2nd Annual Bay Area BBQ Championships

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Event Info

KCBS, ToY, State Championship
Event date: Saturday July 07, 2012, send your e-mail address to Jennifer Harper jharper@afs4kids.org to get on the BABC 2012 mailing list Websitewww.bayareabbq.org
Team Info Packet[1]
Team REGISTRATION page:[2]
Team CART (pay here)[3]
Pay the $132 Alameda County Health Dept. Fee for People's Choice (for teams who are cashing in the tasting tickets)[4]
KCBS Judge's Application [5]
Volunteer Application [6]
KCBS Reps: David & Lori Lopp
Holiday Inn Express Group Rate: $89/night.[7] Group code: BBQ
Event Tickets [8]
Buy A's vs Mariners Tickets[9]
Friends and Family "BBQ Only Tickets"[10]

New 2012 Highlights
  • All day event on Saturday July 07, 2012. A's vs Mariners begins at 6:00 (game tickets not included in registration fee)
  • Tasting tickets will be sold on site this year
  • Attendance: A's will be treating this as one of their special event days and selling tickets through the A's website - click here Attendance goal = 4,000
  • Benefit concert
  • BBQ & Beer Pairing Tent
  • Family Boardwalk: We are doubling the size of the event. One alley way will be a family Boardwalk experience with carnival attractions, special clinics (urban gardening, Home Depot building clinic, etc), another alley way will be for sponsors.
  • Baseball clinics for all skill levels hosted by First Base for Youth
  • Exclusive media tasting event Friday July 06, 2012 2:00-4:00pm.

Prize Pool

100% CBJs for KCBS cook-off
$12,700 Total Cash + trophies

  • Pro (KCBS): $8,500.00

GC: $1500
RGC: $1000

  • Amateur: $3,600

1st = $500
2nd = $400
3rd = $300

  • PC: $450.00
  • BBQ Sauce Competition, sponsored by Alameda Publishing: $150 winner: Open to Pro/Am teams only. Round 1 Friday July 6th. Top 3 sauces determined by food writers from Alameda Publishing. Round 2: Blind Taste test Saturday July 7th. The people vote on the winner.
Entry Fees

Full Entry Fee includes team breakfast hosted by Harry Stewart of Great American BBQ - Thanks HARRY
KCBS Pro Full Category Entry = $295
KCBS Extra Categories (tri-tip, vegetarian dish, Captain's Choice $40 per category
AAA Minor $120

Load in

Oakland Coliseum 6:00am-2:00pm Friday July 06, 2012: Please try to load-in by 2pm as to reduce congestion for Friday night's game.

Team Meeting
Turn-in Times

KCBS: 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30
AAA: 1:00, 2:00, 3:00


4:00 Judge's Tent 4:30-5:00 Main Stage Awards: (1st - 3rd Place both Pro and AAA) GC, RGC, BBQ Sauce & PC announced on main stage)

Move out
CBJ Judges Committee Chairs

LIENEKE, Lori (BABC Judge Chair)
STAINES, Aaron (BABC Judge Chair)

CBJ Judges Confirmed

1. ACKERMAN, Paul, Modesto, CA
2. ALLEN, Tracy, Antelope, CA
3. ANDERSON, Karen, Morgan Hill
4. ANDERSON, Einar,Morgan Hill
5. BAIN, Bill, Roseville, CA
6. BILADEAU, Aislinn, Prosper, TX
7. BILADEAU, Paul, Prosper, TX
8. BOONE, Tony, Santa Rosa, CA
9. BREITWEISER, Tom, Orangevale, CA
10. CANTRELL, Betty, Pleasant Hill, CA
11. CANTRELL, Wade, Pleasant Hill, CA
12. DAVIS, Jon, Antioch, CA
13. DODSON, Chilton, Alameda, CA
14. DODSON, Randle, Alameda, CA
15. EVENSON, Mark, Santa Rosa, CA
16. FOSTER, Campbell
17. GARCIA, Philip, Stockton, CA
18. GREER, Barry, Lake Balboa, CA
19. GREER, Linda, Lake Balboa, CA
20. HIATT, David, San Jose, CA
21. HORNBY, David, Morgan Hill, CA
22. IRIYE, Trish, Vallejo, CA
23. JARECKI, Glenn, San Leandro, CA
24. KELLY, John, Fremont, CA
25. LEHNER, Bob, Elk Grove, CA
26. McGee, Faith, Oakland, CA
27. MOY, Marcia, San Francisco, CA
28. ROBSON, Aiden, Vallejo, CA
29. RUELOS, Ray, Union City, CA
30. RUSKO, Dave, Mountain View, CA
31. SHARP, Linn, Oakley, CA
32. SHARP, Thomas, Oakley, CA
33. SHEPARD, Robert, Oakland, CA
34. SIMPSON, Scott, Antioch, CA
35. SMITH, Frank, Laguna Niguel, CA
36. STIPICEVICH,Amber, Burlingame, CA
37. STOCKEL, Anna, San Jose, CA
38. WILLIAMS, Mark, San Jose, CA
39. HUTCHERSON, Jeff, N. Hollywood, CA
40. ZHAO, Jin, Catro Valley, CA
41. WONG, Ward, San Francisco, CA
Total = 41

Wait List for KCBS Judges
42. FOSTER, Ron, Cloverdale, CA
43. GOOD, Dick, Fair Oaks, CA
44. SHANDERA, Patsi, Boise, ID
45. RIVAS, Louis, SF, CA
46. RANKIN, Perry, Cloverdale, CA
47. ZICARELLI, Dale, Marysville, CA
48. WOO, Kishna, San Lorenzo, CA
49. HARE, Brian, San Lorenzo, CA
50. CHIPS, John, Chico, CA

AAA Judges Confirmed


Special Guests

Bruce Paton (aka Beer Chef)
Jori King (entertainer)
Jimmie Reigns (entertainer)
Ray Lampe (aka Dr. BBQ)
Shooty Babitt, Oakland A's '81, commentator for CSN Bay Area

Celebrity/VIP Judges & Demo Chefs

AYERS, Charlie: Owner/Executive Chef, author:Calafia Cafe (Throwdown Judge)
CLARK, Dave: KTVU News Anchor (tri-tip)
DeVRIES, Ben: Owner/Executive Chef Luella Restaurant, SF
GOMES, Jonny: Current A's player - judging AAA (tri-tip)
HOLLAND, Tanya: Celebrity Chef, author, owner Brown Sugar & B-side BBQ restaurants, Oakland (Throwdown Judge)
KECK, Gayle: Freelance Writer Specializing in Travel & Food (Throwdown Judge)
KELLY, Kevin: Kevin's BBQ Joints - Blog Writer (all categories)
QUAN, Holly: KCBS news reporter (tri-tip, captain's choice)
ROSENTHAL, Mitch: Owner/Chef Town Hall, SF (Tri-tip, Captain's Choice)
SHERMAN, Amy: celebrity author, chef, editor (Throwdown Judge)
SUGARMAN, Mike: KCBS/CBS 5 news reporter (all categories)
WASHINGTON, Claudell: A's alum (All categories)
WILLIAMS, Sam, Raider's Legend (tri-tip judge)
YOUKILIS, Scott: Executive Chef/Owner Maverick, Hogs & Rocks, SF (Throwdown & Tri-tip)
ZARE, Hoss: Celebrity Chef, author, owner of Fly Trap restaurant in SF (Throwdown judge)

===== KCBS Confirmed Teams (Teams are confirmed when registration & payment are made)=====
1. Bad 2 the Bone, Pleasanton, CA (sponsored by 1st United Services Credit Union)
2. Bad Boyz of BBQ, Oakland, CA
3. Bad S. BBQ, San Jose,CA
4. Bang a Drum, San Jose, CA
5. Big B's Down-N-Dirty BBQ, Pacifica, CA
6. Big Dicks BBQ, Pleasant Hill, CA (sponsored by Land Home Financial)
7. Big Jims BBQ, San Francisco, CA
8. Butcher's Daughter, Alameda, CA
9. Casual Smokers, Kansas City, MO
10. Cecil's Smoki'n BBQ, San Jose, CA
11. Chain Smokers, Redding, CA
12. Daddy's House of Ribs, Tracy, CA
13. Dads Doin What They Love, San Jose, CA
14. East Bay Restaurant Supply, Oakland, CA
15. Hound Dog Barbecue, Sacramento, CA
16. Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ, Gilroy, CA
17. Phat Matt's BBQ, Oakland, CA
18. Ric's Righteous Ribs, San Jose, CA
19. Rob Z's Real Pit BBQ, Clyde, CA
20. Rocks Barbque, Newark, CA
21. Rolling Bones Traveling BBQ Circus, CA
22. Royal Smokin Hot BBQ, San Jose, CA
23. Sir Porkalot BBQ Team, Sacramento, CA
24. Slap Yo Daddy, Diamond Bar, CA
25. Smitty's Smoke Patrol, Santa Clara, CA
26. Smoke Slayers, San Jose, CA
27. Smokey Fire Pit, Oakland, CA
28. Smokey Luv BBQ, Novato, CA
29. Smokin Yankees, Stockton, CA
30. Team Enoserv, Tulsa, OK
31. The Porks of Hazzard, Oakland, CA
32. The Tailgaters, Livermore, CA
33. Too Ashamed to Name, San Jose, CA
34. Uncle Willies BBQ & Fish, Oakland, CA
35. West Coast BBQ, Sacramento, CA
36. Wine With Swine, San Jose, CA
37. Woodhouse Barbecue, Saint Helena, CA

===== KCBS Expected Teams =====
Pit Krew, Fairfax, CA
Pork Chop & Bubbas BBQ, Delano, CA
Texas Style BBQ, Sacramento, CA

===== AAA Teams / Pro Additional Categories Confirmed =====
AJ's BBQ Sauce (veggie, Captain's Choice)- rookie team, Antioch, CA
A Joker an A Smoker, (tri-tip, CC)SF, CA
Bad Boyz of BBQ, tri-tip, Captain's Choice (pro team extra categories)
Bad S BBQ, (full category), San Jose, CA
Big Dicks BBQ, tri-tip (pro team extra category)
Burning Brothers, tri-tip, veggie, Fremont
Candy on a Bone, tri-tip
Cecil's, Captain's Choice
Dads Doin What they Love, (veggie), San Jose, CA
Ferrell Family BBQ,(Full Category), Concord, CA
Grillin Girl (Captain's Choice, Veggie)rookie team, Fremont, CA
Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ (tri-tip)
Looney's (Veggie, Captain's Choice), Oakland, CA
Lord of the Ribs (tri-tip, Captain's Choice)San Jose, CA
M & Ts Pure Smoke (tri-tip, Captain's Choice), rookie team, Hayward, CA
NoNo Burger (veggie, Captain's Choice) rookie team,Oakland, CA
Oakland Fire (tri-tip, Captain's Choice), rookie team, Oakland, CA
Pit Krew, tri-tip (pending)
Porks of Hazzard, Captain's Choice (pro-team extra category)
Sir Porkalot, tri-tip (pro team extra category)
Smokin With the Joneszy's, Full Category, Rookie Team, San Jose, CA
Tailgaters, (tri-tip)Livermore, CA
TexA's Hot Box, Full Category, "From Texas, lives in Walnut Creek"

===== AAA Teams Expected =====

VooDoo's BBQ, Full Category, Hanford, CA - rookie team

===== PC Teams Confirmed =====
Bad S. BBQ, San Jose, CA
Big Dicks BBQ, Pleasant Hill, CA (sponsored by Land Home Financial)
Big Jims BBQ, SF, CA
Candy on a Bone, Corporate Team Allied Storage Containers, Oakland, CA
Daddy's House of Ribs, Tracy, CA
East Bay Restaurant Supply, Oakland, CA
Looney's BBQ, Oakland
Oakland Fire Dept.community partner
Oakland Police Dept., Community Partner
Smoked Planet,Oakland, CA
Smokey Fire Pit, Oakland, CA
Uncle Willies BBQ & Fish, Oakland, CA
West Coast BBQ, Sacramento, CA
Wine With Swine, San Jose, CA

===== PC Teams Expected =====
Pork Chop & Bubbas BBQ, Delano, CA
Voodoo's BBQ, Hanford, CA


AJ'S BBQ Sauce
Bad Boyz of BBQ
Big Dick's BBQ
Big Jims
Lord of the Ribs
Phat Matt's BBQ
Ric's Righteous Ribs,
Rob Z's Real Pit Barbecue
Smoked Planet
Smokey Fire Pit

===== BABC Throwdown! - 2012 =====
The BABC Throwdown is a separate throwdown which is part of the live stage show. Celebrity Judges give live feedback to the two throwdown teams in front of the live audience. This year R&R BBQ (Ric Gilbert/ Ryan Pang) will be defending their title against Woodhouse BBQ. The BABC Throwdown Champion will receive: BABC Throwdown Trophy and get the BABC Throwdown Perpetual Cup to show off for a year, and automatic entrance into next year's BABC Throwdown! Not to mention bragging rights.The BABC Throwdown Runner-up will receive a trophy.

===== People's Choice for PRO/AM Teams =====
PEOPLE'S CHOICE Attendance Goal 4000. 60/40 payout (teams must pay Alameda County Fee of $132) OR Donate Extra Meat to Event
PC TIMES: 10:00am - 5:00pm

Option A: Pay Alameda County Fee of $132, receive a 60/40 payout.
Advantage of option A: earn money Disadvantage: pay $132 county fee
Option B: Donate meat, fee is waived, write off a portion of your meat/trip. You will be entered into PC & Fee is waived. (A good option for teams who do not usually participate in PC but now have the option to donate their extra meat, get entered into PC and help a good cause).
1. You may choose to serve the samples in which case your serving tent must be up to code or
2. Donate the meat to the event and we will serve it with your team identified as the donor so people can still vote for you.
Advantage of Option B: County fee waived, entered into PC contest, portion of meat/trip can be a write off, your donating to help foster kids
Disadvantage of Option B: You do not make money on PC.

We have volunteers available to help serve samples.


Grand Champion
Reserve Grand Champion
BBQ Throwdown Champion
Review article

2nd Annual Bay Area BBQ Championships, Oakland, July 7, 2012

By Donna Fong

Northern California’s premier charity BBQ Championship is held at the Oakland Coliseum each July. This event benefits Alternative Family Services, a foster, adoptions and mental health agency that has been creating safe, permanent connections for foster children and youth in the Bay Area since 1978. About 1,400 foster children and youth receive services from AFS each year and are led by founder and executive director, Jay Berlin.

Mr. Berlin and his Marketing and Development Director, Jennifer Harper welcomed teams and participants at the cooks meeting on Friday night. The BABC established itself last year as the contest to beat, and yet teams were pleasantly surprised with the extensive dinner spread at the meeting (salmon, chicken wings, lamb, pork tenderloin, salad, potatoes, beans, and peach cobbler) all in the new this year BBQ & Beer pairing tent. KCBS Representative, Lori Lopp greeted teams and gave us all the details that we would need for the next 24 hours of unloading, cooking, turning in, cleaning and loading out. As A’s fans began filling up the stadium for the evening to cheer the Oakland’s A’s baseball team, the cooks returned to their tents and continued the process of creating professional level barbecue rarely found in any restaurant.

As the stadium lights reached full halogen glow, amidst the baseball fans cheering inside the coliseum, smokers began billowing the aroma of brisket in the air while others remained cold, waiting for their hour to arrive. As with many other contests, the daylight brought in caterers, vendors, volunteers, judges, jumpy houses, a baseball clinic for children, and an array of celebrity sport judges including A’s baseball players Jonny Gomes, Shooty Babitt, and Claudel Washington, Raiders legend, Sam Williams, many radio and TV media personalities, and local celebrity chefs. Viking range sponsored the cooking classes and was the exclusive provider of BBQ samples in the VIP area. Viking representative, John Ruloph, served his six year old son’s famous chicken lollipops. JP and John served 300 chicken lollipops cooked on the 500 series Viking gas grill. Up front and center was Ray Lampe also known as Dr. BBQ originally from Chicago. Dr. BBQ has been featured in numerous shows as an expert on outdoor cooking and has written six cookbooks.

After competition turn-ins was done, Mr. Lampe gave a “How to cook Pork Ribs” demonstration to an attentive audience. This year’s contest showcased the culinary sophistication and creative mastery of our chefs beyond just BBQ. The most obvious demonstration of this was during the BBQ Throwdown between last year’s champion, R&R BBQ (Ric Gilbert & Ryan Pang) and Woodhouse BBQ, from St. Helena, CA, with their Throwdown Head Chef Tracy Anderson and her daughter, Christina Anderson. There were two rounds of the BBQ Throwdown, a seafood appetizer round won by R&R BBQ with their triple entry, seared albacore tuna with a daikon sambuca salsa, oyster on the half shell with pickled shallot and firecracker shrimp with togarashi spice over pineapple. For the entrée entries, Superior Farms based in Dixon, CA donated California lamb to both challengers. Woodhouse BBQ won the entrée round with Mediterranean Lamb Two Ways: Grilled Lamb Chops with Sel Gris with a Tomato/Sambuca Relish and Smoked Lamb Loin with a Cilantro/Mint Yoghurt Sauce. Scoring was KCBS style with weighted appearance, taste and texture scoring and the total points determining the grand champion. This year’s Throwdown Champion was Woodhouse Barbeque.

What an event…, 36 teams competing in the KCBS professional competition, 23 teams competing in the AAA tri-tip, captain’s choice, and veggie competition, over 20 team entries in the BBQ sauce competition, AND food demos, BBQ throwdown, special outdoor cooking and sports clinics, made this a BBQ extravaganza unparalleled. Not only did promoter and organizer, Jennifer Harper, bring a KCBS contest to Oakland, she brought an explosion of food, beer and activities to the participant and public that wants more. There definitely was something for everyone there.

With teams from as far north as Redding, CA (Chain Smokers), as far south as Diamond Bar, CA (Slap Yo’ Daddy), as far east as Kansas City, MO (Casual Smokers) and Tulsa, OK (Team Enoserv), and a freshly transplanted team from NC (Sir Porkalot) the competition was intimidating at best. Even judges traveled from as far as Boise, ID and Prosper, TX for this event!

In the AAA three category divisions, the tri-tip champion was Kirk Bronsord of Bad Boyz of BBQ from Newark, CA. The captain’s choice winner was a Bacon Mac N’Cheese submission from Michelle and Richard Holguin of Cecil's Smok’n BBQ from San Jose, CA. The Vegetarian winner, yes there really was a vegetarian category in a BBQ competition, was a grilled vegetable timbale with goat cheese infused with honey, olive oil and roasted garlic and a roasted red pepper sauce, finished with fresh basil, thyme and parsley from Bryan Moiles and Curtis, his 15 year old son of Dad’s Doing What They Love from Morgan Hill and Los Altos, CA. Harry Stewart of Great American BBQ earned great thanks, again this year, providing his catered hot breakfast for the teams Saturday morning. And in keeping his award winning Alameda, CA restaurant in the news, Harry won the People’s Choice Sauce competition sponsored by Oakland Magazine.

People’s Choice winner for this year was Darrin Matthews of Big Dicks BBQ from Pleasant Hill. Runner up in the PC division was Ryan Pang of Bad S BBQ from Sunnyvale.

For the KCBS competition, first in chicken went to Donna Fong of Butcher’s Daughter BBQ from Alameda, CA. First in ribs went to Bill and Yvonne Souza of Big B’s Down & Dirty BBQ from Pacifica, CA. First in pork shoulder went to Kevin Barteaux of Smokey Luv BBQ from Novato, CA. First in beef brisket went to Bob Christensen of Hound Dog Barbeque from Sacramento, CA. Last year’s Grand Champions, Bill and Yvonne Souza of Big B’S Down & Dirty took Reserve Grand Champion this year, being narrowly beat by Oakland native, Donna Fong of Butcher’s Daughter BBQ. With her father’s butcher shop and childhood home only 3 miles away from the Oakland Coliseum, it seemed to be a nice way to end this year’s contest. Local girl makes good in Oaktown.

Many thanks go to Alternative Family Services for bringing the contest to Oakland and making it an outstanding event. The BBQ jerseys for judges and customized baseball bat trophies were nice touches. Thanks goes out to Jennifer’s volunteer staff, especially Shannon who ensured the teams had everything they needed and felt welcomed from beginning to end. Congratulations to everyone for making this one of California’s finest BBQ festivals.

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