AVI Resort & Casino Music Brews & BBQ

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Organizer: Contact Skip & Cheryl Ramsden at info@musicbrewsbbq.com
Organizer: Contact Skip & Cheryl Ramsden at info@musicbrewsbbq.com
[http://musicbrewsbbq.com/avieventinfo/ AVI information]
[http://musicbrewsbbq.com/avieventinfo/ Avi information]
[http://www.avicasino.com/ AVI Resort & Casino Website]
[http://www.avicasino.com/ Avi Resort & Casino Website]

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AVI Resort & Casino Music Brews & BBQ


Dates: September 26/28th 2013

Location / Google Map

Organizer: Contact Skip & Cheryl Ramsden at info@musicbrewsbbq.com

Avi information

Avi Resort & Casino Website


Judges Multi Event Application

Avi Team Entry Form

Team Multi Entry Form Avi & Lake Havasu


With one of our 452 newly renovated rooms, including 29 spa suites, you are welcomed the moment you walk through the door. Say goodbye to the old bedspreads and slip into one of our freshly top-sheeted beds that ensures you get a fresh and relaxed sleeping experience every night of your stay. Our comfortable beds will invite you as soon as you walk through the door to lie down and relax while watching our new 32” HD flat panel T.V.’s. Whether you are going out for a special event or to just relax around the property you can insure you look your best with one of our full length mirrors. After waking up fresh and relaxed sit in one of our over-stuffed chairs and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee made especially by you in one of our in-room coffee makers. If you’re looking for a new and relaxing experience make your reservations today! - See more at:

AVI Hotel Room Booking Page

Prize Money

Information coming soon

Rules & Regs

Information coming soon

Teams Confirmed

Paid and Ready to Rock

  1. Smokey Hayes BBQ, AZ.
  2. Sweet Pete's BBQ, AZ.
  3. Big Poppa Smokers, CA.
  4. Qued Up, AZ.
  5. Bad Boyz BBQ, AZ.
  6. Fork U BBQ, AZ.
  7. Pope's Backyard BBQ, NV.
  8. This Butts For You, AZ.
  9. Loot N' Booty, AZ.
  10. Ranch 13 BBQ, AZ
  11. Out To Smoke Ya, AZ.
  12. Vic's BBQ, AZ.
  13. Smokin' Mo's BBQ, CA.
  14. The Cowboy Way, AZ.
  15. Bubba's BBQ, AZ.
  16. DJ's Smokin' BBQ,NM
  17. Refined Redneck BBQ, NV.
  18. Satisfied Hogs, NV.
  19. The Rib Doctor, CA.
  20. The Hideout's Well Hung-Over BBQ Team, AZ.


List and application coming soon

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