2nd Annual Sparta-Q BBQ Competition

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Event Information

San Jose State Softball is holding their first annual BBQ cook off to feature some of the best BBQ in Northern California. The Cook off will feature Competitive BBQ Teams that will offer up some of the best BBQ Ribs around. All proceeds will go directly to the SJSU Softball Development Fund and will assist with new additions to the stadium.

  • Saturday October 11th, 2014
  • Gates open at 6AM
  • Racks distributed upon arrival or 7AM, whichever comes first

Teams will be given at least FIVE racks of untrimmed ribs to cook for two turn-in boxes; PC judges and Competition judges. Additional racks are to be used for the event pre-ticket sales of racks of ribs. Depending on sales, teams (that can) may be offered more racks of ribs to cook.

  • Turn-in times begin at 1pm

The People's Choice judging will be done by six random, NON-BBQ judges or competitive BBQ cooks. These randomly selected BBQ fans will be given NO judging "rules or standards", only how to use the score cards. They will be open to public and team viewing.

The Competition Judging will be KCBS style scoring and double blind but will also be open and viewable by the public. There will be an MC hosting questions and conversation about the entries from the audience. Turn in times are still being worked out and will depend on the number of teams competiting.

Ticket information

YouTube video about the event from the organizer



San Jose State University Stadium

Google Map to Stadium

Directions: Exit Hwy 280 on 10th Street and head south. Use the Spartan access road on the west side of the street. There will be a sign “Sparta-Q Competitors” on 10th Street (between Humboldt & Alma Ave.) that will assist you to your parking area. Patrons will also enter from the 10th street entrance and enter on the east side of the stadium. We will provide parking inside the stadium for all competitors; however, please store my cell number should you get lost (916) 997-9934. 1257 S. 10th Street is the Stadium’s address should you use GPS.

Event Contact

Coach Peter Turner (408) 924-1253 or email peter.turner@sjsu.edu


Grand Champion $400

Reserve Champion $200

Third Place $100

Mystery Basket - Dessert Competition Winner $200

Entry Fees & Extras

$100 per team: includes 9 slabs of ribs to cook for event for judging and public tickets.

Additional slabs too be distributed on as needed based on pre-event ticket sales.


$20 entry for Sparta-Q Rib teams. Teams given 90 minutes and a mystery basket with four (4) ingredients to build their dessert. You must bring all your own ingredients from your kitchen and use the 4 mystery items. The theme is All Things October. You must use a BBQ of some sort to create the dessert. All dishes must be turned in by 11am sharp. Three guest judges will determine winner based on Taste and Appearance. Be creative and have fun!


Go to spartansoftballevents.com for application to cook Sparta-Q II

To Judge this fun event contact Tracy Allen at ladyskir@aol.com

Teams Confirmed

  1. Loosen Your Belt BBQ
  2. Meat Harvest BBQ
  3. Meat Fire Brew BBQ
  4. The Smokin' Shack
  5. Pipin' Hot Smokers BBQ
  6. Too Ashamed to Name BBQ
  7. Salt and Pepper Pork Pullers
  8. Berdoo BBQ
  9. 2 Legit 2 Pit
  10. Porktera BBQ
  11. Robs Smokin Rub BBQ Crew
  12. RonJohn American Dry Rub BBQ
  13. Right on 'Que
  14. Son of Smoke
  15. Up in Smoke
  16. Philzgoodbbq
  17. Bray Butcher Block
  18. PJR's Gourmet BBQ
  19. Canyon Riders BBQ
  20. Ric's Righteous Ribs
  21. Rockin'B BBQ Company
  22. Juicy O's BBQ
  23. M.A.C. BBQ Shack
  24. Big D's BBQ
  25. Flame Thrower BBQ
  26. Dr. AppleJax's BBQ Team
  27. Los Mexi"Q"tioners
  28. Mar Shly BBBQ
  29. Nice Rack BBQ
  30. Port City Bones BBQ
  31. Lord of the Ribs
  32. Big Pig BBBQ
  33. Big Shot BBQ
  34. Jojo's BBQ
  35. Sauced on One South
  36. Rub One Out
  37. Cecil's Smok'n BBQ
  38. Bad S. BBQ
  39. Smokehouse 10
  40. Cochi's BBQ

Teams Expected

  1. The Grillionaires - Chris Cave
  2. S & J Smoking Barrels
  3. Hot Link & Chorizo - Robert Garcia
  4. DZ Grillin' - Darren Newman
  5. Nothin' But a Q Thang - Andres Lucero
  6. Smokin with Joneszy - Patrick Purcell-Jones
  7. Double Trouble Backyard BBQ - John Upton
  8. Smoked Out Grillin' - Jose Macias
  9. Bang A Drum BBQ - Jason Clark
  10. Hella Good BBQ - Anthony Pabros
  11. Smoke N' Burns - Adam Burns
  12. Pit Pro BBQ
  13. Weapons Grade BBQ

Judges Confirmed

  • Tracy Allen - MCBJ/Head Judge
  • Bob Thomas - MCBJ
  • Kay Spencer - CBJ
  • Marcia Moy - CBJ
  • Craiz Yeszin - CBJ
  • David Hiatt - CBJ
  • Sonia Hiatt - CBJ
  • Jose Hernandez - CBJ
  • Michael Restivo - CBJ
  • Chris Allingham - CBJ
  • Peggy Brown - MCBJ
  • Paul Brown - MCBJ
  • Garry Wilson - CBJ
  • Randy Shuayto - CBJ
  • Jonathan Effrat - CBJ
  • Sharon Shih - CBJ
  • Richard Hill
  • Jeffrey James - CBJ
  • Kevin Utz - CBJ
  • Zach Worthington


Grand Champion -

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