4th Annual Modesto Blues, Brews & BBQ

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Kingsford / Mastercut Modesto Blues, Brews and BBQ Modesto, CA - 5/5/2007 State BBQ Championship Cook-Off



Participating Competition BBQ Cooking Teams as of 27-April-2007

  1. West's Best BBQ Team Murrieta, CA
  2. 155 South BBQ San Jose, CA
  3. Smokey J's BarBQue Antioch, CA
  4. Outlaws Sonora, CA
  5. All Hogs Go to Heaven Lancaster, CA
  6. Checkerd Past Reedly, CA
  7. Addicted to Rub Cameron Park, CA
  8. Asleep at the Grill Glendale, CA
  9. Bart's Blazin' Q Livermore, CA
  10. Otis and the Bird Mesa, AZ
  11. Smitty's Smoke Patrol Santa Clara, CA
  12. The Burnt Fork Boys Bakersfield, CA
  13. Blue Ox Smokin' Team Riverbank, CA
  14. Auntie Shoe's Bodacious BBQ Anaheim, CA
  15. Jerry King Midland Texas Midland, TX
  16. Fish Heads BBQ Yuba City, CA
  17. Rock's BarBQue Newark, CA
  18. Wahoo & KJ's San Ramon, CA
  19. Bullet Boyz 'Que Crew Rocklin, CA
  20. Love Shack BBQ Isleton, CA
  21. Big O's BBQ Meridian, CA
  22. Rollin' Smoke BBQ - West Watsonville, CA
  23. East Side Bar B Crew Stockton, CA
  24. The Pit Stop BBQ Chatsworth, CA
  25. Pigfeathers Madera, CA
  26. Tropical Heat BBQ Fillmore, CA
  27. 8th Street Q'ers Stockton, CA
  28. TOPS BBQ Fresno, CA
  29. Grill Sergeants Empire, CA
  30. BBQbyDan Agua Dulce, CA
  31. Ric's Righteous Ribs San Jose, CA
  32. Sweet Time BBQ Los Gatos, CA
  33. QN4U Clovis, CA
  34. The Smokepranos Modesto, CA
  35. BLQue Hanford, CA
  36. Ridgeback BBQ San Jose, CA
  37. Woody's Old Tyme BBQ Modesto, CA


Grand Champion: QN4U Reserve Champion: Asleep At The Grill

Overall Rankings
  1. QN4U
  2. Asleep At The Grill
  3. All Hogs Go To Heaven
  4. BBQbyDan
  5. Auntie Shoe's Bodacious
  6. Sugshack BBQ
  7. Jerry King Midland Texas
  8. Tropical Heat BBQ
  9. Uncle Leo'sMac Shack
  10. Fish Heads BBQ
  1. BBQbyDan
  2. Auntie Shoe's Bodacious
  3. Asleep At The Grill
  4. QN4U
  5. Blue Ox Smokin' Team
  6. Uncle Leo'sMac Shack
  7. Sweet Time BBQ
  8. Sugshack BBQ
  9. Smokey J's BarBQue
  10. Jerry King Midland Texas
  1. All Hogs Go To Heaven
  2. Checkered Past
  3. Eastside Bar-B-Crew
  4. Big O's BBQ
  5. Auntie Shoe's Bodacious
  6. Sweet Time BBQ
  7. Pigfeathers
  8. Bart's Blazin' Q
  9. QN4U
  10. BLQue Cuttin Edge QN
  1. Uncle Leo'sMac Shack
  2. Asleep At The Grill
  3. Sugshack BBQ
  4. Wahoo & KJ's BBQ
  5. The Pit Stop BBQ
  6. Outlaws
  7. Ridgeback BBQ
  8. Otis and the Bird
  9. 155 South Bar-B-Que
  10. QN4U
  1. Bart's Blazin' Q
  2. Fish Heads BBQ
  3. QN4U
  4. All Hogs Go To Heaven
  5. The Smokepranos
  6. Tropical Heat BBQ
  7. BBQbyDan
  8. Checkered Past
  9. Asleep At The Grill
  10. Pigfeathers

Post Event/Smokin' Times Write-up

Every year SaveMart’s Blues, Brews, and BBQ in Modesto, CA is the equivalent to the home opener for Northern California competitive BBQ. This year was no different, with several new teams joining the many established names in our sport for this one of a kind event. For those that have never been to this event there are a number of different elements to keep attendees entertained throughout the day. Along side this State BBQ Championship there are featured Blues performers, refreshing brews, and a wonderful Fun Zone. And if that isn’t enough there is also the Modesto Relays - a full track meet with 66 years of history in Modesto, right alongside the BBQ row. All of this is coordinated by by SaveMart's Special Events Marketing guru, Don Bean.

SaveMart’s special events team led by Sharon Blakely always does a top notch job making sure the teams, judges and supporters are fully taken care of and that all the details that are required of these events go smoothly and on time! 38 teams assembled mostly from Northern California with some hailing from as far away as Arizona and Texas to compete in this 4^th year of this event. The teams had their work cut out for them when the wind picked up in the middle of the night and didn’t let up well past turn in time. Several teams suffered damaged equipment when the gusts really picked up. Others faced a near impossible task of maintaining cooker temperature as they had never attempted a rehearse cook in the wind, many others had to fight with their turn in boxes and had to do everything they could to keep from fumbling their entries. Teams Out of this World BBQ as well as The Pit Stop and QN4U served up BBQ for public consumption with proceeds benefiting the SaveMart Cares programs.

When it came time for the awards it was a nice surprise to see several rookie teams make the walk as well as a number of the established teams. Asleep at the Grill repeated their RGC and QN4U took GC.

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