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CBBQA Children’s Charities to Benefit From American Smoke Viewing Party

By Steve Wilson

November 16, 2013

Riverside, CA

Saturday night, November 16th, CBBQA was very fortunate to host the West Coast premiere viewing of the new Competition BBQ documentary “American Smoke.” Fifty guests started the evening with an outstanding potluck dinner. There were so many choices, from amazing Tri-Tip to some incredible Pork Loin, Lasagna, Mac and Cheese, ABT’s and so much more. And then there were the desserts; it was a bad day to start a diet. It was all so delicious. Thank you to all that participated.

After the potluck we were escorted to the viewing room where our host, Paul Richardson, introduced Mitch Csanadi and Jer Rouse, the producers from Dirt Productions, the film makers for “American Smoke.” Mitch is also a competition BBQ Pitmaster, and he gave us a brief introduction to the film and why he made it, focusing on his perceptions of the camaraderie and brotherhood that make up competition BBQ. After his introduction, we all watched the 90-minute documentary.

I thought it was a great event. It was like watching a step-by-step training manual to what a team can expect when they enter a competition BBQ. The film took footage from six contests from the producer’s home area, in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and parts Maryland. I don’t want to spoil your future viewing of this great film, so I won’t go into the content, but if you are a fan of BBQ, you need to see this great film. You can pick up a copy of the film by going to their website: I highly recommend it, it was great.

After the viewing, Mitch answered questions from the audience. We had a strong showing from the judging brotherhood, particularly from our Master Judges. I think all new judges need to see this film so they can see how much time, effort and expertise it takes to produce the “Q” teams turn-in at a contest.

CBBQA asked for a $12 dollar donation, per person, for the evening. $705.00 was raised that will help support our Association’s commitment to Children’s Charities in California. Thank you again to everyone for your support of this wonderful evening.

A special shout out to Paul Richardson and his family for setting up this event and managing it from start to finish. Thank you to Kelly & Kathleen McIntosh for getting so many judges to come to the event. And Thanks to Mitch & Jer for their great film.

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