4th Annual Golden Acorn BBQ Fest

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(Teams Confirmed)
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#Micheal Benedetto
#Micheal Benedetto
#Joseph Miles
#Joseph Miles
#Kimberly Robles
#Michelle Faraoni
#Dan Drogich
#Ann Hoeppner
#Monica Montgomery
#Jeff Montgomery
#Don West
#Randa Lake
#Robert Stouffer
#Chris Black
#Steve Aguilar
#Tan Pham
== Results ==
== Results ==

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Date: 8/23-8/24

Location: Golden Acorn Casino

Website: www.fit2gopromotions.com

Prize$$: KCBS State Championship Sanctioned Event

Entry Forms


Teams Confirmed

In no particular order -

  1. All Hogs Go to Heaven- Steve Madaule- CA
  2. D's Smokehouse BBQ- Dustin G.- CA
  3. Burnin and Lootin- Jerry Aguilar- CA
  4. Hog Heaven Sauces- Ira Pupko- CA
  5. Loot N Booty- Sterling Smith- AZ
  6. Fork U BBQ- AZ
  7. Porketeers- Dennis McGrath- CA
  8. Kritter Kooker's BBQ- Juha- CA
  9. All Sauced Up- Dave Malone- CA
  10. Big Red BBQ- Jim Young- CA
  11. Ridge Route Boys- Curtis Trigueiro- CA
  12. Knock ur Sox Off- Ryan Moore- CA
  13. Chandler's Banging BBQ- Chip Chandler- CA
  14. Smokin Mo's- Mike Lindley- CA
  15. ZZYZX- Jason Miranda- CA
  16. B'Mackin BBQ- Brett McKinney- CA
  17. JD's Lipsmakin Smokers- John McIntosh- CA
  18. The Pit Crew- Steve Wilson- CA
  19. Simply Marvelous- Steph Franklin- CA
  20. Lady of Q- Sylvia Curry- CA
  21. Pete's Firehouse BBQ- Peter Lent- CA

Teams Expected


  1. Paul Robles
  2. Chuck Rosen
  3. Micheal Henson
  4. Jason Blackburn
  5. Micheal Benedetto
  6. Joseph Miles
  7. Kimberly Robles
  8. Michelle Faraoni
  9. Dan Drogich
  10. Ann Hoeppner
  11. Monica Montgomery
  12. Jeff Montgomery
  13. Don West
  14. Randa Lake
  15. Robert Stouffer
  16. Chris Black
  17. Steve Aguilar
  18. Tan Pham


Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion



Pork Ribs



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