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The Event

The 2nd Annual RibStock BBQ Competition is a fully sanctioned, four meat, Kansas City Barbeque Society Contest and has been approved as a CBBQA Team of the Year Event.

In addition to the four meat Pro Division contest there is a two meat Backyard Division which is an official KCBS Ancillary Contest.

Classic Rock & Roll, a carnival for the kids and the Heineken Beer Garden highlight the activities for teams and spectators.

The 1st Annual RibStock BBQ Competition drew over 3,500 paid BBQ enthusiasts from all over Northern California and we expect this year to be even bigger. So Bring Your Q On!!!


Friday, September 16, 2011 - Teams from both divisions can arrive starting at 10am

Saturday, September 17, 2011 - Pro Division (KCBS Contest & CBBQA TOY Event) and Backyard Division (KCBS Ancillary Contest)


The 2nd Annual RibStock 2011 is being held at Cameron Park Lake, in Cameron Park, CA. This small Sierra Foothill community is located on the Western Slope of El Dorado County which is famous for the discovery of gold and starting the rush Westward.

Cameron Park Lake Recreation Area offers a comfortable setting for all teams with grassy spaces for setup and lots of shade trees. You’ll enter the Cameron Park Lake Recreational Area from the back gate which will take you through the Cameron Park Air Park. This is a very unique neighborhood where residents ‘drive’ their planes from their homes to/from the runway. SPECIAL NOTE: Be aware that once you make the right turn onto Fairway Drive there may be planes taxiing on the streets. PLEASE PULL OVER TO THE SIDE OF THE STREET AND STOP. Give the planes the right of way. The side and rear views from these planes are extremely limited so assume they cannot see you. We received one complaint last year from a resident pilot who was not given the right of way by one of our participating teams. It was obvious they were a team as they were towing a smoker. Remember we are visitors to this area who have been given access to the back side of Cameron Park Lake by these residents.

It's very easy to get to Cameron Park Lake. From Sacramento it's only 35 miles to the Lake by taking Highway 50 East towards Lake Tahoe. In about 32 miles (you'll pass by Rancho Cordova, Folsom & El Dorado Hills) you'll take the second exit for Cameron Park, Cameron Park Drive. Take a left at the signal light and continue down Cameron Park Drive for 1.5 miles where you'll make a left at the signal onto Oxford Road. Take the first right onto Fairway Drive (remember to watch for the airplanes!) and then the first right onto Western Drive. Take the second left onto Boeing Road and finally the first left onto Baron Court. Drive up and over the hill and you'll come to the gate where a RibStock volunteer will greet you. Please have your parking pass showing on your dash when approaching the gate.

For more information about Cameron Park Lake, visit http://www.cameronpark.org/cameron_park_lake.html


Pro Division - An early bird entry fee of $225 is good until July 17, 2011, after which the fee goes up to $275.

Backyard Division - An early bird entry fee of $75 is good until July 17, 2011, after which the fee goes up to $125.

Included in the fee is electrical power (Teams must bring their own extension cords, recommend 100'), water (Teams must bring their own splitter and hose. Teams with hoses and splitters will be assigned spaces so there is no interuption of water flow.) and a 10'x20' space. A limited number of 10'x30' spaces are available for an additional $50 and a limited number of 10'x40' spaces are available for an additional $100. Requests for larger spaces will be prioritized first by returning teams and then new teams. We’ll go by the receive date of the completed application and payment of the standard fee for a 10’x20’ space. Teams assigned a larger space will be notified on August 1st and required to pay the additional fee by August 26th in order to keep the larger space otherwise it will be offered to the next team in the priority line.

Credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard or Discover) are now being accepted. Call Ed Anhorn at (916) 599-5095 for more information.

It looks like we're going to have the same parking issue as last year. This means all vehicles/trailers not critical to the actual cooking process will need to be parked away from the competition area. Be prepared to sleep in a tent or under your canopy in your cooking area if you want to stay close to your meats.

How to Reserve Your Spot

Here are all the forms needed to participate as a Pro Division Team, a Backyard Division Team or a Judge.

Pro Division Application - http://rib-stock.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/2011-PRo-cooker-application.pdf

Backyard Division Application - http://rib-stock.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/2011-backyard-BBQ-application.pdf

CBJ Application - http://rib-stock.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/RibStock-BBQ-Competition-Judges-Application.pdf

The Backyard Division

All of your friends tell you that you BBQ the best ribs and chicken. You watch all of the BBQ related TV foodie shows. You've also seen BBQ competitions and wonder how well you would stack up against other people who are just as passionate about BBQ as your are.

Well, it's time to 'throw it down' and see how you can do against other BBQ enthusiasts as the 2nd Annual RibStock BBQ Competition is also holding the 2nd Annual RibStock Backyard Division Competition which is an official KCBS Ancillary Contest with two meats (chicken & ribs). You'll be placed among the Pro Division Teams so you can talk to them and learn ways to make your BBQ even better. Every single Backyard Competitor from RibStock 2010 commented on how approachable the Pro Division Teams were and how much they learned about the Competition BBQ Community.

To make it easier to be 'sanitation safe' the RibStock Contest Organizer will provide three 18"x24" disposable cutting boards to each Backyard Team. Give Ed Anhorn a call at (916) 599-5095 or email him at ed@addictedtorub.com to find out how easy it is to start your team and step into the fun & exciting world of Competition BBQ.

Friday Night Potluck

As of September 13, 2011 we have the following teams signed up to participate at a potluck on Friday night. If you want to join us just bring a dish!!

Addicted to Rub - King Ranch Casserole

Mark's Kitchen & Smokin' BBQ

Rob Z's Real Pit BBQ

Too Ashamed To Name

West Coast BBQ

Smokey Luv BBQ -- Asian Cucumber Salad

Bootleg BBQ Co.

Sauced Hogz BBQ

Smokn' Train Wreck

Saturday Morning Breakfast

The El Dorado County Sheriff's Explorer Youth Group is cooking breakfast to raise money for their program. The food has been sponsored by Tony's Fine Foods. Breakfast is $6 for eggs, bacon & potatoes and coffee or orange juice. The money for breakfast will be collected at the judges meeting.

Mark's Kitchen & Smokin BBQ will bring at least 3 hungy cooks to breakfast. Smokey Luv BBQ will send three eaters...

Event Sponsors

We thank the following sponsors that have signed on to make RibStock a smokin' success:

Cameron Park Community Services District


Wells Fargo

Blue Shield of California

Autotronics Automotive Repair

Sierra Smokehouse BBQ & Custom Catering

Folsom Lake Realty


think - Design, Print & Mail

96.9FM The Eagle

1320AM ESPN Radio - Sacramento

house2home Showcase


Style Magazines

Village Financial Group

If you would like to become a sponsor email Ed Anhorn at ed@addictedtorub.com. For more information about the complete event go to: http://rib-stock.com/

Turn in Schedule

12:00pm ~ Chicken Judging

12:30pm ~ Pork Ribs Judging

1:00pm ~ Pork Shoulder Judging

1:30pm ~ Beef Brisket Judging

Payouts - UPDATED August 11, 2011

Pro Division (a fully sanctioned KCBS Four Meat Contest)

Grand Champion - $500 $1,000, three pedestal trophy and free entry into the 2012 event

Reserve Champion - $250 $500, three pedestal trophy and free entry into the 2012 event

Payout for each Category (Chicken, Ribs, Pork & Brisket) from 1st through 5th places and trophies awarded from 1st through 10th places:

1st Place - $250 $410

2nd Place - $150 $310

3rd Place - $100 $230

4th Place - $75 $150

5th Place - $50 $90

Backyard Division (an official KCBS Ancillary Contest)

Grand Champion - $100 and a trophy

Reserve Champion - $75 and a trophy

Trophies for each Category (Chicken & Ribs) awarded from 1st through 3rd places.

2011 Participants

Pro Division Confirmed

  1. Addicted To Rub BBQ Team / Pitmaster - Heidi Anhorn (PC Participant)
  2. Rolling Bones BBQ Team / Pitmaster - David Schmidt
  3. 155 South Bar-B-Q / Pitmasters - Bram Britcher & Matt Brailey (RibStock 2010 RGC)
  4. CrazyQ / Pitmaster - Vance Salvador
  5. Big Shot BBQ / Pitmaster - Jack Simmons (PC Participant)
  6. Hound Dog BBQ / Pitmaster - Bob Christensen (PC Participant)
  7. Fleur de Liscious Bro-B-Q / Pitmaster – Sean Boatright
  8. Mark’s Kitchen & Smokin’ BBQ / Pitmaster – Mark Evenson (PC Participant)
  9. Dad’s Doing What They Love / Pitmaster Chris Hanson
  10. Crime Scene BBQ Team / Pitmaster – Jon Mansmith
  11. Rob Z's Real Pit BBQ / Pitmaster – Robert Zavatero
  12. Bones N Brews / Pitmasters - Tony White
  13. Too Ashamed To Name / Pitmaster - Scott Hares
  14. Plastered Pig BBQ / Pitmasters - Dana Myers
  15. Canyon Riders BBQ / Pitmaster - Joe Zigulis (PC Participant)
  16. Smoke Slayers / Pitmasters - Johnny Parry
  17. Cactus Q Team / Pitmaster - James Nakamura (PC Participant)
  18. Huminie’s Hogalicious BBQ / Pitmaster – Adam Hollman
  19. Pigs Can Fly BBQ / Pitmaster - Doug McCaffrey (PC Participant)
  20. Big B's Down N Dirty BBQ / Pitmaster - Bill Souza
  21. John Dos BBQ / Pitmaster - John Allen
  22. Starvin' Marvin's Bay Area BBQ / Pitmaster - Scott Johnston
  23. Smokey Luv BBQ / Pitmaster – Kevin Barteaux (PC Participant)
  24. Woodhouse Barbecue / Pitmaster - John Anderson
  25. Butcher's Daughter BBQ / Pitmaster - Donna Fong (PC Participant)
  26. Hog Me Tender / Pitmaster - Ramone Noska (PC Participant)
  27. West Coast BBQ / Pitmaster - Dwayne Ross (PC Participant)
  28. Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ / Pitmaster - Harry Soo (PC Participant)
  29. Smokehouse 10 / Pitmaster - David Tendick (PC Participant)
  30. Cecil's Smok'n BBQ / Pitmaster - Richard Holguin
  31. Pig Pimp'n BBQ / Pitmaster - Jess Trujillo
  32. Fun Time BBQ / Pitmaster - Benny Adauto
  33. Bootleg BBQ Company / Pitmaster - Tony Sandoval (PC Participant)
  34. Chain Smokers / Pitmaster - Dana Emerson (PC Participant)
  35. Big Poppas Smokers / Pitmaster - Mike Clarke
  36. Bowling Over Pigs / Pitmaster- Chuck Collondrez
  37. Souza's Slammin' Slaughter BBQ / Pitmaster - Mike Souza
  38. Who's Smokin Now / Pitmaster - Raymond Porter (PC Participant)
  39. All Sauced Up / Pitmaster - Dave Malone (RibStock 2010 GC)
  40. Royal Smokin' Hot BBQ / Pitmaster - Kevin O'Grady (PC Participant)

Backyard Division Confirmed

  1. Steady Hoggin' BBQ Team / Pitmaster - Rick Kerksieck
  2. It'll Eat / Pitmaster - Brian Manning
  3. Sauced Hogz BBQ / Pitmasters - Drew Backus
  4. Zom-B-Q / Pitmaster - Brian Tucker
  5. Smok'n Train Wreck / Pitmaster - Chris Dragoo
  6. BBQT And The Beast / Pitmaster - Rich Martinez
  7. Justice Family BBQ / Pitmaster - John Justice

New Teams Expected to Compete

  1. Bigfoot BBQ / Pitmaster - Jason Fareira

2010 Teams We Hope Will Return

  1. Barbecue Patriots / Pitmaster - Matt Damon
  2. Ash Kickin' Smokers / Pitmaster - Jeff Lemke
  3. T-Hoss Barbeque / Pitmaster - Eric Thoss
  4. Ric's Righteous Ribs / Pitmaster - Ric Gilbert
  5. Smokey J's BarBQue / Pitmaster - Jon Davis
  6. Still Smok'n BBQ / Pitmaster - Ramon Chacon
  7. BLQUE Cuttin' Edge BBQ / Pitmaster - Larry Hill
  8. Bird's Pit Crew / Pitmaster - C J Bird
  9. 5 J's BBQ / Pitmaster - Steve Rodriguez
  10. Creole Clyde's Smokin' BBQ / Pitmaster - Clyde Smith
  11. JohnnieMae's BBQ / Pitmaster - Mike Watson
  12. We Olive / Pitmaster - Ken Massegian
  13. Smokes Butt'r Than U / Pitmaster - Brent Irick
  14. Team Stoves N' Stuff / Pitmaster - Rick Williams
  15. Where There's Smoke / Pitmaster - Mark Oliver
  16. Port O' Q / Pitmaster - Rick Boyd
  17. Half Fast Smokin / Pitmaster - Aubrey Moore
  18. The Afterburners / Pitmaster - Paul McEssy
  19. Pork -n- Bones / Pitmaster - Ken Goeppner

Registered Judges for 2011 Competition

As of September 12, 2011 we have the following CBJ's signed up to judge at RibStock 2011.

  1. Tracy Allen
  2. Einar Anderson
  3. Karen Anderson
  4. Bill Bain
  5. Dave Beghetti
  6. Tom Breitweiser
  7. Paul Brown
  8. Peggy Brown
  9. Jason Clark
  10. Richard Collins
  11. Jon Davis
  12. Campbell Foster
  13. Phil Garcia
  14. Scott Gomes
  15. Dick Good
  16. Robert Hall
  17. Deborah Hoernig
  18. Glenn Hoernig
  19. David Hornby
  20. Trish Iriye
  21. Chris Juencke
  22. Bob Lehner
  23. Lori Lieneke
  24. Julie Poe Menge
  25. Ralph Michel
  26. Marcia Moy
  27. Barry Morris
  28. Ed Parsons
  29. Marla Parsons
  30. Roger Remington
  31. Greg Roberson
  32. Aidan Robson
  33. Linn Sharp
  34. Thomas Sharp
  35. Scott Simpson
  36. Dick Smith
  37. Aaron Staines
  38. Amberleigh Stipicevich
  39. Robert (Bob) Thomas
  40. Mark Williams
  41. Melanie Wong

Hotel Rooms

Quality Inn & Suites – Cameron Park‎ - (530) 677-2203

Offers 63 rooms and suites with convenient access to Hwy 50, just off Cameron Park Drive. This Cameron Park, CA hotel is only 3 minutes from the event grounds and close to a number of local points of interest like the Placerville Speedway and the El Dorado National Forest

Holiday Inn Express Hotel – El Dorado Hills - (877) 859-5095

Enjoy your stay at the award-winning Holiday Inn Express® Hotel & Suites in El Dorado Hills is located just off of Highway 50, just 10 minutes from the event grounds. The hotel’s property is close to a variety of leisure attractions, such as Red Hawk Casino and Folsom Lake, Apple Hill, historic Placerville and more than 100 wineries. Guests can go rafting on the American River or learn about the gold rush by visiting Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park. From world class golfing, hiking, skiing, cycling or wine tasting, your favorite place to play is never far from El Dorado Hills.


Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion



Pork Ribs



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