4th Annual Golden Acorn BBQ Fest

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(Teams Confirmed)
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#Chandler's Banging BBQ- Chip Chandler- CA
#Chandler's Banging BBQ- Chip Chandler- CA
#Smokin Mo's- Mike Lindley- CA
#Smokin Mo's- Mike Lindley- CA
#ZZYZX- Jason Miranda- CA
#B'Mackin BBQ- Brett McKinney- CA
===Teams Expected===
===Teams Expected===

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Date: 8/23-8/24

Location: Golden Acorn Casino

Website: www.fit2gopromotions.com

Prize$$: KCBS State Championship Sanctioned Event

Entry Forms


Teams Confirmed

In no particular order -

  1. All Hogs Go to Heaven- Steve Madaule- CA
  2. D's Smokehouse BBQ- Dustin G.- CA
  3. Burnin and Lootin- Jerry Aguilar- CA
  4. Hog Heaven Sauces- Ira Pupko- CA
  5. Loot N Booty- Sterling Smith- AZ
  6. Fork U BBQ- AZ
  7. Porketeers- Dennis McGrath- CA
  8. Kritter Kooker's BBQ- Juha- CA
  9. All Sauced Up- Dave Malone- CA
  10. Big Red BBQ- Jim Young- CA
  11. Ridge Route Boys- Curtis Trigueiro- CA
  12. Knock ur Sox Off- Ryan Moore- CA
  13. Chandler's Banging BBQ- Chip Chandler- CA
  14. Smokin Mo's- Mike Lindley- CA
  15. ZZYZX- Jason Miranda- CA
  16. B'Mackin BBQ- Brett McKinney- CA

Teams Expected


  1. Paul Robles
  2. Chuck Rosen
  3. Micheal Henson
  4. Jason Blackburn
  5. Micheal Benedetto
  6. Joseph Miles


Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion



Pork Ribs



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