2nd annual Smoke on the Mountain

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(Grand Champion)
(Grand Champion)
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== Grand Champion ==
== Grand Champion ==
=== Smokey Luv  -  654.8574 ===
= Smokey Luv  -  654.8574 =
= Smokey Luv  -  654.8574 =

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Date: Check in April 20 Judging April 21

Location: 2450 Masonic Dr San Jose, CA

Masons for Smoke on the Mountain Fundraiser

The San Francisco Jr. Giants in conjunction with Golden Rule #479 Masons for Mitts would like to invite you to participate in the 2nd Annual Smoke on the Mountain BBQ fundraiser for the Jr. Giants. (www.masons4mitts.org) Our goal each year is to raise enough money to purchase 1000 mitts for underprivileged kids in Northern California so that they can play baseball. Please join us in this practice BBQ Competition to help make this happen.

25 Team max

$100.00 entry fee (no cost for power or HD)

Booth Space is 20x20 RV space available for overnight camping

4 Meat contest (Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork & Brisket)


1st - $75

2nd - $50

3rd - $25

Payouts are for each meat category PLUS

$100 for RGC

$200 for GC

Teams are able to check in Saturday with judging on Sunday.

We are asking teams to donate their extra meat for PC to the public, all proceeds will go to the Jr. Giants Mitts Program. We will supply both tasting cups and assistance at your booth if needed.

Entry Forms

Contact Mark Brown at mark@winewithswine.com


Teams Confirmed

In no particular order -

Wine With Swine

Los MexiQtioners

Canyon Riders

Pig Pimp'n BBQ

Bowling Over Pigs

Friendship 210

Bart's Blazin' Q

Bad Boyz of BBQ

Smokey Luv BBQ

Cecil's Smokin' BBQ

Crime Scene BBQ

Royal Smok'n Hot BBQ

Meat Hustle


Poppa Bud's BBQ

Pretty Pink BBQ

Ribs-a-Rock'n BBQ

Bang-a-Drum BBQ

Lord of the Ribs

VooDoo BBQ

Team Smoke Tacular

Smoked on the Water

Rock's BBQ

Kamodo Kid BBQ

Teams Expected

Too Ashamed To Name


Holey Smokes

Jimmy Bones

Smokehouse 10 BBQ

Judges Confirmed

Tracy Allen, MCBJ

David Hornby, MCBJ

Glen Jarecki, CBJ

Bob Thomas, CBJ

Jason Fisher, CBJ/Cook

Lacey Fisher, CBJ/Cook

Derrick Fisher, CBJ/Cook

Kyle Baker, CBJ/Cook (maybe)

Nick McDonnell, CBJ

Marcia Moy, CBJ

Clayton Dewberry, CBJ/Cook

Jason Redding, CBJ/Cook

Jeff Sanchez, CBJ/Cook

David Berch, CBJ

Stephen Lima, CBJ

Matt Brailey, CBJ/Cook (maybe)

Chris Juencke, CBJ/Cook

Jon Davis, CBJ/Cook

Ben Lobenstien, MCBJ

Ric Gilbert, CBJ/Cook


Grand Champion

Smokey Luv - 654.8574

Smokey Luv - 654.8574

Reserve Grand Champion



Pork Ribs



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