4th Annual Smokin' For Gold

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Smokin' for Gold

California State Championship

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Compete for $ 5000 In Prize Money

4 Meat KCBS sanctioned contest

CBBQA ToY Event In addition to the 4th Annual Smokin' for Gold competition, El Dorado County's "Cowboys and Cornbread" event will be held... featuring the Hangtown Harmonica Championship.

This regional event celebrates country western living and old-fashioned fun at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds in Placerville.

Live music, Cowboy Poetry, Kiddie Corral, Chili Cook Off, Salsa & Cornbread Competitions, Chuckwagon BBQ and Margaritaville and a whole lot more! It is a full day of fun you won’t want to miss. Lots of fun and extra things to do for the entire family.

BBQ competition will be held on the back lawn (as it has for past 3 years), with judging in the Marshall Building (no stairs... just short walk from your BBQ across our lush lawn). Shady camping, HOT showers, ash cans.

Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new!

Location: Placerville Fairgrounds – 100 Placerville Drive, Placerville, CA 95667.

Google Map

DIRECTIONS: Hwy 50 East, exit Placerville Drive/Forni Road, veer right - go back over freeway. Cross over Fair Lane, you will see the fairgrounds on your right and Big O Tires on your left. Take first right onto Armory Rd (just before Shell station). You will see "Blue Gate" entrance at end of Armory Road - enter through that gate. Drive straight down the Main Avenue until you see signs directing you to BBQ set up. Please watch for staff to direct you to your site. We will have a site lay out based on PC, power requirements and size. We will be in the same lawn area as last year. It's close to restrooms AND hot showers. There's a map of the grounds on our website. All grass, shade available, picnic tables. The El Dorado County Fairgrounds is and has been an awesome venue for BBQ contests. In addition to HOT SHOWERS we provide power (bring your extension cords), water (bring hoses and splitter), ash pit, grease pit, commercial kitchen, friendly staff ... and did I mention HOT SHOWERS!!


Electricity is provided. If power is required you must bring your own 100l #12, 3-wire extension cord. Bring your water hose and splitter. Sorry, no RV dump site.

Standard site size

10' x 10' to 10' x 30'. If a larger space is required there is an additional $50 entry fee.


Dogs are allowed in your trailer or RV. If they are out of the trailer, they must remain on a leash. During the times that we are open to the public, dogs must remain in your RV as we do not allow dogs on grounds during events.

The El Dorado Fairgrounds a 501 c3 organization is the promoter of this event.

Entry Forms


BBQ Team Entry Form

For KCBS rules and regulations go to kcbs.com

Certified BBQ Judges

BBQ Judging Application

Check In

All Teams check-in can begin at 9:00am, July 20th.

Meat Inspections will begin at check-in

Cooks Dinner

2 tickets per team given for Cook’s catered dinner Saturday evening at 6pm.

Times may be revised for races.

Additional tickets are $10 and must be requested by July 17th

Cooks Meeting

Cooks meeting will begin at 7:00 pm Saturday evening.

Time may be revised for races.

KCBS BBQ turn in times are

Chicken - 12:00 noon

Ribs - 12:30 pm

Pork - 1:00 pm

Brisket - 1:30 pm

Grill-Off BBQ turn in times are

Tri-Tip 10:30 am

Chicken Wings 11:00 am

Baby Back Ribs 11:30 am

People’s Choice

Tasting starts at 11:30 am for Grill-Off and 1:30 pm for KCBS teams. Taste tickets are for a 2 oz sample of BBQ categories only. Each PERSON purchasing taste tickets will obtain, in addition to tickets purchased, a different colored ticket. After sampling is completed, each person tasting will drop the different colored ticket at their favorite BBQ team booth, in a container provided by Fairgrounds (all tasting tickets will be counted, 50% value collected going back to BBQ team). In addition to the tasting ticket money, the People’s Choice Champion will receive an award along with bragging rights.


This year's People's Choice Winner

Teams Confirmed

  1. The Butcher's Daughter
  2. Big Pig BBQ
  3. Pork Dynasty
  4. Bubba's Rubs BBQ Team
  5. Too Ashamed To Name BBQ Team
  6. Smokey Luv BBQ
  7. Bad 2 The Bone
  8. Meat Hustle BBQ
  9. Hog Island Pitmasters
  10. Smokin' the Bandit
  11. Rolling Bones Traveling BBQ Circus
  12. Pirates of the Pig
  13. Burnt Offerings
  14. Hound Dog BBQ
  15. Pig Love Q
  16. All Star Que
  17. Get Some Saltworks BBQ
  18. Royal Smokin' Hot BBQ
  19. Bowling Over Pigs
  20. Smokers Wild BBQ
  21. Porkterra

Teams Expected

  1. Big O's 2HOT4U BBQ
  2. Chain Smokers
  3. Crime Scene BBQ
  4. Canyon Riders BBQ

Grill-Off Teams Confirmed

  1. Lil Pig BBQ
  2. Heart -n- Soul BBQ
  3. Placerville Polaris & Power Tools BBQ Team

Judges Confirmed

  1. Marcia Moy
  2. Einar Anderson
  3. Karen Anderson
  4. Tom Breitweiser
  5. Brian DeCoud
  6. Michael W. Heinze
  7. Marsha McDaniel
  8. Stephen McDaniel
  9. Christie McKinnon
  10. Rich Brandini
  11. Cameron DeCoud
  12. Kay Spencer
  13. Aaron Staines
  14. Lori Lieneke
  15. Linda Stall-Alexander
  16. Mark Alexander
  17. Dale Zicarelli
  18. Ian Schmidt
  19. Julie Poe Menge
  20. Bob Lehner
  21. Tracy Allen
  22. Paul Brown
  23. Peggy Brown
  24. Todd Yates
  25. Mark R. Williams
  26. Joseph Heflin
  27. Kimberly Robles
  28. Paul Robles
  29. Bill Bain
  30. Butch Richardson

Guaranteed Payout: $5000

Grand Champion $ 1000

Reserve Grand Champion $ 500

Each Meat Category

1st $ 300

2nd $ 250

3rd $ 175

4th $ 100

5th $ 50


Overall GRAND CHAMPION: Bowling over Pigs 669.0972



  1. Bowling Over Pigs
  2. Royal Smokin' Hot BBQ
  3. Pork Dynasty
  4. Lil' Pig BBQ
  5. Pig Love Q
  6. Get Some Saltworks BBQ
  7. Butcher's Daughter BBQ
  8. Porktera BBQ
  9. Hog Island Pitmasters
  10. Charlie Dawgs BBQ Team


  1. Bad 2 the Bone
  2. Hog Island Pitmasters
  3. Bowling Over Pigs
  4. Smokey Luv BBQ
  5. Pig Love Q
  6. Hound Dog Barbeque
  7. Pirates of the Pig
  8. Rolling Bones Travelling BBQ
  9. Smokin' the Bandit
  10. Royal Smokin' Hot BBQ


  1. Big Pig BBQ
  2. Pig Love Q
  3. Meat Hustle
  4. Hound Dog Barbeque
  5. Royal Smokin' Hot BBQ
  6. Pirates of the Pig
  7. Hog Island Pitmasters
  8. Bowling Over Pigs
  9. Smokey Luv BBQ
  10. Get Some Saltworks BBQ


  1. Hound Dog Barbeque
  2. Too Ashamed to Name
  3. Bowling Over Pigs
  4. Royal Smokin' Hot BBQ
  5. Rolling Bones Travelling BBQ
  6. Hog Island Pitmasters
  7. Pirates of the Pig
  8. Butcher's Daughter BBQ
  9. Smokey Luv BBQ
  10. Pig Love Q

For more info contact: Marta Viola (530) 621-5862 / marta@eldoradocountyfair.org Website: www.eldoradocountyfair.org

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