Best of the Best BBQ Championship and Boat Show

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Date: May 3rd 2014

Location: Lake Elsinore Boat Launch


Prize $$ $8,000 CASH

GC- $2,000
RGC- $user posted image0


  1. st-$350
  2. nd-$250
  3. rd-$200
  4. th-$150
  5. th-$150
  6. th-$100
  7. th-$100
 This event is at the Lake Elsinore Boat launch, every one has electricity and water at their site, same place as end of the year contest, each team has their own rv park space, full showers and toilets. Event in May is in conjunction with a 2nd Annual Boat Show.. This event attracts about 2,000 people so when combined with a BBQ this time around in May, we are expecting crowds rivaling the Wildomar event of last year. Please plan your PC accordingly.

Entry Forms


Teams Confirmed

In no particular order -

  1. Desperado- Steve Botkin- CA
  2. Burnin and Lootin- Jerry Aguilar-CA
  3. Knock Ur Sox Off- Kim Moore- CA
  4. Porketeers- Dennis McGrath- CA
  5. Hog Heaven Sauces- Ira Pupko- CA
  6. Cool Grillings- Mike Pagel- CA
  7. Grill of his Dreams- John Kreton- CA
  8. Master of Disaster- Andy Soto- CA
  9. Simply Marvelous- Stephan Franklin- CA
  10. Tropical BBQ- Xiomara Hall- CA
  11. Funtime BBQ- Benny Adauto-CA
  12. Big Poppa Smokers- Sterling Ball- CA
  13. Money Smoke & Beer- James Beeson- CA
  14. Lady of Q- Sylvie Curry- CA
  15. Pete's Firehouse BBQ- Peter Lent- CA
  16. Bowling Over Pigs- Chuck C- CA
  17. JD's Lipsmacking Smokers- JD McIntosh- CA
  18. Smoke Hound BBQ- Mike Brady- CA
  19. Devil Dogs BBQ- Jeremy Putts- CA
  20. Ridge Route Boys BBQ- Curtis Trigueiro- CA
  21. ZZYZX- Bar B Q- Jason Miranda- CA
  22. Pork Belly's BBQ- Jerry McCray- CA
  23. The TattoedPig- Matt Claborn- CA
  24. Bear's BBQ- Chris Viscont- CA
  25. Smokin it up BBQ- Ray Hartoog- CA
  26. All Hogs Sauced Up- Steve Madaule- CA

Teams Expected



Friday Evening

This is where to sign up for the Friday evening potluck. We will be needing main dishes, sides, desserts, etc.


Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion



Pork Ribs



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