6th Annual Vista Q Classic

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KCBS State Championship, CBBQA Team of the Year Event

$12500 PRIZE FUND (with 60 paid teams or more)

$10000 PRIZE FUND (less than 60 paid teams)

Prize Break Down

GC: $2200 + free entry for 2015 contest (non-transferable) INCREASES WITH 60 TEAMS

RGC: $1700 + 1/2 entry fees for 2015 contest (non-transferable) INCREASES WITH 60 TEAMS

3rd Overall: $8 00

4th Overall: $700

5th Overall: $600

6th Overall: $500

7th Overall: $400

8th Overall: $300

9th Overall: $200

10th Overall: $100

KCBS Categories (chicken, ribs, pork, brisket) ALL CATEGORY PRIZES INCREASE WITH 60 TEAMS

1st Place: $300

2nd Place: $225

3rd Place: $175

4th Place: $125

5th Place: $100

6th-10th Place: $50


1st Place: $150 2nd Place: $100 3rd Place: $50

Cash Prize Total: $12500

Date: July 25-26, 2014

The Smokin’ Q Classic is an official Kansas City BBQ Society sanctioned event. Teams compete for prize money and trophies.

Hosted by When Pigs Fly BBQ and Artist Eye Events, BBQ teams descend on Historic Downtown Vista Friday afternoon to spend up to 24 hours seasoning, smoking, and grilling their choice cut of meats for competition day. Judges come from states near and far to find out whose BBQ is the best of the best. Our 2014 Teams will compete for a guaranteed $10000 of prize money, KCBS points and trophies. If team participation exceeds 60 or more teams, the Vista Q Classic will award $12500 in prize money.

CONTACT:Dale Ginos

There is something for everyone at the Vista Q Classic! Featured at the Vista Q Classic are 2 oz BBQ Tastes for purchase, a street fair, live entertainment, and a refreshing beer garden.

BBQ Meat n’ Greet Date: Friday, July 25th Time: 5 pm – 8 pm

The public is invited on Friday night to a “BBQ Meat n’ Greet“ to meet our teams first hand and see how they cook up their delectable meats for the following day’s competition. This is a great time to see what goes into competition BBQ and enjoy the downtown area on a Friday night. BBQ Tastes will not be available until Saturday starting at Noon. Featured at the “BBQ Meat n’ Greet” is a local business sidewalk sale with special discounts and live music on the main stage.

Basic Details of Taste of BBQ:

Attendees purchase tickets for $3 each, 4 for $10, or 10 for $20 for a 2 oz. sample; $1.00 per ticket is awarded to your team. Event sponsor will provide taster cups, napkins and forks to all team participants. Further details will be available at the Cooks meeting.

Selling of Items other than Tasting Samples is not permitted

Entry Forms


Vista Q Classic Team Registration

Online Entry Form

$12500 PRIZE FUND with 60 paid teams

$15000 with 75 paid teams


Vista Q Classic Judges Registration

The Website is currently under construction. The below link will get you to my partner's Website, click on "SCHEDULE", scroll down to the "Vista BBQ Classic" event and click on "Vista BBQ Classic Judge Application".

Judge Application

JUDGES CONFIRMED (Listed in the order in which they have been received)

  1. Jeff Johnson
  2. Nico Lievense
  3. Jeff Montgomery
  4. Marcia Montgomery
  5. Bobby Cox
  6. Frank Smith
  7. Steven Terry
  8. Paul Richardson
  9. Vern Vallis
  10. Michael Henson
  11. Randa Lake
  12. Robert Bass
  13. Maryann Bass
  14. Gary Tacket
  15. Craig Wilcken
  16. Cindy Wilcken
  17. Dave Ball
  18. Donna Fong
  19. Robert Hall
  20. Harry Soo
  21. Dennis Smith
  22. Robert Green
  23. Stephen McDaniel
  24. Marsha McDaniel
  25. Greg Sorah
  26. cheryl sorah
  27. Michael McAllister
  28. Patrick Sawyer
  29. Michael Santiago
  30. Rhonda Santiago
  31. Brett McKinney
  32. Terry Hale
  33. Robert Stouffer
  34. James Smitlet
  35. joseph miles
  36. Michel West
  37. Jim Cuzzolina
  38. Joe DeBella
  39. Mike Markowitz
  40. gina andrade
  41. kidd andrade
  42. Elvin Jiles
  43. John Lloyd
  44. Chuck Rosen
  45. Benny Chang
  46. Roscoe Meyers
  47. Brian DeCoud
  48. Erik Stickel
  49. Dawn Anderson
  50. Jason Blackburn
  51. Steve Uhlman
  52. Joanne Uhlman
  53. Michelle Faraoni
  54. Jonathan Moore
  56. Jonathan Cypress
  57. Mike Manley
  58. Paul Robles
  59. Kimberly Robles
  60. Stephen Johnson
  61. Ed Benitez
  62. Joe Cha
  63. Yen Chang
  64. Jeorge Galvan
  65. Carl Ross
  66. Dolly Ross
  67. Charles Ball
  68. James Hare
  69. James Crumpton
  70. Ben Karr
  71. Rosie Karr
  72. Daniel Ronchetti
  73. Gerald Cruce
  74. Bobby Magee
  75. Rick Sherwood
  76. Tim Lockwood
  77. Don West
  78. Jim Kirchner
  79. Danny Cunningham
  80. Wendy Sherwood
  81. Brian Carreiro
  82. Rachel Carreiro
  83. Daryl Combs


  1. David DeMartini
  2. Alaina DeMartini
  3. Dave Eiser
  4. Scott Shimano
  5. Litriana Shimano


Teams Confirmed

In no particular order -

  1. Simply Marvelous BBQ
  2. Big Aces BBQ
  3. Qued Up
  4. Pribs ribs
  5. Pork Bellys BBQ
  6. Wild Willy's
  7. kings cut bbq
  8. Willy's Smoke n' Grill
  9. What Wood Jesus Que?
  10. Lady of Q
  12. Grill of His Dreams
  13. Thank The Lard BBQ
  14. SoCal Smoke
  15. nJECT BBQ
  16. Jet Coatings-Monkey Style
  17. Back Alley BBQ
  18. Pork butt bandits
  19. Woodhouse Barbecue
  20. Porketeers
  22. Bobby Big Pants
  23. BBQ Bolts
  24. Smokin' Rejects!
  25. All Hogs Sauced Up
  26. Soaked In Smoke
  27. South Coast BBQ
  28. Howlin BBQ
  29. Vicious Smoke
  30. Fork in the Beige Pork
  31. Dia de los Puercos
  32. Ridge Route Boys BBQ
  33. Yard Pirate BBQ
  34. The Pit Crew BBQ of SoCal
  35. Mad Dawgz BBQ
  36. Smoke Hound BBQ
  37. Smokin it up bbq
  38. WOODY-Q
  39. Phil The Grill
  40. Twisted Brisket
  41. Devil Dogs BBQ
  42. Meat, Inc
  43. JD's Lipsmakin Smokers
  44. Porterhouse BBQ
  45. Whiskey Girl Barbeque
  46. Meat Candy Q
  47. Burnin and Lootin
  48. Funtime BBQ
  49. Jw hayes
  50. Bear’s-B-Q
  51. Ol' Blue BBQ
  52. Toot & Stinky's Cali-Q
  53. Smokin' Hart's
  54. All About The Q
  55. Rooftop barbeque
  56. Knock UR Sox Off BBQ
  57. Hog Heaven Sauces
  58. Smokin Mo's
  60. My Smokin Grillfriend
  61. Left Coast Q
  62. Slap Yo Daddy
  63. When Pigs Fly

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Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion



Pork Ribs



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