks meeting will be at 8AM on Saturday

Backyard Grill-Off BBQ turn in times are

Chicken - 2 pm

Tri Tip - 2:15 pm

Ribs - 2:30 pm

Teams Confirmed

  1. Bowling Over Pigs - Chuck Collondrez, Brentwood, CA
  2. Pork Dynasty - Jon Davis, Antioch, CA
  3. Porktera - Frank Portera, Morgan Hill, CA
  4. Bad S BBQ - Ryan T. Pang, Sunnyvale, CA
  5. - Gene LaMar
  6. - Sherri L Bouslog, Antioch, CA
  7. - Martin Jenkins, Roseville, CA
  8. - Rashad Andrews, Oakland, CA
  9. SOS or 2B2S ?? - Victoria M. Galiste, Tracy, CA
  10. - Sherri Coigny, Pittsburg, CA
  11. Big B's Down N' Dirty - Bill Souza, Pacifica, CA
  12. - Rhonda Hielckert, Dublin, CA
  13. - Raymond McAuley, Antioch, CA
  14. Smokin' BBQ Addicts - Stoney Meagher, Milpitas, CA
  15. Smokehouse 10 - Dave Tendick, Martinez, CA
  16. Kaptain Kaveman BBQ -
  17. Beans & Bones BBQ -

Teams Expected

Grill-Off Teams Confirmed

  1. Phil Musil
  2. Robert F Moglia
  3. Glenn Rucker
  4. Ken Leverich
  5. Joseph Michael Rodriquez
  6. Alfred James Carrero Jr.
  7. Allyson Walther
  8. Bert Norcross
  9.  ???
  10.  ???

Judges Confirmed

  1. Charles Brandy - CBJ
  2. Bob Lehner - CBJ
  3. Clyde Hammond - CBJ
  4. Einar Anderson - CBJ
  5. Karen Anderson - CBJ
  6. Greg Roberson - CBJ
  7. Mark R. Williams - CBJ
  8. Kay Spencer - CBJ
  9. Paul Brown - MCBJ
  10. Peggy Brown - MCBJ
  11. Kim Robles - CBJ
  12. Paul Robles - CBJ
  13. Julie Poe Menge - CBJ
  14. Ian Schmidt - CBJ
  15. Tracy Allen - MCBJ
  16. Jim Davis - CBJ
  17. Anna Stockel - CBJ (7/31/13)
  18. Pam Hares - CBJ
  19. Todd Yates - CBJ
  20. Steven Salinas - CBJ
  21. Aaron Staines - CBJ
  22. Mario Sabalvarro - CBJ
  23. Laura Manion - CBJ
  24. Lori Lieneke - CBJ
  25. Garry Wilson - CBJ

KCBS - Pro Division & Chili Cook Off Guaranteed Payout: $4000

Grand Champion $ 350 + Trophy

Reserve Grand Champion $ 150 + Trophy

Each Pro Meat Category

1st $ 350 + Trophy

2nd $ 175 + Trophy

3rd $ 100 + Trophy

4th $ 75 + Medal

5th $ 50 + Medal

Chili Cook Off - Winner Take All $ 500 + Trophy

Backyard Cook Off Division

Grand Champion - Trophy

Reserve Grand Champion - Trophy

Each Meat Category

1st - Medal

2nd - Ribbon

3rd - Ribbon


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