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Bakersfield Biggest Baddest BBQ Championship

KCBS Sactioned / CBBQA ToY 4 Meat contest; charity fund raiser

Live concert Friday 6:00pm to 9:00pm: The Beagles, Kim McAbee, John Owens & Buckshot, Brandon Cash, Marty Haggard;

Saturday includes: BBQ judging and awards, kids zone with bounce houses, face painting, horse rides, petting zoo & pictures, Smokin' Gun, Kim McAbee & 7th Standard, Aaron Benward, Brian McComas, Bradey Seals, All-Star Dance Academy, American Cheer

Pay out: Grand Champion - $500 Reserve Grand Champion - $250 All Categories: 1st - $125, 2nd - $100, 3rd - $75, 4th - $50, 5th - $25; Awesome trophies for all places outlined above (wait until you see them!!!) Awards will be presented on main stage at 3:00

Meat Inspection upon set-up (will receive flag to put out when ready)

Food permit covered by CMN

Please submit the requested Pork Butt and Brisket at the same time your judging meat comes off the grill - Thank you!

Cooks pasta dinner 6:00pm Friday night and cooks meeting at 7:00pm - south stage area

A BIG thank you to Thom Emery for all of your guidance in preparing for this event!


June 5-6, 2009;

Gates open for BBQ'rs 8:00am to 4:00pm on Friday; Out of park by 7:00pm on Saturday;

Public gate opens at 5:00pm to 9:00pm for concert Friday night;

Public gate open 11:00am to 6:00pm on Saturday;

Judging schedule for Saturday: 12:00 - Chicken; 12:30 - Ribs; 1:00 - Pork; 1:30 - Brisket;

Awards at 3:00pm - main stage;


Stramler Park; 3805 Chester Avenue Bakersfield, CA 93301

15' x 30' space for RV & BBQ; power available;

set-up on grass; additional parking very close; water; gray water and ash dump on site facility map posted on website

Event Website

click here

Teams Registered

All teams confirmed - WE ARE FULL! Thank you!

Dawgnawt BBQ

All Hogs Go To Heaven

CaliBama BBQ

Bird's Pit Crew

Spices, Smoke 'n Song

Don't Hate the '08


Bill's Best BBQ

Mario's Fine Food Ideas

Tropical Heat BBQ

Sin City Smokers

Rusty Barrel BBQ

Up in Smoke BBQ Team

Larry & Susan's BBQ

Funtime BBQ

Who's Laughing Now BBQ

Pook & J's BBQ

Bakersfield Smokers

Pappy's "Down South" BBQ

Daddy O's Smokin' BBQ

BBQ Magic

Texas Marshall's BBQ

Fabious' Corner Best BBQ

All Sauced Up

Bite Me BBQ

Big Daddy's Q'n Crew

Smitty's Smoke Patrol

Master of Disaster

Rib Tickler BBQ

House of BBQ

Walley & Beavs Pit

Brazen BBQ


Champs BBQ

Backstreet BBQ

Slap Yo Daddy BBQ

Judges registered

Be at judges area by 10:00am on Saturday morning

Judging starts at 12:00pm sharp

Gene Goycochea & John Hunt - KCBS contest representatives

Michael Markowitz,

John Jimenez,

Ben Lobenstein,

Nathan Stein,

Dan Drogichen,

Ann Hoeppner,

Kristin Meredith,

Bentley Meredith,

Marcel Fortin,

Carl Schroeder,

Grant Goldberg,

Scott Shelton,

Fred Hayward,

Jerry Hufford,

Ben Karr,

Sylvia Curry,

Gary McDow,

Jeff Kaye,

Cynthia Sell,

Rex Sell,

Ed Gregory,

Scott Kuklin,

Jeff Hutcherson,

Fred Schell,

Jillian Briscoe,

Gregory McMillan,

Jerry Hufford,

Merv Crist,

Ed Rowlings,

Cyndee Rowlings,

Siemmy Chuuon,

John Dabgovich,

Ronnie Herbert,

Alex Ruiz,

Kyle Smith,

Herb Benham,

Lensi Contreras,

Dr. Pat McConnel,

Cal Stead,

Ben Cude

All judges confirmed



1 Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ

2 Brazen BBQ

3 Tropical Heat BBQ

4 All Hogs Go To heaven

5 QN4U

6 Rib Tickler BBQ

7 Pappy's Down South" BBQ"

8 Big Daddy's Q'n Crew

9 BBQ Magic

10 Smitty's Smoke Patrol

11 All Sauced Up

12 Texas Marshall's BBQ

13 House of BBQ

14 Tops BBQ

15 Spices, Smoke 'n Song

16 Bill's Best BBQ

17 Daddy O's Smokin' BBQ

18 Funtime BBQ

19 Fabious' Corner Best BBQ

20 Who's Laughing Now BBQ

21 Rusty Barrel BBQ

22 Bird's Pit crew

23 Sin City Smokers

24 Larry & Susan's BBQ

25 CaliBama BBQ

26 Backstreet BBQ

27 Bite Me BBQ

28 Master of Disaster

29 Don't Hate The '08

30 Dawnnawt BBQ

31 Big Denweeds Friendly Ca

32 Up In Smoke BBQ Team

33 Marios Fine Food Ideas

34 Pook & J's BBQ

35 Walley & Beavs Pit


1 QN4U

2 Tops BBQ

3 Brazen BBQ

4 Spices, Smoke 'n Song

5 Rib Tickler BBQ

6 Smitty's Smoke Patrol

7 House of BBQ

8 BBQ Magic

9 Big Daddy's Q'n Crew

10 Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ

11 All Sauced Up

12 Tropical Heat BBQ

13 All Hogs Go To heaven

14 Texas Marshall's BBQ

15 Fabious' Corner Best BBQ

16 Rusty Barrel BBQ

17 Bill's Best BBQ

18 Funtime BBQ

19 Backstreet BBQ

20 Dawnnawt BBQ

21 Who's Laughing Now BBQ

22 Master of Disaster

23 Larry & Susan's BBQ

24 Big Denweeds Friendly Ca

25 Don't Hate The '08

26 Daddy O's Smokin' BBQ

27 Pappy's Down South" BBQ"

28 Marios Fine Food Ideas

29 Bite Me BBQ

30 Bird's Pit crew

31 Pook & J's BBQ

32 Sin City Smokers

33 CaliBama BBQ

34 Up In Smoke BBQ Team

Pork Ribs

1 Tropical Heat BBQ

2 All Sauced Up

3 Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ

4 QN4U

5 Bill's Best BBQ

6 Brazen BBQ

7 All Hogs Go To heaven

8 Spices, Smoke 'n Song

9 Big Daddy's Q'n Crew

10 Tops BBQ

11 Big Denweeds Friendly Ca

12 Daddy O's Smokin' BBQ

13 BBQ Magic

14 Larry & Susan's BBQ

15 Pappy's Down South" BBQ"

16 Don't Hate The '08

17 Rib Tickler BBQ

18 Up In Smoke BBQ Team

19 Texas Marshall's BBQ

20 Smitty's Smoke Patrol

21 Sin City Smokers

22 Marios Fine Food Ideas

23 CaliBama BBQ

24 Dawnnawt BBQ

25 Fabious' Corner Best BBQ

26 Bird's Pit crew

27 Master of Disaster

28 Backstreet BBQ

29 Walley & Beavs Pit

30 House of BBQ

31 Rusty Barrel BBQ

32 Funtime BBQ

33 Bite Me BBQ

34 Pook & J's BBQ

35 Who's Laughing Now BBQ


1 Brazen BBQ

2 Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ

3 Rib Tickler BBQ

4 All Hogs Go To heaven

5 BBQ Magic

6 Texas Marshall's BBQ

7 Rusty Barrel BBQ

8 Tropical Heat BBQ

9 House of BBQ

10 Bite Me BBQ

11 Bill's Best BBQ

12 Up In Smoke BBQ Team

13 Smitty's Smoke Patrol

14 Big Denweeds Friendly Ca

15 Pappy's Down South" BBQ"

16 Funtime BBQ

17 Who's Laughing Now BBQ

18 Fabious' Corner Best BBQ

19 Backstreet BBQ

20 All Sauced Up

21 Big Daddy's Q'n Crew

22 Bird's Pit crew

23 Don't Hate The '08

24 QN4U

25 CaliBama BBQ

26 Sin City Smokers

27 Pook & J's BBQ

28 Master of Disaster

29 Daddy O's Smokin' BBQ

30 Spices, Smoke 'n Song

31 Tops BBQ

32 Marios Fine Food Ideas

33 Larry & Susan's BBQ

34 Dawnnawt BBQ


1 Pappy's Down South" BBQ"

2 Tropical Heat BBQ

3 Who's Laughing Now BBQ

4 Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ

5 Brazen BBQ

6 All Hogs Go To heaven

7 Daddy O's Smokin' BBQ

8 Rib Tickler BBQ

9 CaliBama BBQ

10 Dawnnawt BBQ

11 Smitty's Smoke Patrol

12 QN4U

13 Big Daddy's Q'n Crew

14 Sin City Smokers

15 Funtime BBQ

16 Larry & Susan's BBQ

17 House of BBQ

18 Bird's Pit crew

19 Tops BBQ

20 Up In Smoke BBQ Team

21 BBQ Magic

22 Bite Me BBQ

23 All Sauced Up

24 Texas Marshall's BBQ

25 Spices, Smoke 'n Song

26 Fabious' Corner Best BBQ

27 Pook & J's BBQ

28 Master of Disaster

29 Rusty Barrel BBQ

30 Marios Fine Food Ideas

31 Backstreet BBQ

32 Bill's Best BBQ

33 Don't Hate The '08

34 Big Denweeds Friendly Ca

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