3rd Annual Santa Anita Park Winners' Circle BBQ Championship

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3rd Annual Santa Anita Winners' Circle BBQ Championship

KCBS 4 Meat State Championship/CBBQA Team of the Year Event

$18,000 in total prize pruse ($15,000 for KCBS + $3,000 for People's Choice)

Date: March 22, 2014

Location: Santa Anita Race Park (infield)

Google Map - http://g.co/maps/mj245

285 W Huntington Drive

Arcadia CA 91007

Unfortunately pets are not allowed at this venue, please leave them at home

Contact Us

Click here to ask any questions

Team Specific Information

There are 3 somewhat separate events going on simultaneously at this event. Details in the sections below.

1. KCBS Championship Series, 4 Meat State Championship, Jack/Royal Qualifier (with 25 teams), KCBS/CBBQA ToY, $15,000 prize pool

2. MAK Grills People's Choice Challenge (in order to compete in this you MUST be entered in the KCBS contest), $3,000 prize pool SOLD OUT

3. Rib Row (you may choose to enter this OR the MAK Grills People's Choice Challenge, teams cannot enter BOTH) SOLD OUT

There is no direct sales/vending of BBQ or Food to the public for cash at this event.

Teams may enter in any ONE of the following methods:

KCBS State Champ ONLY


KCBS + Rib Row... SOLD OUT

KCBS + MAK Grills People's Choice Challenge... SOLD OUT

Teams participating in either the MAK Grills People's Choice Challenge or Rib Row will automatically get 20 x 40 spaces, at no additional charge, but will have to comply with EHD regulations (see below)

Competing teams WILL be allowed to sell (for cash) Team (Logo) merchandise (including rubs & sauces), as long as you specify this on your entry as well complete and provide us with this form - http://www.boe.ca.gov/pdf/boe410d.pdf Keep in mind that public sampling of these items is not allowed by the EHD, without a permit (they can fine you directly).

Vehicle Concerns

This is for ANY vehcile which needs to be directly on/in the contest site.

Any team who wishes to load in on Thurs (3/20/14) may do so from 6-9pm.

1. Teams with vehicles <11' high will be able to enter the track via a tunnel WITH A FACILITY ESCORT nearly anytime that a race is not taking place, after 10am Fri (3/21/14)

2. Teams will be allowed to park vehicles at their camps overnight but will most likely need to move them to a designated parking area by 9am on turn in day.

3. Teams with vehicles >11' will ONLY be allowed to enter/exit the infield via bridge which will be available Thurs (3/20/14) approx. 5pm for load in and & Sat approx 7pm for load out. All vehicles which need to load in during this time MUST be onsite by 5pm THURS 3/20/14, NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. Normal sized vehicles (<7"6") will have near 24 hour access, outside of 10am-6pm on turn in day (3/22/14).

If you wish to keep an over sized vehicle nearby (the equivalent to 1 block away from the contest site), we can accommodate that as well, please notify us.

Info for PUBLIC Attendees

Public Admission $5 (to the venue, which includes a day at the races!), Parking $4/per car/truck

Website - http://www.santaanitabbq.com

KCBS 4 Meat State Championship

KCBS Contest Rules can be found here (PDF) - http://kcbs.us/pdf/2014_rules.pdf

20x20 standard sites, larger site available for additional fee, (20x40 is included if you are PC/Rib Row - see above)

20 amp electrical (upgrade to 30 amp. available for additional fee)

Entry Form

Teams - $299 entry - http://bit.ly/1c5i3fr

Judging via the wait list - http://bit.ly/MT1fz6

KCBS Championship Payout Schedule

GC $2,500.00

RGC $1,000.00

3. $600.00

4. $400.00

5. $300.00

Each of the 4 Meat Categories (Totals $2,550 per category x 4 = $10,200 Category Payouts)

1. $500.00

2. $400.00

3. $350.00

4. $300.00

5. $250.00

6. $200.00

7. $175.00

8. $150.00

9. $125.00

10. $100.00

Overall ($4, 8 00.00 to be paid out in the overall category)

Teams Confirmed

  1. Bc Smokers
  2. Porketeers
  3. Jet Coatings "Monkey Style"
  4. Jet Coatings Country Style
  5. Simply Marvelous BBQ
  6. Kramer's Texas BBQ
  7. The Pit Crew BBQ of SoCal
  8. Ridge Route Boys BBQ
  9. Pit the Road BBQ
  10. Twisted Brisket
  11. Woodhouse Barbecue
  12. Wild Willy's Smokin Hot BBQ
  13. Smokin It Up BBQ
  14. Sweet Maisie-Rose BBQ Sultans of Smoke
  15. Funtime BBQ
  16. Thank The Lard BBQ
  17. Hog Heaven Sauces
  18. Vicious Smoke
  19. Rolling Bones Traveling BBQ Circus
  20. Cool Grilling
  21. The Whole Hog American Regional Smokehouse
  22. Smoke Hound BBQ
  23. Too Ashamed to Name
  24. Mad Dawgz BBQ
  25. When Pigs Fly BBQ
  26. 2nd To Last BBQ
  27. Grill Of His Dreams
  28. Smoking Tokin BBQ
  29. Big D's BBQ
  30. Rooftop Barbeque
  31. Woody's Bar-b-Que
  32. Smokin Steve's Pit BBQ
  33. Daddy O's Smokin' BBQ
  34. leftcoast q
  35. Dead Pig Walking
  36. My Smokin Grillfriend
  37. Lick Da Bone Bbq Team
  38. Three Ten BBQ
  39. Kill It & Grill It
  40. Starvin Marvins Bay Area BBQ
  41. Burnin and Lootin
  42. Lady of Q
  43. Meat, Inc.
  44. Holy Smokers
  45. All Hogs Sauced Up
  46. Ford Boys
  47. Smell My Butts
  48. Smokin' Mo's bbq Team
  49. Karnivorous
  50. Rack'Em and Smoke'Em BBQ
  51. Steve's and Beeve's
  52. Duff BBQ
  53. Smoqued BBQ
  54. D's Smokehouse
  55. Smokin' Hart's
  56. Smokin 8 0 5
  57. Patio PItmasters
  59. Desperado
  60. Big Pig BBQ
  61. Smokin' Yankees
  62. Royal Smokin Hot BBQ
  63. Hot and smokin catering
  64. Big Guns
  65. Knock UR Sox Off BBQ
  66. OM BBQ
  67. Big Daddy's Q'n Crew
  68. Boo Koo Big Time
  69. Bigmista's Barbecue
  70. Trojan BBQ

Health Dept Rules & Regulations


This is for MAK Grills People's Choice Challenge & Rib Row TEAMS ONLY SOLD OUT

1.Serving and preparation area must be fully enclosed with 4 walls and a roof, we will place you on concrete or wood floor.

2.Serving and preparation area must have pass through windows for customer service (no bigger than 216 square inches).

3.Barbecues must be located next to the booth and safely away from the public.

4.Serving and preparation area must have a hand washing facility with water at least 110°F, a catch bucket, a single service soap dispenser, paper towels, and a trash container.

5.Serving and preparation area must have a three-compartment ware washing sink with hot (120°F) and cold water (up to 4 booths may “share” a warewashing sink).

EHD Form - to be posted shortly

All PC Teams must have entered the contest and completed the EHD paperwork (to be provided) by 3/1/14.

LA County EHD is now waiving all fees for Temporary Food Facility permits for United States Military Veterans. Yes you read that right, if there is a vet on your team, your PC is EHD fee free!

The Veteran must: List his/her name as the “owner” on the EHD permit, Include a copy of his/her 214 federal form with submission of the EHD permit (electronic/scanned submission is acceptable), by 3/1/14 and lastly be present (with valid ID) on the day of the event

Teams with Veteran exemptions will still need to complete the EHD form and comply with the EHD rules.

RV’S, Trailers & the EHD

It is acceptable to use an RV or trailer with a "kitchen" sink setup, in accordance with EHD requirements, as long as your space is enclosed. This means if you have an open door you will need to have screens in place to "seal" that area off. Keep in mind the inspector will need to enter your "vehicle" to do their inspection. Teams that go this route will still need to serve out of an enclosed tent with at least a front screen (w/2 openings), which MUST contain a basic hand wash station (see above). Product can be carried COVERED from your prep area to your serving tent.

BBQ Food items being vended to the public via MAK Grills "People's Choice Challenge" or Rib Row do NOT have to be cooked under KCBS standards (i.e. use of propane is acceptable)

MAK Grills "People's Choice Challenge"


Normal attendance is: 8,000-10,000, last year we topped 14,000

PC Payback is 75% (paid <30 days post event, or sooner), less any EHD fees. Last year most teams were paid within 10 days.

EHD Fee is $160, Santa Anita will subsidize the first 15 teams who sign up as follows:

PC teams turning in 400 tickets or less will pay $160 toward EHD fees.

PC teams turning in 401- 8 0 0 tickets will pay $100 toward EHD fees.

PC teams turning in 8 0 1 - 1,400 tickets will pay $50 toward EHD fees.

PC teams turning in >1,400 tickets will pay $0 toward EHD fees.

Please keep in mind that this is TICKETS NOT TASTES/SAMPLES!

Teams will be able to vend (for tickets) 2-3oz. samples of BBQ meats for 2 tickets, Ribs are 3 tickets.

NEW THIS YEAR: Each team can designate a single item (which must feature/contain BBQ meat) as a featured item which they will sell for up to 6 tickets.

Each (duplicated) feature item will only be allowed to be represented by 3 teams, so first to sign up gets priority.

These featured items, can include other non-bbq'ed items (like buns, slaw, chips, etc.)

Voting will take place from 11:00a - 3:00p, you are encouraged to sell beyond then, so be sure to have enough samples to cover this time frame. No PC ticket votes will count after the 3:00 turn in time.

The public receives 1 vote tix for every 10 taste tickets purchased onsite, as well as at least one VOTE ticket in each pre-sale ticket package.

Next we've added the single most requested prize item to this part of the event - CASH MONEY!

MAK Grills People's Choice Challenge PRIZES are based on VOTES (as follows), not total sales.

Grand Champion MAK Grills People's Choice Challenge = $1,500

Reserve Grand Champion MAK Grills People's Choice Challenge = $1,000

3rd place MAK Grills People's Choice Challenge = $500'

The MAK Grills PC Challenge is a “voter driven” contest where your BBQ is judged by the attendees. Your emphasis should be on quality and pleasing your BBQ fans. Each of your servings are taste portions (other than your featured item), and these should be approximately 2 ounces. You may serve additional items such as pig candy, ribs and even a (single) featured dish at various price points ranging from 1-6 tickets. Be creative and make your BBQ stand out. Here is our suggested pricing.

1 ticket: Pig Candy, Moink Balls, etc.

2 tickets: 2 ounce servings of bbq meats

3 tickets: one rib (this will be the standard price)

4-6 tickets: Featured Item - pulled pork sammies, BBQ Sunday, bbq nachos, etc.

All items served must contain at least one bbq component, examples; Nachos which contain - chips, sauce/cheese, and pulled pork, Mac & Cheese with bacon or or pig candy crumble or, a baked potato topped with a bbq meat and sauce. If your featured item does not contain a bbq meat component, it will be disqualified and you will only be able to serve it after the PC challenge ends at 3:00pm. We strongly encourage you to check with us first to insure your featured dish qualifies. You will need to provide all needed supplies for this contest (serving cups, forks, napkins, etc.).

Our intention is to give you more creative freedom and a higher ticket value without the worry of providing a huge multi item menu. And, your judges benefit from now having the option to get more than just a taste when they get to your window.

Rib Row


Teams can enter this event separately (solely), and do not have to cook the KCBS State Championship

Teams CANNOT enter this AND the MAK Grills People's Choice Challenge, it's one or the other.

Benefits to teams:

No menu planning

No potential for loss on unsold product

Known net return

No need to shop for and/or transport product

No significant cash outlay up front

No ticket counting

Paid a set fee per rack cooked/served


As a Rib Row Team you will need to do/provide the following:

Prep racks of ribs (which will be provided to you) for cooking (which could include trimming)

Supply rub & sauce (seasoning) to use on ribs

Season ribs

Supply cooker(s) with enough capacity to cook a minimum of 100 racks of ribs to be served during serving time (11am-4:30pm)

Supply cooker fuel and/or smoke wood for cooking

Ability to hold product at safe temperature for extended time

Supply all tools, equipment, supplies needed for cooking/service

All necessary labor to prep, cook and serve ribs to the public (in trade for tickets), using proper food handling procedures

Setup and maintain EHD required serving/prep tent

All done onsite

Display Business/Team Signage, Pass out business cards or other promotional material (this is encouraged!)

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