3rd Annual Wine Country Big Q BBQ Championship

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3rd Annual Wine Country Big Q BBQ Championship (ToY)

July 12-13, 2013

Sonoma Academy, 2500 Farmers Lane, Santa Rosa, CA

link title== Entry Forms == BBQ Team Application Form [1]

Judges Application Form [2]

Volunteer Application Form (http://winecountrybigq.com/wp-content/downloads/Volunteer-Application.pdf)

Teams Confirmed To Date

Listed Alphabetically...Still Accepting Applications! Space is limited!

I.A.B. 30 BBQ
BBQ Bob and the Smokin' Banditos
Big Dick's BBQ
Big O's 2HOT4U
Bourbon Bros. BBQ
Bowling Over Pigs
Burnin and Lootin
Butcher's Daughter BBQ
Casual Smokers
Cowboys Smokin' Hot BBQ
Knock UR Sox Off BBQ
Pig Night Run
Pignut Smoke
Porktera BBQ
Ric's Righteous Ribs
Rob Z's Real Pit Barbecue
Royal Smokin Hot
Slap Yo' Daddy
Smitty's Smoke Patrol
Smoke It...It's Legal
Smokey Luv BBQ
Tex Wasabi's All-Stars
The BBQ Spot
Up in Smoke
Vic's Chics BBQ
Woodhouse Barbecue

Teams Expected (listed alphabetically)

Big B's Down-N-Dirty BBQ
Burnt Offerings BBQ
Cecil's Smok'n
Dad's Doing What They Love
Hog Island Pitmasters
Smokehouse 10
Smokey J's Bar-B-Que
Smokin' Yankees BBQ
Son of Smoke
Too Ashamed to Name BBQ

== Judges Confirmed To Date == Listed Alphabetically

Tracy Allen
Karen Anderson
Einar Anderson
Steve Alvarez
Merrialyce Alvarez
Bill Bain
Tony Boone
Tom Breitweiser
Peggy Brown
Paul Brown
Kevin Davis
Christine Davis
Laurie Figone
Andrew Hsieh
Jeff Hutcherson
John Kelly
Lori Lieneke
David Louie
Ralph Michel
Barry Morris
Marcia Moy
Ed Parsons
Marla Parsons
Greg Ryan
Beth Schmidt
Ian Schmidt
Nick Schmidt
Scott Simpson
Frank Smith
Aaron Staines
Anna Stockel
Julie Poe Menge
Todd Yates
Claire Yuan
John Ware
Melanie Wong

Prizes & Awards

In addition to the four meat KCBS competition, The Big Q is pleased to be one of the 10 Ranchers Reserve Beef Cup competitions. Over $9,600 will be awarded at Wine Country Big Q. The following cash payments will be awarded in each of the four entry categories:
First Place: $500
Second Place: $400
Third Place: $300
Fourth Place: $200
Fifth Place: $100

Overall Grand Champion will receive $1,000 plus a trophy
Reserve Grand Champion will receive $500 plus a trophy

Rancher's Reserve Prize Money is as follows:
First Place: $900
Second Place: $700
Third Place: $500

Mystery Meat Competition will occur with prizes to be announced. Mystery Meat competitors must confirm participation in this category in advance. Meat to be provided after team meeting on Friday, July 12.

People’s Choice Award winner will receive a trophy plus bragging rights!

Turn in Times

11:00 am - Chicken
11:30 am - Pork Ribs
12:00 pm - Pork
12:30 pm - Beef Brisket
1:00 pm - Rancher's Reserve Beef Cup
1:30 pm - Mystery Meat

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