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Courtesy of Bill Wright

Originally posted on CBBQA Website April 26, 2001 Re-formatted for Wiki July 2007

Bill Wight's famous BBQ FAQ has been added to the cbbqa website.

Bill Wight is the long-time CBBQA member who edited the BBQ FAQ.

He has authorized CBBQA to include the FAQ on its website.

Table of Contents


FAQ means "frequently asked questions". FAQ contain basic information about a subject and are commonly used on the Internet in discussion groups and mailing lists so that new subscribers can read the FAQ before asking basic questions. There are thousands of FAQ on the Internet and deal with almost every subject.

In the world of barbecue, the BBQ FAQ is the best known and most often referenced authority for barbecue information. It is the standard resource for barbecue veterans and novices alike.

The BBQ FAQ is a compilation and summary of frequently asked questions and answers which were posted to the Rick Thead BBQ List by subscribers. What makes the BBQ FAQ so important is that Bill Wight edited it carefully to include the answers of the unquestioned leaders of the barbecue world, like Danny Gaulden, Billy Maynard, Kit Anderson, and many, many other pitmasters of the first degree.

The BBQ FAQ is edited and maintained by Bill Wight. The most recent version of the BBQ FAQ is version 2.0, which Bill Wight issued on June 10, 1998.

The BBQ FAQ has been imported into the cbbqa website without changing its design. This was done so that members can access the BBQ FAQ immediately. During the next several week, however, the web designers will alter the look of the FAQ so that it is even more user-friendly.

Update History

Version 1.0 issued September 21, 1997

Version 2.0 issued June 10, 1998

This document is a compilation and summary of frequently asked questions and answers posted to the Rick Thead BBQ List. We hope this list of questions and answers will help you improve your barbecue skills. This FAQ was edited and is maintained by Bill Wight. Please direct comments, corrections or suggested additions to: bill_wight_ca*AT*yahoo*DOT*com (change the caps to symbols and removed the stars).

© Copyright 1997-1998 William W. Wight. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this document as long as it is copied and distributed in its entirety with the contributor's names and this copyright notice intact.

Credit is given for each answer provided in this document where the author was known. Special thanks for extra effort goes to Ed Pawlowski, Harry Jiles, Danny Gaulden, Rick Day, Jeff Lipsitt, Billy Maynard aka Belly, Rodney Leist, Kit Anderson, David Westebbe aka EskWIRED, David Klose, Rick Otto, Tom Kelly and Garry Howard.

The embedded Mini-FAQ is mainly the work of Ed Pawlowski.

BBQ List FAQ Team consists of the following members: Ed Pawlowski, Lloyd Carver, Tom Kelly, Garry Howard, Rock McNelly, Rodney Leist, Dan Gill, Vince Vielhaber, Alex Baker and Bill Wight.

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