2nd Annual Lancaster Dueling BBQ

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Greetings, everyone:

The 2009 Results are near the bottom of this page.

All information, including team entry forms, teams already entered, judging entry forms and judges confirmed for 2010 has been moved to:



KCBS 4 Meat Contest


State Championship


October 8-9, 2010

Friday, Saturday Contest

Held in conjunction with the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix, taking place on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, October 7-8-9-10, 2010


Downtown Lancaster, California on The Blvd. (Lancaster Blvd.) Cedar Street (both sides) at Lancaster Blvd.

For driving directions, please use 554 West Lancaster Blvd., Lancaster, CA 93534

2009 Results

Grand Champion


Reserve Grand Champion

Rhythm 'N Que

Overall Ranking In Order of Finish

  Santa Ynez BBQ
 Big Daddy's Qn Crew
  Smitty's Smoke Patrol
  All Sauced Up
 7 Kinds of Smoke
  Tropical Heat BBQ
  Cooks-N-Ladders BBQ
 All Hogs Go to Heaven
 The Pit Stop BBQ
 Rib Ticklers BBQ
Smokey J's BBQ-CA
 Smokin Dead Meat BBQ
 Bird's Pit Crew
 Cecil's Smokin' BBQ
 Kyle's Old School BBQ
 The Rub Company
 Empire BBQ


1) Smokin' Dead Meat BBQ 2) Rib Tickler's BBQ 3) Rhythm 'N Que 4) QN4U 5) Smitty's Smoke Patrol 6) Cecil's Smokin' BBQ 7) Santa Ynez BBQ 8)Bird's Pit Crew 9) Tropical Heat BBQ 10) Smokey J's BBQ-CA 11) Big Daddy's Qn Crew 12) All Hogs Go to Heaven 13) The Pit Stop BBQ 14) 7 Kinds of Smoke 15) Empire BBQ 16) Cooks-N-Ladders BBQ 15) Bird's Pit Crew 16) Cecil's Smokin' BBQ 17) The Rub Company 18) All Sauced Up 19) Kyle's Old School BBQ

Pork Ribs

1) Santa Ynez BBQ 2) Big Daddy's Qn Crew 3) QN4U 5) Kyle's Old School BBQ 6) Smokey J's BBQ-CA 7) Cecil's Smokin' BBQ 8)The Pit Stop BBQ 9) Cooks-N-Ladders 10) 7 Kinds of Smoke 11) Rhythm 'N' Que 12) Tropical Heat BBQ 13) The Rub Company 14) All Hogs Go to Heaven 15) Bird's Pit Crew 16) Smitty's Smoke Patrol 17) Empire BBQ 18) Rib Ticklers BBQ 19) Smokin' Dead Meat


1) Rhythm 'N' Que 2) QN4U 3) Smitty's Smoke Patrol 4) All Sauced Up 5) Tropical Heat BBQ 6) Kyle's Old School BBQ 7) Cooks-N-Ladders BBQ 8)All Hogs Go to Heaven 9) The Rub Company 10) Rib Ticklers 11) Santa Ynez BBQ 12) 7 Kinds of Smoke 13) Big Daddy's Qn Crew 14) Cecil's Smokin BBQ 15) Bird's Pit Crew 16) Smokey J's BBQ-CA 17) Smokin' Dead Meat BBQ 18) Empire BBQ 19) The Pit Stop BBQ


1) Rhythm 'N' Que 2) All Sauced Up 3) QN4U 4) 7 Kinds of Smoke 5) The Pit Stop BBQ 6) All Hogs Go to Heaven 7) Cooks-N-Ladders BBQ 8)Smitty's Smoke Patrol 9) Santa Ynez 10) Bird's Pit Crew 11) Big Daddy's Qn Crew 12) Kyle's Old School BBQ 13) Smokin' Dead Meat BBQ 14) Empire BBQ 15) Tropical Heat BBQ 16) The Rub Company 17) Rib Tickler's BBQ 18) Smokey J's BBQ-CA 19) Cecil's Smokin BBQ

Contest Contact

Ann Hill

Lancaster Chamber, 554 West Lancaster Blvd., Lancaster, CA 93534

Phone: 661-965-4892; Fax 661-951-8301

email: hill-ann@sbcglobal.net

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