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5th Annual Bakersfield’s Biggest Baddest BBQ Championship

Date - May 17 & 18, 2013 Friday Night Kick-off 5:00 – 9pm

Place - Kern County Fairgrounds 1142 So. P Street Bakersfield, CA 93307

PRIZE $$$ $10,500 in CASH plus awards

Website -

Email -

As always, all of the net proceeds go to our local charities: JJ's Legacy and Mendiburu Magic Foundation

Special News

Paying through 10th place!

As you may already know, the 5th Annual Bakersfield's Biggest Baddest BBQ Championship, has once again been selected to be an automatic qualifying event to the 2013 World Food Championships! They are looking forward to the second year of inviting hundreds of competitors out to the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, to compete for fame and a piece of the $300,000 prize purse!

We will also do our Kid's Que again this year. So bring the future of BBQ to try their luck!

Team Information

Howdy from B’Town, Are you ready for some great competition? We are!!! We are looking forward to the 5th year with the best competition teams in the nation.

Location: Kern County Fair Grounds, 1142 S P Street, Bakersfield, CA 93307

Entrance: Belle Terrace Gate – approximately 500 feet East of the corner of P Street and Belle Terrace (look for the BBQ flag) at the Northwest corner of the Fair Grounds

Time: Friday after 8:00 am

Exception: 1st 12 teams – come in on Thursday night at 5:00 pm – requirement (we will have live TV coverage) that you must be cooking something by 5:00 am Friday morning (ouch) PLEASE CONFIRM BY EMAIL

Space: all spaces are 20 x 40 and first come, first to be placed

Exception: teams that have requested 50 amp power

You will receive a welcome bag upon arrival with instructions for the weekend, including 5 wrist bands (must have to re-enter starting Saturday morning) and extras will be $10, a green flag to put out for meat inspection

Please make sure to follow KCBS rules for your site (i.e. meat, ash dump, wash station, fire extinguisher, etc.)

KCBS will bring the 9x9 boxes around to your sites on Friday

Extra parking for both RV’s and autos will be in the East parking lot

Tri tip: for the teams that entered the $500 winner take all; we will provide the tri tip to prepare; turn in at 5:00 pm judges tent; we will provide the 9x9 box (use KCBS rules)

Pot luck dinner: 6:00 pm at the judges tent

Mandatory Team meeting: 7:00 pm at the judges tent

Saturday turn in times:

12:00 pm – chicken

12:30 pm – ribs

1:00 pm – pork

1:30 pm Brisket

Best team site will be judged after last turn in

4:00 pm awards

All sites will have 20 amp power (unless you requested 50 amp)

We will have ice available – $5

Water available along East fence

Ash dump will be by the entrance gate – marked “ash only”

We want you to enjoy yourselves and have a great time. We wish success to all of you because without you, we could not have the great time that we have enjoyed for the last 4 years.

Bakersfield loves you all! Thank you. Have a blessed day!

Turn In Time Friday

5:00 pm Tritip

Pot Luck Dinner

6:00 pm

Madatory Team Meeting

7:00 pm

Turn In Times Saturday

12:00 pm - Chicken

12:30 pm - Ribs

1:00 pm - Pork

1:30 pm - Brisket


GC - $2,500

RGC - $1,500

1st place - $500

2nd place - $400

3rd place - $300

4th place - $200

5th place - $100

6th thru 7th - $75

8th thru 10th - $50


  1. Burnin and Lootin
  2. Too Ashamed to Name BBQ
  3. Ridge Route Boys
  4. 7K - BBQ
  5. BLQUE Cuttin Edge QN
  6. Big Poppa Smokers
  7. 7 Sins BBQ
  8. Cowboys Smokin' Hot BBQ
  9. Royal Smokin' Hot BBQ
  10. A Dose of Smoke
  11. Barrely Smokin'
  12. Bakersfield Smoke
  13. Karnivorous
  14. Smoqued California BBQ
  15. Bucket O' Bones BBQ
  16. Pig Love
  17. Bakersfield's Hot and Smokin BBQ
  18. Hot and Smokin Catering
  19. Hog Island Pitmasters
  20. Casual Smokers
  21. Who's Smokin Now
  22. Baby Got Rack Smokers
  23. Bite Me BBQ Bakersfield
  24. All Sauced Up
  25. Money's Cookin
  26. El Cowboy & the Cajun
  27. My Smokin Grillfriend
  28. Crime Scene
  29. Tropical Heat BBQ
  30. Piggy D's BBQ
  31. Team Enoserv
  32. Big B's Down-N-Dirty BBQ
  33. Makin' It Wild
  34. Butcher's Daughter
  35. Son of Smoke
  36. All Hogs Go To Heaven
  37. Bowling Over Pigs
  38. Smokey Luv BBQ
  39. Black Hole BBQ
  40. Porkchop + Bubba's BBQ
  41. BBQ Babes
  42. Rednecks with Fire
  43. Woody's Bar-B-Que
  44. All Fired Up
  45. Dads Doing What They Love BBQ
  46. Smokey Rubinson
  47. Hot Heaven Sauces
  48. Larry & Susan's BBQ
  49. Pirates of the Pig
  50. Daddy O's Smokin' BBQ
  51. Bill's Best BBQ
  52. The Pit Crew BBQ
  53. Cecil's Smokin' BBQ
  54. The Smoking Dopes
  55. Poppa Naps BBQ
  56. T&J Backyard BBQ
  57. Big Denweed's Smokehouse
  58. Chicken Butt BBQ Utah
  59. Left Coast Q
  60. ZZYZX Bar B Q
  61. Pickled Pellet Heads
  62. Big Hat BBQ
  63. Steel n Smoke
  64. Mean O Mister
  65. PaPa Roy's BBQ


  1. Mike Markowitz
  2. Todd Yates
  3. Chris Wadden
  4. Susan Wadden
  5. Eric Engbrecht
  6. Steve Engbrecht
  7. James Hare
  8. Tony Boone
  9. Pete Aragon
  10. Sherry Aragon
  11. Scott Simpson
  12. David Ball
  13. Diana McDonald
  14. Tim McDonald
  15. Yomi Famuyiwa
  16. Allyn Medeiros
  17. Matthew Bishop
  18. Kimberly Robles
  19. Paul Robles
  20. Clay Collup
  21. Dan Diaz
  22. Kevin Davis
  23. Christine Davis
  24. Jeff Hutcherson
  25. Dan Dinan
  26. Casey Zaragosa
  27. John H Angrove Jr
  28. Jim Beaty
  29. Stoney Mather
  30. Scott Kuklin
  31. Twila Knaack
  32. Jennifer Reed
  33. Rob Reed
  34. Joe Handler
  35. Peter Zeman
  36. Robert Ward
  37. Dale Lamason
  38. Jon Thomas
  39. Stef Donev
  40. Maria Schweer
  41. Scott Cox
  42. Debra Cox
  43. Russ Alford
  44. Daniel Dod
  45. Clayton Dewberry
  46. Walter Margetich
  47. Michael Santiago
  48. Sherry Berry
  49. Wil Norman
  50. Gary Frazier
  51. Garry Wilson
  52. Karen Stouffer
  53. Robert Stouffer
  54. Jaime Quintana
  55. Steve Alvarez
  56. Merrialyce Alvarez
  57. Ken Marshall
  58. Matthew Bader
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