2nd Annual Cowboy Up Rodeo and BBQ

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Cowboy Up at the PRCA Rodeo and BBQ


Location Info

We're back!!! That's right the California Circuit Finals Rodeo is happening again for 2013. The smell of BBQ is in the air! Or will be October 19th!!


Friday October 18th -(Move in/set up)Cooks Meeting

Saturday 19th - Contest, People's Choice, Awards Ceremony

Sunday 20th -People's Choice, Salsa Contest


Antelope Valley Fairgrounds 2551 W Ave H Lancaster, CA 93536

661-948-6060 ext 134


Prize Break Down

$10,000 Cash Prizes plus Kick Ass Trophies

$10K in prize money -

-Grand Champion: $1,500

-Reserve Champion: $1,000

-3rd Overall: $750

-4th Overall: $400

Chicken, Rib, Pork, Brisket Breakdown per category:

-1st $300

-2nd $250

-3rd $200

-4th $175

-5th $150

-6th $125

-7th $100

-8th $75

-9th $50

-10th $50

Peoples Choice

$2.00 per 2oz sample (cups & napkins to be provided)

The People‚Äôs Choice tickets will be split 50/50 with half of the proceeds going to ‚ÄúRide for the Pink‚ÄĚ (Wear Pink in support of breast cancer awareness) additional half to vendor.

Entry Forms

Fill in the blanks, email it, fax it, mail it, carrier pigeon it - Just turn it in!


TEAM ENTRY FORM http://tinyurl.com/c5m6q8w

JUDGES ENTRY FORM http://tinyurl.com/bvv92fc

Credit Cards will NOT be processed until 10/1/2013*** Get your App in early lock in the discounted price! $150 Cancellation Fee may apply

What You Need To Know


Set-Up & Move In

Enter Gate 6 (Map to follow)

Booth Sizes; 20' x 20' 20' x 30' 20' x 50' *Additional sizes available. Make note on Application. Grass and or asphalt available.

We have the space you have the rigs - Lets make a deal user posted image

Meat Inspections begin 10am

Rodeo Day 1 - Come and watch the fun for FREE


Contest Date

Turn in times to be announced

Dessert Turn In

Awards Ceremony -

Rodeo Day 2 - Celebrate your BBQ victories and watch guys get beat up by 2000lb Hell on Hooves!


Sleep in or haul out. People's Choice and unsanctioned Salsa contest.

Rodeo Day 3 -Watch the dancing horses and final day of the Rodeo!


In no particular order -

Confirmed Teams

  1. All Hogs Sauced Up
  2. Bowling Over Pigs
  3. Daddy O's Smokin' BBQ
  4. D' Blacks Smokin' Que
  5. PaPa Roy's BBQ
  6. Royal Smokin' Hot BBQ
  7. Tropical Heat BBQ
  8. Funtime BBQ
  9. Makin It Wild
  10. West Coast Q
  11. Minute Men BBQ
  12. Porketeers
  13. Knock UR Sox Off BBQ
  14. When Pigs Fly
  15. Baby Got Rack
  16. Wood Walkers BBQ
  17. Hog Heaven Sauces
  18. Ole'Blue BBQ
  19. King's Cut BBQ
  20. Black and White Smoke
  21. The Pit Crew BBQ
  22. Ridge Route Boys
  23. Simply Marvelous BBQ
  24. Smokin' Chambers BBQ
  25. Too Ashamed to Name BBQ
  26. Cool Grilling
  27. Burnin and Lootin
  28. Mad Dawgz BBQ
  29. All Hot and Smokey
  30. The Ford Boys
  31. Smokin Luv BBQ
  32. Rooftop BBQ
  33. Big B's Down-N-Dirty BBQ
  34. Vicious Smoke
  35. Willy's Smoke N' Grill
  36. Big Poppa Smokers
  37. zzyzx Bar. B. Q.
  38. Lady of Q
  39. Smokey Luv BBQ

Excited to announce our amazing KCBS Reps: Kelly and Kathleen McIntosh !!!!!

Judges Confirmed

  1. Michael Joseph Aguirre
  2. Pablo Aguirre
  3. Jonathan Amidei
  4. Dave Ball
  5. Maryann Bass
  6. Robert Bass
  7. Robert Bill
  8. Matthew Bishop
  9. Rick Brandini
  10. Loren J. Coppers
  11. Dave Crawford
  12. Daniel Dod
  13. Theresa Gutierrez
  14. James Hare
  15. Michael Henson
  16. Jacob Kramer
  17. Dale Lamason
  18. Connie Lee
  19. Nico Lievense
  20. Tim Lockwood
  21. Mike Manley
  22. Mike Markowitz
  23. Diana McDonald
  24. Tim McDonald
  25. Joseph Miles
  26. Jeff Montgomery
  27. Marcia Montgomery
  28. Thomas Paccioretti
  29. Tan Pham
  30. Bob Richardson
  31. Dean Richardson
  32. Kimberley Robles
  33. Paul Robles
  34. Greg Ryan
  35. Dene Shaver
  36. Rick Sherwood
  37. Litriana Shimano
  38. Scott Shimano
  39. Dennis Smith
  40. Karen Stouffer
  41. Robert Stouffer
  42. Robb Strandlund
  43. Steve Terry
  44. Nichelle Thomas
  45. Jon Thomas
  46. Michael West
  47. Peter Zeman

Waiting List:


Grand Champion
Reserve Grand Champion



Pork Ribs



Antelope Valley Fairgrounds has partnered with The Showdown Rodeo and the City of Lancaster to make this a three day event that will be our very own ‚ÄúCalifornia Heritage Days‚ÄĚ inviting the community to lots of vendors, music, entertainment, a petting zoo, a barn bash, salsa contests and more. Dates are October 18th, 19th and 20th. For those of you who are not familiar with this rodeo, it is the top twelve contestants competing in seven rodeo events.

Rodeo times will be:




Check out our website http://www.avfair.com

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