1st Annual Way Out West BBQ Championships

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KCBS 4 Meat Contest


State Championship Qualifier

With "Taste of BBQ" public sampling component

Spectacular fireworks show Friday night


Date: Setup July 3, 2009 - Judging & Awards July 4, 2009

Open to the Public: July 4, 2009 from 11am - user posted imagem


Location: Weber Point Events Center, Stockton, CA

Map-able Address: 221 N Center St., Stockton, CA 95202






Early entry fee: $225 until June 10th.



Prize Pool

$3,000.00 in total CASH payout

Breakdown each meat category:

5th place $50

4th place $75

3rd place $100

2nd place $125

1st place $150

Total each category: $500 (x four categories)

Overall -

5th place $50

4th place $75

3rd place $125

Reserve GC $250

Grand Champ$500

Total $1,000

Tasting Info

Way Out West BBQ Championship is partnered with the Taste of San Joaquin, a second year event, featuring more than 20 local restaurants/chefs who present "tastes" (or samples) of their dishes to the public in trade for tickets - this includes classics such as garlic fries, kabobs, and shrimp as well as hand-crafted desserts.

Tickets are sold to the general public in increments of $1, $3 and $6. Way Out West BBQ teams are encouraged to sell BBQ tastes in the same fashion.

In addition to selling 2-3oz. samples of pulled pork and brisket for $3 tickets, as you normally do; we encourage you to show your creative culinary skills by cooking delectables delights such as chicken wings (or drumsticks, drummettes, or thighs!), fattie slices, pig candy, heart attack pills, bacon brittle, ABTs, mini sammies (with slaw!), BBQ Sundaes, nachos, etc. anything you can BBQ or grill.

For the general public, and your fans, this is really what it's all about, providing an opportunity to taste the BBQ that they normally would only be able to see and smell.

Health Dept Requirements

  • List all food items to be cooked/sold from your booth.
  • You must have a booth with walls and ceiling constructed of either wood, canvas, plastic, similar material and fine mesh fly screening, completely enclosing open food areas. A booth with a smooth and cleanable floor (concrete, asphalt, clean tarps and smooth wood are acceptable). (Editors note: some cook spaces are on grass, others on asphalt/concrete). 12"x18" openings on the front for food pass thru.
  • Provide an accurate probe thermometer to measure the hot and cold holding of potentially hazardous foods during all times of booth operation.
  • Provide the following hot temperature control for the hot holding of all potentially hazardous foods * above 140°F: Camp Stove, Sterno & hotel trays, Double steamer, Steam table & lids, Electric stove top,Other (specify)
  • Provide the following cold temperature control for the cold holding of potentially hazardous foods below 45°F:Ice chests, Refrigerator,Refrigerated truck, Ice bath and tubs, Other (specify)
  • Provide the following for adequate hand washing facilities, but separate from utensil wash within my booth: Water supply dispenser (e.g. 5-20 gallons, Igloo or Coleman container with spigot).
  • One separate tub (bucket or basin) for the collection of rinse/waste water. Paper towels and pump-style soap container. Water for hand washing must be between 100-120degF.
  • Names of responsible persons to be present in booth during all hours of operation.
  • Bags of ice or food containers may not stored in contact with the ground or floor!


In no particular order

Teams Confirmed

  1. Smokin' Yankees
  2. The Smokepranos
  3. All Hogs Go to Heaven
  4. Too Ashamed to Name
  5. Bart's Blazin Q
  6. BLQUE
  7. Wahoo & KJ's BBQ
  8. Big-O's BBQ
  9. Smok'd Chi's
  11. Off the Rack
  12. Ol' South Bar-B-Q
  13. Que Que Ka-Choo
  14. Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ
  15. Oaks Hardware Competition BBQ Team
  16. Ribs A Rockin
  17. Big Pig BBQ
  18. Smokey Luv BBQ
  19. Mar's Mobile Grill
  20. Hog Me Tender
  21. East Side Bar B Crew
  22. Ric's Righteous Ribs
  23. School Street Oak Barrel Catering
  24. Mr. Applejacks Competition BBQ Team


Friday Evening

This is where to sign up for the Friday evening potluck. We will be needing main dishes, sides, desserts, etc.

  1. Bart's Blazin' Q - Tri-tip chili
  2. Oaks Hardware Competition BBQ Team - Almost famous smok'd Mac & Cheese
  3. Smokey Luv BBQ -- Murat's Spicy Urfa Kabobs
  4. Glenn Jarecki (CBJ) - G-money Potato Salad
  5. Big Pig BBQ - Roasted Brentwood Corn with Cilantro Lime Butter
  6. Slap Yo Daddy BBQ - Barbeque Spaghetti with BBQ Tri Tip and Spicy Andouille Sausage Topped With Gorgonzola Cheese and Italian Parsley
  7. Smokin Yankees - Chicken Fettuccine


Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion



Pork Ribs



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